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  1. I met one of the managers the other day, he said renovations are taking a lot longer than planned, but he said they are doing extensive work on the interior. Should look completely different inside.
  2. That is a bit of a disappointment. Was really hoping they would open a new place. Hopefully they will still start a new restaurant, even if it isn't in this space.
  3. Yeah the jail site is their number 1 choice, they haven't really said where they would play if that falls through, which it seems like every other week someone says they plan on finishing the jail and then the next week say it is dead again.
  4. I've heard that sentiment from a few different people and I understand where you (and they) are coming from. However after talking with the owner tonight, it seems like this is a very small investment. They already have sponsors on board covering the costs of everything, and they will be using a stadium at no cost to them. Plus it is a very small league with only 5 away games, so travel costs will be minimal. Not to mention the cost of joining the league goes towards playoff travel, so if we do well, we won't have to pay to send the players to the east or west coast for playoffs.
  5. Yes it is a Women's team. The United Women's Soccer League is adding a Midwest conference and GRFC is going to be an inaugural member. NY Cosmos to MLS probably won't happen, NYCFC took the second MLS slot in the city, and they probably won't have a 3rd. Minnesota, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, and Sacramento is the likely order of expansion (the first three have confirmed dates, Miami has been announced, and Detroit and Sacramento are very likely). USL on the other hand has said they are in talks with up to 8 more markets, so they may get to over 35 teams quickly.
  6. A few NASL teams have actually gone "down" to USL, partly because of USL's pending 2nd tier status, and partly because USL has aligned itself with MLS and has some MLS reserve teams.
  7. Soccer is a weird thing in America. So GRFC is in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), which is 4th tier of American soccer. However PDL is another league in America that is considered the 4th tier. USL is tier 3, but is in the works to become tier 2. NASL is tier 2 but is losing teams fast and might go away. MLS is top.
  8. Yeah that was written by Peter Wilt, originally GM of Chicago Fire, then helped Indy start their NASL (2nd tier) team. He is currently trying to launch an NASL team in Chicago. He was actually at a GRFC playoff game this summer and has been vocal about the fact he thinks we have a good soccer culture in West Michigan.
  9. I'd chalk that up under a 5 year goal. Maybe 3 year goal if the right people get involved right away.
  10. I so wish that the announcement had to do with a stadium site or beer, but it is still a good announcement I promise.
  11. Ha, I had already started the process when you said you would, figured I'd just go ahead and finish.
  12. Patio space plus tiki drinks, that is a big win in my book. Ever since Bar Fly announced they were abandoning plans for their tiki bar downtown I have been waiting for a new one to be announced.
  13. http://grandrapidscitymi.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=2294&Inline=True On the agenda for Thursday the 27th, starting on page 24 is the info. Global food with a tiki cocktail menu. Seems to have great support from the neighborhood and personally I'm excited to try it.
  14. Lobdell has more money than he knows what to do with. He's just finished building 2 Grand Coneys on 28th street, guess he needed a new project. It makes sense Dave and Paul wanted to sell, they are dumping a lot of money into the old Montes to make Butchers Union. It'll be interesting to see how Lobdell handles higher end food, most of his portfolio is cheap eats.
  15. They could literally turn it 90-180 degrees clockwise and it would be 100x better.
  16. Since both of these announced new ownership the same day they announced closure, it makes me think in both cases someone put an offer on the table to buy-out the lease of the businesses. Granted XO was hurt by the heath department violations, Fat Johnnys probably could have hung on. It was just like Wealthy Street Station, they were doing okay, but a good offer is a good offer, so they walked away.
  17. I think the Apartment side looks decent, the office side looks a bit bloated. With Ferris Coffee opening their cafe in the Trust building, If the last retail spot in the Waters building and the retail in this building get filled, it might actually re-invigorate the intersection of Pearl and Ottawa.
  18. "Sign on the door and Facebook says it's now an event center." Gone the way of Waldron. I agree with your daughter, Creston market just down the road had to scale back ordering their higher end items, they weren't selling in that neighborhood.
  19. The "Amway Gateway." They didn't really think that one out, did they...
  20. My friends who own businesses in the North Monroe district have mentioned a Mexican restaurant/bar coming to the neighborhood. I have no idea if that is what it is going to be, but it would make sense as no exact location has been mentioned.
  21. Loves moved stalls to be over by their new pizza shop and then the sushi place took over loves old stall. The crepe place just left. Talking to someone who knows the Fish Lads people, it seems like they are just taking their time with the butcher shop and are in no rush. The two empty stalls are going to be used for a series of pop up shops on the weekends. http://downtownmarketgr.com/news/downtown-market-announces-pop-up-vendor-opportunities-in-market-hall
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