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  1. I am fairly certain a Tribal Casino must be on tribal land and I can't see GR willing to annex prime land downtown. Look how long it is taking them to get approval for a casino on a horse track that has been closed for 14+ years.
  2. It is a bummer, but between the season being cancelled for the pandemic and losing Houseman as a home stadium, I'm not surprised. I hope this paves the way for a higher division team in GR. We have the fans for it, just need a stadium in a good location and an owner with deeper pockets.
  3. I personally don't care where the aquarium ends up, I'll probably go once or twice. I do think a lot of people on this thread vastly underestimate how many people visit and vacation in Muskegon, it would be a huge draw for beach tourists deciding where to stay. Also, a lot of people seem to vastly underestimate the very large minority and large below the poverty line population in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights. It can be a great educational opportunity for Muskegon public and Muskegon Heights schools. The question of John Ball zoo being involved I get, but if Muskegon land is going to be a fraction of the price, I get that they are at least considering it.
  4. It is going to Muskegon. It will be in the parking lot of the Harley Davidson dealership on Shoreline Dr. I believe they are going to open a bar attached to the diner as well.
  5. I guess they figure they have enough name recognition by now to move further away from the epicenter of the west side redevelopment, but it is definitely a gamble. That also leaves open a very prime restaurant space. I'd be curious to see how quickly it gets filled after they move out.
  6. I could see it continuing on as a de facto senior team for Midwest United or as a feeder team for a future USL franchise. As long as they get to use the facilities for free and offer an opportunity of competitive play for players who age out of Midwest United, it would make sense to have them around.
  7. Combination of reasons. Declining attendance, covid making the league take a year off, cost to rent houseman, change in ownership. I think they basically get to use the Midwest complex for free, so they figured as a rebuilding year they would play games there. I think it served its purpose of showing people in GR are interested in soccer. Hard to keep up interest for a 4th tier league though. Short season and teams fold and start up every year, so there are relatively few consistent opponents. I think they only way to draw crowds again will be to have a professional (2nd tier) team with a stadium close to downtown.
  8. Yeah definitely not a fan of that. By all means build more infill, but it seems silly to tear down active retail.
  9. Looks pretty good, mostly safe choices on the menu, but that will do well for Breton Village.
  10. Which buildings are they proposing tearing down? I'm having a hard time placing this?
  11. Most lenders require an HOA or a private road maintenance agreement in place before they will lend on a house with a (shared) private drive.
  12. Unfortunately I don't have any resources to look it up online. You could try emailing the GR City Archives Officer. He was able to get me photos of my house from 1936: [email protected] Tony Wright City Archives Officer The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan Community Archives and Research Center 223 Washington, S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (P) 616-456-3114 (F) 616-456-4411
  13. How old of photos are you looking for? BS&A has property photos, but they don't go back super far. Sometimes older listing photos will still be up online as well.
  14. Multnomah falls! I hiked there back in 2014. Portland was announced a few months back.
  15. We were just out in Arizona and they had a chain called Maverik. Just looked it up and they seem to be all over the west. Not as big as Buc-ees but still very nice, in-between convenience store and grocery store. We saw a billboard for Buc-ees diving through the panhandle of Texas but were very bummed to learn there are none in the panhandle.
  16. I don't know if this is 100% the reason, but I believe dispensaries have a lot of rules regarding to the entrance in relation to street fronts, visibility of store interior, and having everything under 24 hour video surveillance. I believe they are almost regulated like adult book/movie stores, maybe not quite as strict.
  17. I walk around that lake every day at lunch. It appears that they have just prepped the sites to sell them. I believe they are separated into 5 different lots.
  18. I would not have guessed their metro was that big. You learn something new everyday...
  19. A few notes: - Houseman has a track, that is not allowed in Tier 2. - GRPS will never sell Houseman, no ownership group would pay millions in reno for a stadium they are renting. - The jump would be from tier 4 to tier 2, which in the US is MASSIVE. Seasonal staff and amateur players with teams averaging just a few hundred spectators to full time pro staff, pro players, and teams drawing 5k to 12k spectators. Sure GRFC has drawn 5k to a match, but it was hovering around 1.5k the last (non-covid) season. Just as an anecdote as well, Cincinnati had a tier 4 team averaging 600 fans a game. They jumped to tier 2 and averaged 15k per game. They also made the case for themselves as a top tier team and made the jump to MLS. The marketing budget should not be under estimated. I've met plenty of soccer fans in GR who have no idea we have a team, and GRFC markets above and beyond most tier 4 teams. I would say I'd like to see a 10k seat stadium, because I think we can draw that. At the same time, a packed 7500 seat stadium would have a great atmosphere, and would sell out way more often.
  20. Yes, I thought that was mentioned as the plan a while back. They put up a sign that reads "Heritage Marketplace." I thought I read on here a few years back that was where they were planning on relocating the antique stores to.
  21. I asked him probably 2 years ago about the potential relocation to Godfrey and he said it was a possibility but not 100% sure. While it does suck to have a sweet deal on rent taken away from you, this was nowhere near a surprise.
  22. My buddy is an estimator at an electrical contractor in town, he texted me a few days ago saying they had won this job. So it makes sense they would be getting moving.
  23. The Whitecaps stadium does not work for soccer. They tried it twice and it had no atmosphere.
  24. They just strap you in to a vertical bed and inject you with Ambien every night.
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