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  1. My fiancée's mom and aunt both supply them with guppies. Next time you are in there if they have any monarch guppies, those came from her mom. They are a coloring that the owner's of the store had never seen, so she got to name them.
  2. The logo is a bit unfortunate, but we've been back for the food multiple times (and will be going again this week). Everything is seriously tasty. It is my mission to make sure it stays open, branding woes aside.
  3. Less and less so. Prices in the desirable neighborhoods have really shot up over the last 3-4 years. I have a few investments there and it has been a great place to invest, but the margins are getting thinner.
  4. Well if they have to use the street I guess they get to use parking spots as well
  5. Old Gaia spot is now KCM. Not a sushi spot per se, they do have Kimbop which is like Korean sushi for those that have never had it. Their main focus is Sando (Japanese Sandwiches) which are incredibly delicious, and rice plates. Overall everything was extremely good, will definitely be back.
  6. I don't think it was supposed to. I thought the intention from the beginning was for it to be a pop-up so they weren't losing money on vacant real estate.
  7. I would say Laketon Township, Dalton Township, and Egelston Township very much consider themselves apart of the Muskegon area. Together they would add over 26k people. The population centers of Laketon and Dalton are effectively extensions of North Muskegon and Egelston is basically an extension of Muskegon Township.
  8. It is closed. And they have some very lovely signs up at the Bagel Beanery reminding people that it is $170 and 2 Points on your license if you use their parking lot to avoid the closure. Didn't seem to stop the 15 cars I saw.
  9. I could be wrong, but I think they are referring to this sign. Meaning it would be silly to have two Spectrum Health signs so close together along the highway.
  10. Looks like Virginia joined the over 50% group. But man is that sad. https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates.html
  11. I 100% expected this to be an April Fools prank, but it looks like they are actually selling cheesesteaks. I guess good way to make use of the kitchen and keep business up.
  12. The car wash on Michigan and Eastern appears to be leased. According to the listing, they are offering up to $50 per Square Foot in allowance for build out.
  13. The applicant is Geoff Gaskin, who is the owner of Zoko 822. I don't see anything on the application that points to them changing concepts.
  14. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe - Enplanement - counts origin and destination (so only people who are starting at GR or visting GR) Total Passenger - counts connections as well (counts people with a layover in GR twice)
  15. This expansion is going to be awesome. Really excited to see a few more destinations get added.
  16. They could differentiate themselves by either: A. Going cheaper and offering more a more simplified menu of sushi, forgoing the elaborate rolls Maru is known for. B. Going more high end and doing a Omakase/Tasting-menu style. Both options still would be risky however, not the concept I would choose for right there.
  17. Love the renderings. I was in Ada the other day and it finally felt alive, people were walking around and spending their afternoon there. It'll be really cool to see everything come together in the next year or so.
  18. Haven't driven through, however I believe this summer is the target open date for Epicurean Village. This was posted on the FB page for the restaurant that is opening in Spring Lake. Finn's Chophouse and Speakeasy.
  19. It would definitely make for an awesome renovation if someone is willing to put the money into it.
  20. The director of Little River Holdings told me they would be interested in the Iron Works building if they could get it for a decent price. But they have the next 3+ years of work budgeted out, would be awhile, if ever, before they would consider taking on that project (I was pushing for it, because I want to see it turned into something awesome). He also said the timeline for the River Street redevelopment will be pretty quick due to them getting tax credits.
  21. Little River Holdings, the non-casino investment arm of the Little River Tribe, is planning on investing pretty heavily into downtown Manistee. New hotel, restaurant, a new park, and just outside of downtown some new affordable housing. As soon as I get any more info I'll post it here.
  22. The what and who now? J/K, not that I have anything to add of value, but I am still super excited for the potential mini-boom to Monroe North area. Always fun to see new development.
  23. I was actually doing the title insurance on 733 Bates, but it looks like the deal fell through. Great price for a new build, I would love to see some more developments like these replace some of the blighted properties in GR.
  24. My guess is they read the part that says "on a highway" and thought like my buddy did. Probably a lot of companies that break that rule Just to add to the confirmation, Nicholas Cocciolone is the same name associated with the LLC that owns the Madison Heights location. Nice work! That is some serious sleuthing.
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