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  1. Rowster just posted this to their FB page with the caption "Something is brewing in Belknap!"
  2. Not exactly Studio Park related, but I have a hunch it is a catalyst for this decision. J. Gardella's Tavern is for sale, asking $2 Million for building, business, and liquor license. Seems like a nice retirement plan for the owners, cash in on the on the $140 million development a block away.
  3. Maybe I’m a tad bit spiteful, but if I were the developer I would be half tempted just to clear cut the land and see how the neighbors like looking out over an empty field.
  4. Wasn’t Rowster supposed to be opening there, or is that project dead?
  5. Very cool! Can't wait to check out the new welcome center once it is complete.
  6. From the listing “Please do not approach employees” Lol, I wonder how often that gets ignored, I see it so often on commercial listings.
  7. It may just be a case of the owners wanting to pursue other things. It appears they are trying to sell the business to keep it open. As for Little Bangkok, that place is phenomenal. It is right near my parents house, used to get takeout from there in high school and summers when I’d be back from college. Glad to hear they are still doing well.
  8. It appears Russo's Market has sold. Wonder what will take over at that spot.
  9. Wok and Mortar is for sale. I got delivery from there once and it was decent, but never sought it out again.
  10. In Muskegon development news: $65 Million development in being planned in phases for a vacant parking lot downtown. Lakeview Lofts phase 2 is being accelerated. The owner of Rad Dads' is planning two new businesses in the yet to be built development.
  11. I know in the scheme of things, $6 million isn't a ton in the way of housing, but imagine how many people Well House could have housed for that money.
  12. Taxis might not, as an Uber driver I always helped passengers load and unload bags (when they let me), and I've almost always had my uber driver offer to do the same when I travel.
  13. A bit anecdotal, but I had a buddy renting a new construction one bedroom just a few blocks from Coors Field in Denver. $2000 a month, and that was back in 2013.
  14. I think back to when I had 4 people renting rooms in my house, now it is just the fiancee and I. My neighbors probably have no idea how many people have come and gone over the last 5 years, but I'm sure they would be suddenly concerned about extra traffic and crowding if I were to apply for an ADU and add 1-2 people to my property.
  15. Wonder if it'll be back to the drawing board or if they'll just upgrade plans for the DC area HQ2.
  16. There was a post about Housing Now on ECA's Facebook page and a couple people were freaking out about ADUs. Beyond that I haven't seen anything.
  17. My Rational Brain: *Don't troll people on Eastown's FB Page, Don't troll people on Eastown's FB Page, Don't troll people on Eastown's FB Page* My Sarcastic Brain: *Thank the people for their efforts to keep poor people out of the neighborhood*
  18. That would be a huge loss for GR. I really hope it isn't true.
  19. I believe that the Emonae Korean BBQ people are behind this place. They were mentioning that they were looking to bring a concept downtown, but I hadn't anything about it in a while.
  20. Chemical Bank is merging with TCF and taking on the TCF name. It'll be interesting to see if their move to Warner tower coincides with the re-branding.
  21. Ahhh Sacramento, the newest suburb of the Bay Area. I have some friends there, I had a blast visiting but prices are skyrocketing as people are willing to drive 1.5 to 2 hours to SF for work.
  22. California is true due to price of Real Estate. If you are talking about actually snow-birding (Leave for 3-5 months), you can get round trip to Spain once a year for under $500. And once you're there food, beer, wine, and real estate are all cheap. Nice apartments/condos near the beach in Valencia for sub $200k. Alicante is worth looking into as well, one of the largest international airports in Spain, huge string of beach towns and cities, plus fairly cheap to get there from Chicago. Edit: Also, buying Real Estate as a foreigner is really easy. 3% foreign interest rates with just the normal 20% down.
  23. For me probably California if I can afford it, otherwise Mexico or Spain. The combination of food, scenery, and price of real estate in both is unbeatable.
  24. That would be pretty cool to get a Buddy's over here. They are generally considered one of the original Detroit Style Pizzas.
  25. Already happened. At least 50% of the prediction did.
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