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  1. I would not have guessed their metro was that big. You learn something new everyday...
  2. A few notes: - Houseman has a track, that is not allowed in Tier 2. - GRPS will never sell Houseman, no ownership group would pay millions in reno for a stadium they are renting. - The jump would be from tier 4 to tier 2, which in the US is MASSIVE. Seasonal staff and amateur players with teams averaging just a few hundred spectators to full time pro staff, pro players, and teams drawing 5k to 12k spectators. Sure GRFC has drawn 5k to a match, but it was hovering around 1.5k the last (non-covid) season. Just as an anecdote as well, Cincinnati had a tier 4 team averaging 600 fans a game. They jumped to tier 2 and averaged 15k per game. They also made the case for themselves as a top tier team and made the jump to MLS. The marketing budget should not be under estimated. I've met plenty of soccer fans in GR who have no idea we have a team, and GRFC markets above and beyond most tier 4 teams. I would say I'd like to see a 10k seat stadium, because I think we can draw that. At the same time, a packed 7500 seat stadium would have a great atmosphere, and would sell out way more often.
  3. Yes, I thought that was mentioned as the plan a while back. They put up a sign that reads "Heritage Marketplace." I thought I read on here a few years back that was where they were planning on relocating the antique stores to.
  4. I asked him probably 2 years ago about the potential relocation to Godfrey and he said it was a possibility but not 100% sure. While it does suck to have a sweet deal on rent taken away from you, this was nowhere near a surprise.
  5. My buddy is an estimator at an electrical contractor in town, he texted me a few days ago saying they had won this job. So it makes sense they would be getting moving.
  6. The Whitecaps stadium does not work for soccer. They tried it twice and it had no atmosphere.
  7. They just strap you in to a vertical bed and inject you with Ambien every night.
  8. I just texted my buddy from Nashville to get his thoughts, He said overall he feels like it has been a positive development for Nashville. The only complaints have been from the neighborhood across the river due to the noise, but they have put a noise curfew in place.
  9. Allegiant doesn't fly to SFO either ( I know they fly to Oakland, but it is the smallest of the major bay area airports). PDX or San Diego make the most sense, with LAX being so close to San Diego, it makes sense that they would go for a different area of the West Coast. If GRR keeps growing as it has, I could see Oakland being third and San Diego being fourth for West Coast Flights. I think it will take a while for other airlines to add West Coast flights, they will probably monitor demand on the Allegiant Flights for a while.
  10. So happy they added Portland, just as a few friends have moved out there or will be moving out there soon.
  11. Toledo is Fifth Third Field and Kennesaw State is Fifth Third Bank Stadium. I am fine with them changing to a local company for sponsorship.
  12. I mean it was Fifth Third Ballpark for 21 years, I think a change is okay.
  13. I have been really impressed by what developers in Holland have been doing. My family has been going out there for generations in the summer (Great Grandpa bought a place in the 1940s, Grandpa moved out there full time after retirement), we used to only go into town once or twice a summer to go shopping, pretty much never went out to eat. They have really turned themselves into a destination and I find myself bringing more and more out of town friends there to go out to eat and have a few drinks.
  14. Yeah they really turned around Walloon Lake, I've stopped through there a few times over the years. The cool thing with this project is that they are starting with 5-6 blocks of beautiful Victorian architecture and adding on to it. Manistee really has the bones to be one of the premier Lake Michigan destinations (historic downtown, easy highway access, huge public beach). The brewery was a great addition to the city, the new hotel on the beach is a big win too. Hoping an influx of people staying in and around downtown will help breathe some life into the struggling retail scene.
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