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  1. I told my buddy about the hunt for Planet Rock GR, he pointed out two things: MarJo owns the gravel pits across Wilson from Johnson Park, and the trucks are allowed to be uncovered on surface streets, just not on highways. I think SW GR or Grandville might be likely.
  2. You're killing me dangling this nugget of info out there with no follow up. In all seriousness I absolutely love the build-out for Butcher's Union, if they put that much effort into this new place I have high hopes.
  3. Their wine is excellent too. Edit: Also they went in front of the planning commission yesterday and got approval. Many letters of support from the neighborhood and neighboring businesses.
  4. Any of the plans that you can share?
  5. You find me some investors and I'll be all about it.
  6. I've always thought a wine bar that did cheese, charcuterie, and wood fired pizza would do great in Ada. That way you could hit the pre-dinner, dinner, and post-dinner crowd.
  7. GVSU will be transforming Mt Vernon into a pedestrian walkway.
  8. I went for a preview just before the grand opening and loved the space. Sadly I haven't been back as they don't seem to book the bands I listen to.
  9. I have a few friends in the theater community and they were all posting about it, so I would assume it is still a theater hang out.
  10. I can't seem to find a listing anywhere, curious to see what they want for it. In a dream world, if I were to buy them I would keep the concepts the same and maybe just tweak the food a bit (I think I could improve upon the burgers at Cottage).
  11. Really hope they can stick to that height. I think it would look great there.
  12. Kind of like the Rose Park neighborhood in Missoula.
  13. A tale as old as time, Englishman wanted to follow science and Frenchman wanted to follow nature, fight ensues.
  14. Yeah definitely no casino. My fiancee is a member of the Pokagon band of Potawatomi and her father works for Little River band of Ottawa. They both have big investment arms that handle non-casino assets.
  15. The Deck in Muskegon is expanding. They are adding an outdoor bar, stage, yard games, and fencing off a part of the beach to allow open containers.
  16. I'm definitely curious to see what it'll be like. I love cooking and am always bummed by how much packaging we go through each week.
  17. Proprietary, a bulk food store, is going into 620 Wealthy St SE.
  18. I think these are 3 excellent routes (especially LAX as it is the first nonstop to the west coast). I've flown Allegiant a few times. Based on how cheap they are, it is worth it. Especially to warm destinations where you can pack light and avoid paying all of the extra fees.
  19. Just read on Facebook that it was approved.
  20. Wood TV 8 published a list of new projects in GR. Most of them have been posted here, however I didn't realize the sale of Gardellas had gone through. It will become The Meat Up Gastropub. Plans for a roof top area if the business does well.
  21. Some of those renderings look great! This would be a really cool project.
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