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  1. I believe Martha’s carries it if you wanted to buy it locally.
  2. "The facility will include three pools, a swim-up bar, live palm trees and an entertainment stage with the capacity to host events of up to 2,400 people. " I was just reading in the news that Michigan looked likely to pass a bill allowing swim-up bars. Glad to see they already have it in the plans, because that rendering just screams cocktails at the pool.
  3. It does have its own subreddit.
  4. Green Skies’ dispensary on the main level. Apartments on the second floor.
  5. You may be correct. It could just be that the Nuggets organization gave GR way more money for advertising and promotion. It just seems like ever since the switch happened, I started seeing billboards, community events, theme nights, etc.
  6. Seems like the Gold are headed to Van Andel I saw another article earlier today where the owners all but confirmed it. I believe an announcement should come soon. On a side note, I do feel like ownership of the Gold have done a way better job at advertising and promoting than the Drive ever did. I think they could make VAA work. I never made it to a game at Delta Plex because I hate that arena, but I would definitely check out a game downtown. I'm sure there are more people like me who are willing to check out a sporting event downtown partly due to all the other amenities that come with it.
  7. The acoustics were by far the worst I've ever experienced. The entire experience of going to a concert there was very poor.
  8. Looks like the property is already held in a trust, according to tax records.
  9. Yeah funny enough I'm on a plane to Minneapolis right now and the owner is across the aisle from me. I guess his trip is starting today.
  10. They should be open in May. They were close for April but the owner is taking a trip to Germany and wanted to wait until after. They will not have kitchen equipment, so they are pretty much done.
  11. Airline mileage programs are profitable. They lose money on actually flying planes. So yes they are profitable, but not as transportation companies. Below is a great video on how they subsidize their flights. https://youtu.be/ggUduBmvQ_4
  12. Love the Cabbage Shed. Definitely need to do some trips along M22 this summer.
  13. Are they referring to the development at Lake and Robinson? The one that is replacing Commune and Argos?
  14. Start at Buffalo Traders and you could do a nice, little cocktail bar crawl.
  15. I was there just after they opened Utopia, it is really impressive. I'll have to get photos next time I'm there.
  16. I never really had any opinions about Mark Wahlburg one way or the other. My wife was hired to photograph him and his brother Paul (the head chef for Wahlburgers) for an event in Las Vegas. She said they were both incredibly nice people and they thanked her many times for her hard work. Paul actually sent us a video message congratulating us on our wedding (we got married a couple months after the photoshoot). So they seem like pretty genuine people and I'll definitely give their restaurant a shot, after the crowds calm down a bit.
  17. Listening Room hosted Chris Kattan not too long ago. A very underrated comedy venue is Pyramid Scheme. I saw both Hannibal Buress and Neil Hamburger there. For Neil's show they set out folding chairs and it actually worked pretty well. Hannibal was standing room only as he pulled a huge crowd.
  18. I am fairly certain a Tribal Casino must be on tribal land and I can't see GR willing to annex prime land downtown. Look how long it is taking them to get approval for a casino on a horse track that has been closed for 14+ years.
  19. It is a bummer, but between the season being cancelled for the pandemic and losing Houseman as a home stadium, I'm not surprised. I hope this paves the way for a higher division team in GR. We have the fans for it, just need a stadium in a good location and an owner with deeper pockets.
  20. I personally don't care where the aquarium ends up, I'll probably go once or twice. I do think a lot of people on this thread vastly underestimate how many people visit and vacation in Muskegon, it would be a huge draw for beach tourists deciding where to stay. Also, a lot of people seem to vastly underestimate the very large minority and large below the poverty line population in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights. It can be a great educational opportunity for Muskegon public and Muskegon Heights schools. The question of John Ball zoo being involved I get, but if Muskegon land is going to be a fraction of the price, I get that they are at least considering it.
  21. It is going to Muskegon. It will be in the parking lot of the Harley Davidson dealership on Shoreline Dr. I believe they are going to open a bar attached to the diner as well.
  22. I guess they figure they have enough name recognition by now to move further away from the epicenter of the west side redevelopment, but it is definitely a gamble. That also leaves open a very prime restaurant space. I'd be curious to see how quickly it gets filled after they move out.
  23. I could see it continuing on as a de facto senior team for Midwest United or as a feeder team for a future USL franchise. As long as they get to use the facilities for free and offer an opportunity of competitive play for players who age out of Midwest United, it would make sense to have them around.
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