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  1. I love that building on Cherry. I really hope it get an awesome tenant (not some law firm or other place I'll never have a reason to set foot in).
  2. And for a while Tami Vandenberg was trying to open a market there. It'll be nice for that corner to be active.
  3. Probably because they want to sell, not go through the hassle of a move.
  4. Owner's of The Drive have been looking to sell or move for a while. In my opinion College Hoops are too much competition for any minor league basketball to thrive. It makes sense just to have them in the same city as the parent team as a feeder team.
  5. I've never been into the club scene, none of my friends were either. 8-9 years ago when I moved back from college there were a few clubby places still around (Rags, Montes, Margarita Grill might have still been there, tap house or whatever it was called where buffalo wild wings is now). I'll allow my generation to take the blame for killing the club scene in GR. I'd just rather drink a good beer and hang out.
  6. I'm so excited for this to happen. Lost Lake in Chicago (of which Martin Cate is partner) is one of my all time favorite bars. Their drinks are world class and they have been nominated for a James Beard award (huge deal in the food/beverage industry for those who aren't familiar). Also the fact they are putting $2.5 million into it sounds like they are going to do it right.
  7. Went to the Aziz Ansari show last night. He mentioned how he lived here a few months during the filming of 30 minutes or less, though it was mostly a set up to talk crap about Buffalo. It was along the lines of "I like Grand Rapids. I really mean it. I don't say that in Buffalo." The opener complimented Madcap Coffee and called Ohio the "Cheesecake Factory of States." He knew his audience.
  8. I guess I'm just not sold on the idea of telling businesses how to remodel their stores to make them less susceptible to crime. To me it seems like using resources to go after low level criminals in order to try and tackle the greater crime problems of certain neighborhoods when I think there are better investments (community police officers, better transportation options, and on a larger scale, addressing low wages). Once again, I'm not 100% against it, just not sold on it yet. In the end it could turn out to be an effective tool, just my gut reaction. Also from Wikipedia: "The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes." I don't think it is too far off to equate "visible signs of crime" (i.e. broken windows, graffiti) with the idea that dingy, old buildings attract crime.
  9. Boiler Up right back at ya! I was a Hill Top resident myself and that definitely would of been nice. When I hear about all of the building and development in West Lafayette and it is shocking compared to what we had when I was on campus (2006-2010).
  10. I agree with you that I think GR could support an Urban Target. At the same time, there are other factors contributing to East Lansing being able to support one. West Lafayette, home of my alma mater Purdue University, is getting one. There are about 35k people in town. Both MSU and Purdue make it basically impossible for Freshmen to have a car and make it very inconvenient for all other students. You have a built in audience of walkers, bikers, and bus riders that can't easily run out to malls or other suburban shopping centers.
  11. I'm sure there will be, that is just the address they are advertising space under on the commercial real estate listings.
  12. In bulk, brisket is $2-3 a pound, they can easily charge $15-20 a pound when cooked. Pork shoulder is $1 a pound, slap half a pound on white bread with some pickles and it is an $8 sandwich. Combine that with the counter service business model (i.e. no servers) and BBQ is about the only high(ish) margin restaurant business out there.
  13. For me I just have too few vacation days to waste them on Florida. Of course I say this as someone who doesn’t have a family, I’m sure if I added a few kids into the mix the savings might be worth it.
  14. Only thing I’ve heard is American Fare with a focus on the cocktail program. No clue who’s behind it.
  15. There is reference to it on the sign at the Midtown Green and Midtown sells those plaques you can put on your house, but beyond that I don't think there is much reference to it. Would be cool to see it on street signs like Baxter has.
  16. There already is a Brikyaat neighborhood. Per Midtown's website "The Brikyaat neighborhood spans from Batavia Place NE to Fuller NE between Fountain and Fulton streets."
  17. On the one hand, I think it'd be cool to be able to take a boat from Lake Michigan into GR. On the other, just looking at the all of the environmental regulations involved with restoring the rapids, I can't imagine this moving forward.
  18. To a lesser extent M-6 and Byron Center as well.
  19. I would say above average for a chain. It is still suburban mall food. I think of it more as a sign that higher end stores are willing to give West Michigan a try,
  20. Not that long ago there was a company claiming total build cost minus land was $130 per Sqft, at that price it completely makes sense. These are priced at $250 per sqft, my guess is they think the value is in the land.
  21. My question is, will the medical facilities be able to transition over to recreational after they figure out all of the licensing or are they trying to keep them separate? Also, I can only imagine the Midtown neighborhood meetings if this gets approved...
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