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  1. If not any west coast destination, I would take New Orleans.
  2. Please be California. Really, really please be SFO or OAK.
  3. Transit numbers are down in most cities. I would probably put more of the blame on low gas prices, but I'm sure property values play a part.
  4. Most of my friends who went to GVSU had classes both Downtown and Allendale, I feel like it is quite common.
  5. Looks like they added in Warren, but the peak populations are still wrong.
  6. I've been vacationing up just north of Manistee for my entire life. I still am shocked when I drive down River Street and see how many gorgeous old buildings are intact.
  7. News from Manistee: Was just up there over memorial day weekend and noticed a couple exciting projects. The Music Vault, a new "listening room" style venue is opening soon. A new amphitheater is being proposed for the 1st street beach, hoping to attract some concerts throughout the summer. Kind of interesting as both of those ideas have been floating around GR. I'm hoping Studio Park still includes plans for a listening room.
  8. The prices they are trying to get for those spaces are steep.
  9. We moved from #119 to #115 in population rank. Overtook Montgomery AL, Amarillo TX, Yonkers NY, and Aurora IL. Also interesting, we started the decade above Salt Lake City, they passed us in 2017, but we may trade spots again after they had a really slow year of growth. They grew 6388 between 2016-2017 and only 21 between 2017-2018.
  10. I know, I feel like my whole life I've been saying it is "about 200k" or "just under 200k." It is minor, but I love seeing the 2 as the first number.
  11. Grand Rapids surpassed the 200,000 mark in the latest census numbers. We are currently sitting at 200,217, added 1135 people between July 2017 and July 2018.
  12. It'll be interesting to see what they do to that place. Honestly I've never had a bad experience there, not sure why it would get picked. But then again Hopleaf in Chicago (one of the best and busiest beer bars in the city, going on 27 years) was contacted by Bar Rescue to shoot an episode. They laughed it off of course and said no.
  13. The project at Wealthy and James is coming along. Walked by after some tasty food at Winchester. Donkey was over an hour wait as always.
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