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  1. Allegiant doesn't fly to SFO either ( I know they fly to Oakland, but it is the smallest of the major bay area airports). PDX or San Diego make the most sense, with LAX being so close to San Diego, it makes sense that they would go for a different area of the West Coast. If GRR keeps growing as it has, I could see Oakland being third and San Diego being fourth for West Coast Flights. I think it will take a while for other airlines to add West Coast flights, they will probably monitor demand on the Allegiant Flights for a while.
  2. So happy they added Portland, just as a few friends have moved out there or will be moving out there soon.
  3. Toledo is Fifth Third Field and Kennesaw State is Fifth Third Bank Stadium. I am fine with them changing to a local company for sponsorship.
  4. I mean it was Fifth Third Ballpark for 21 years, I think a change is okay.
  5. I have been really impressed by what developers in Holland have been doing. My family has been going out there for generations in the summer (Great Grandpa bought a place in the 1940s, Grandpa moved out there full time after retirement), we used to only go into town once or twice a summer to go shopping, pretty much never went out to eat. They have really turned themselves into a destination and I find myself bringing more and more out of town friends there to go out to eat and have a few drinks.
  6. Yeah they really turned around Walloon Lake, I've stopped through there a few times over the years. The cool thing with this project is that they are starting with 5-6 blocks of beautiful Victorian architecture and adding on to it. Manistee really has the bones to be one of the premier Lake Michigan destinations (historic downtown, easy highway access, huge public beach). The brewery was a great addition to the city, the new hotel on the beach is a big win too. Hoping an influx of people staying in and around downtown will help breathe some life into the struggling retail scene.
  7. News out of Manistee on the numerous development projects. The Spirit of the Woods Manistee Gateway Project is especially exciting. Little River Holdings, the economic development arm of the tribe, is relocating their offices to downtown Manistee. Along with their move they are working on a couple of large scale projects for downtown Manistee.
  8. Just an update on this one. I attended the virtual neighborhood meeting (there were like 2 of us lol). - The project is going forward no matter what. They were already approved for medical by the city. - They are just seeking to add a recreational license. - They will be going in front of the planning commission at the Feb meeting. - Ground floor will be two retail spaces total, so this store plus available space for another (ground floor residential is not allowed along Michigan St, according to the person leading the meeting). - Upstairs will be affordable housing, once completed. They are going to white box it at first and allow it to be built out later, so no details on how many units.
  9. Per a conversation on a different thread, I think 2021 will be the year of Recreational Marijuana store boom in Grand Rapids. Given how many have seemed to be on planning commission agendas, there have to be 15-20 that are in the works around town.
  10. I feel like quite a few of the meetings over the last 6 months have been mostly weed related lol. I do remember seeing that old rendering. Those houses are in real rough shape, so it makes sense to get rid of them and start fresh.
  11. Proposed Recreational Marijuana Shop on Michigan St seems to include plans for a new mixed use development. It would replace two homes along Michigan St, just west of Bob's Bar. The company is going in front of the Michigan Street Corridor team and the Midtown Neighborhood association today.
  12. $110M Muskegon Lake Development Actual article hidden behind a paywall, but the basics are: Single Family Homes, Apartments, Marina, Boat Sales, Retail, and Hotel. To be rolled out in phases, waterfront first and then inland development. They want to create a "town center" type retail development.
  13. It will remain to be seen how many shops Muskegon can sustain. At the beginning of 2020 we were in Revelstoke, BC which has a population of 7500. They are supporting about 5 stores right now. Muskegon has the added benefit of nearly every other lakeshore municipality banning them.
  14. I've been up close to Wembley Stadium, it is mighty impressive. I've seen a match in Children's Mercy Park, for the size it is about the best stadium I've been in. Everything was laid out well and accessible. Seats were great too.
  15. VanDyk does a ton of work in the Muskegon area. In the 3 and a half years, my title company has done over 170 deals with them alone, and we aren't that big of a player in the Muskegon market.
  16. USL did an article about the potential soccer stadium in Grand Rapids. Not much new information, but interesting to see the league itself reporting on it.
  17. It is definitely the type of store people travel for. I think at least some suburbanites in Cascade would make the 15 minute drive to Whole Foods vs the 8-10 minute drive to Forest Hills Foods. And then you'll get people from Kentwood and EGR as well.
  18. Possibly Mercy Health, they just bought the rights to the arena next door.
  19. For those that don't follow US soccer, the basic breakdown of leagues is: Tier 1: MLS Tier 2: USL Championship Tier 3: USL League 1 Tier 4: USL League 2 Just prior to Covid, GRFC joined USL League 2, basically the highest amateur league in the country. The 2020 season never happened for obvious reasons, but they plan to play in 2021. It would be interesting to see if GRFC would make the jump up to the 3rd or 2nd tier or if they would try it with a new team.
  20. Dang. That one hits hard. That was the last flight I took back in March, Allegiant direct to NOLA. Hopefully they boot it up again, because that is one of my favorite winter get-aways.
  21. Because DeVos is involved or because you actually know what they are planning...
  22. With the DeVos family getting behind this, it makes me all the more curious what they have planned for Charley's Crab and the parking lot. Hopefully something that will really draw people to the riverfront year round.
  23. Quarantinos is owned by the little bird people. Not had it myself, but friends have said it is good.
  24. Not that I know of, they don't breed professionally, just a small side hobby. I believe they only have about two species of guppies that they bring to the shop.
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