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  1. Aldi is under construction across from Meijer in Standale. Remains to be seen if a Trader Joes opens up in Standale.
  2. SLC would be awesome (both of our airports are undergoing expansions at the moment, I could see it happen). As it stands right now, it is cheaper to do a ski trip to Alberta/British Columbia than Utah. Lift Tickets and Hotels are cheaper, and if you take discount airlines out of the equation, flights on the big three carriers are cheaper as well.
  3. I believe it is just to show the pattern, but I will confirm with my buddy. He is hoping they will e-mail out the power point presentation so I can share some of the images.
  4. Also: My buddy was just in a meeting with 3D renderings, he hasn't been able to get pictures yet, but he said one thing that might not be so evident in the rendering above is the fact that there will be a ton of trees in front of the arena. He said it looks like a forest on the 3D rendering.
  5. Doesn't look like the plan has changed much, this is the latest the electricians have.
  6. I know nothing about it, but can you post a map of where it is? I am super interested to see that.
  7. If it is anything like their Detroit location it'll have more of a bar feel.
  8. A full kitchen would cut the space in half. I guess they are banking on getting more people in and out quicker than getting fewer people to stick around and eat.
  9. My black card membership will finally pay off by having a second location I will actually use.
  10. I mean all of them are established brands, I don't see it as too much of a risk for them. And if there are ever too many breweries on Wealthy or in the Eastown/East Hills area, East West will be the first to go, shortly followed by ELK.
  11. That makes complete sense. I didn't think there were any vacancies in the building, and those businesses will complement each other.
  12. This week has been awesome for brewery/distillery announcements. Speciation, Cedar Springs, and Two James all moving/adding locations in GR city limits.
  13. Two James Spirits, based out of Detroit, is opening a tasting room at 740 Michigan St NE. Very excited for that, they make some great spirits.
  14. The space along with the rendering are still listed for rent. Maybe they are just trying to gauge interest.
  15. Just confirmed they are moving and won't be keeping their current space.
  16. Heard rumors they were looking on Wealthy street. Glad to see it is actually happening.
  17. It has been listed for a while. Wouldn't be surprised given the history of restaurants coming and going from that location.
  18. When I drove by last weekend it said "Closed temporarily." Has that changed?
  19. Mlive's comment section is a great place for conspiracy theories, let's keep discussion here rational.
  20. Got to go to the soft opening of Max's South Seas Hideaway last night. It is a truly impressive place, they have definitely spared no expense. We were in the front bar on the main floor, there were two other bar areas and multiple seating areas. It makes the massive space feel intimate.
  21. At the very least maybe offer a better product at the same price. I'd rather buy herbs and lettuce from a shipping container down the road than trucked in from California or Mexico.
  22. 1. This may win the award for best thread title ever. 2. This is an awesome project that I think will be great for reducing the cost of providing fresh produce. If the system is as cost effective as they say it is, it could effectively erase the cost of transporting food to a distribution facility.
  23. That'll be a great addition to the neighborhood. Chris and Andy's family has owned apple farms in Conklin for over a century I believe, they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to growing them.
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