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  1. At the very least maybe offer a better product at the same price. I'd rather buy herbs and lettuce from a shipping container down the road than trucked in from California or Mexico.
  2. 1. This may win the award for best thread title ever. 2. This is an awesome project that I think will be great for reducing the cost of providing fresh produce. If the system is as cost effective as they say it is, it could effectively erase the cost of transporting food to a distribution facility.
  3. Pattmost20


    That'll be a great addition to the neighborhood. Chris and Andy's family has owned apple farms in Conklin for over a century I believe, they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to growing them.
  4. That is great news for downtown and Monroe North!
  5. Bumping this comment up because it seems like the most rational explanation. However my knowledge of construction is very limited, so I can't say for sure.
  6. My buddy who was working on the electrical for this project said a couple weeks ago that it would be opening soon, didn't realize this soon.
  7. I think it will be a big hit. Always good to have more options in the area. Diner style places have become trendy again, a couple in Chicago are doing really well. Dove's Luncheonette - http://www.doveschicago.com Little Goat Diner - https://www.littlegoatchicago.com
  8. So old news that Paul Lee bought Jonny B'z. However it is going to shut down and become a new concept. Royals - https://www.royalsgr.com - They have a FB page too Appears to be diner style in that they will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long (not 24 hours, but open early, close late).
  9. I'll try to get some pictures when I go, really excited for this to finally open. Also, we got a bit on national press for it: https://punchdrink.com/articles/most-notable-best-new-bars-america-fall-winter-2019/
  10. Pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly. Seems hard to believe they will open that many locations when they haven't even opened one successfully. Best of luck to them, I hope they can succeed.
  11. GR gets nearly 2200 hours of sun per year. While below average for the US, it is above average if compared with northern Europe (1600 for London, Paris, and Amsterdam). And it is really only within a few hundred hours less than most places in the northern half of the US (2500 for New York, Louisville, and DC, 2400 for Indianapolis).
  12. Kind of like Benidorm, Spain. Year round population is under 68k. Summer season swells by 4x in summer.
  13. The DT Market might not have been the success they were hoping it would be, but on the weekends it is slammed. Before it moved in I would rarely see people walk south of Cherry St on Ionia, that has completely changed.
  14. Big tourist destinations with low year round population.
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