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  1. I would say about 6-8 years ago my buddy told me that he had seen some preliminary sketches that the Devos family had commissioned for the Fulton/Market riverfront property. I think at the time it was just to get an idea for what could be built on that site, but no specifics. 

    He high up at (and in line to take over) a very large commercial contractor business in West Michigan, one who has worked on a good chunk of the major developments downtown. He definitely has access to a lot of renderings that haven't been made public. 

    I would think that would be the last extremely large development spot in GR. And it sounds like the Devos family has had their eye on developing it for a while. So that is my guess. 

  2. 5 hours ago, GR_Urbanist said:

    I hope someone can understand that weird post of theirs, because it just sounds like slo-mo "going out of business" announcement.

    Like why close down for the summer to "retool" or whatever, when this is the time of year to really take advantage of the type of space you have? You neighbors across the street have so much business they have to expand the place, but you are shutting down "temporarily" to do *something* they really dont explain clearly.


    Maybe I'm reading too deep into it? Anyway, this is something Wealthy St. Didnt need right now with some places on the street closing or closed like Elk Brewing, and the old Tatum building still a fenced-off pile of debris.

    When you own 4 restaurants you have the luxury of temporarily closing the worst performing one to re-invent it. They have 3 other patios on Wealthy street and it also could be a good move to up the staff at the other 3 for the busy months with the current Royals employees.

  3. 27 minutes ago, GR_Urbanist said:

    Just move the project over here to E. Hills/Uptown. Why waste time and money being someplace where they dont want you?

    I've interacted with that Peter Carlberg on Facebook before. None of them were ever pleasant. He is anti any development at all. 

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  4. 10 hours ago, grandrollerz said:

    Side Note: I tried to order NA beer online from Athletic Brewing and apparently they can't ship to Michigan.  Turns out you can't ship "beer" into Michigan. 

    I believe Martha’s carries it if you wanted to buy it locally.

  5. 2 hours ago, joeDowntown said:

    They must still be working on the concept. The renderings of the hotel are quite detailed (and looks really nice). Here’s the one rendering I could find inside the aquadome:



    "The facility will include three pools, a swim-up bar, live palm trees and an entertainment stage with the capacity to host events of up to 2,400 people. "


    I was just reading in the news that Michigan looked likely to pass a bill allowing swim-up bars. Glad to see they already have it in the plans, because that rendering just screams cocktails at the pool. 

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  6. 7 hours ago, joeDowntown said:

    Aren't the Drive and Gold owners the same? I thought they just changed affiliation when the Pistons moved their G-League team to Detroit.


    You may be correct. It could just be that the Nuggets organization gave GR way more money for advertising and promotion. It just seems like ever since the switch happened, I started seeing billboards, community events, theme nights, etc.

  7. Seems like the Gold are headed to Van Andel

    I saw another article earlier today where the owners all but confirmed it. I believe an announcement should come soon. 

    On a side note, I do feel like ownership of the Gold have done a way better job at advertising and promoting than the Drive ever did. I think they could make VAA work. I never made it to a game at Delta Plex because I hate that arena, but I would definitely check out a game downtown. I'm sure there are more people like me who are willing to check out a sporting event downtown partly due to all the other amenities that come with it. 

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  8. 16 hours ago, Floyd_Z said:

    I've also heard the acoustics in there for concerts are absolutely horrible.  Was this place ever actually nice on the inside?

    The acoustics were by far the worst I've ever experienced. The entire experience of going to a concert there was very poor.

  9. 18 hours ago, thebeerqueer said:

    I'll try to peek in soon but I agree that it looks done. Unless there's kitchen/brewing equipment they're waiting on

    They should be open in May. They were close for April but the owner is taking a trip to Germany and wanted to wait until after. 

    They will not have kitchen equipment, so they are pretty much done. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, GRDadof3 said:

    Someone at the Chamber told me that Orion/Wheeler is planning a five story apartment building on Lake Drive near Eastown? Has this been covered here already? 

    Are they referring to the development at Lake and Robinson? The one that is replacing Commune and Argos?

  11. I never really had any opinions about Mark Wahlburg one way or the other. My wife was hired to photograph him and his brother Paul (the head chef for Wahlburgers) for an event in Las Vegas. She said they were both incredibly nice people and they thanked her many times for her hard work. Paul actually sent us a video message congratulating us on our wedding (we got married a couple months after the photoshoot). So they seem like pretty genuine people and I'll definitely give their restaurant a shot, after the crowds calm down a bit. 

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