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  1. NCDOT is already thinking this way, their “strategic transportation corridor” for US 74 (all the way from I-26 to Wilmington) considers the portion of the corridor that goes through the Charlotte metro as best routed along 85 in Gaston County to 485 to the Monroe Bypass. So I wouldn’t be surprised to eventually see Wilkinson and Independence signed as 74 Bus or 74 Alt.
  2. I think @Tyree Ricardo was referring to Nashville as Charlotte’s competitor. They are proposing to increase property taxes by over 30% to balance their budget.
  3. Sorry, this is for Brookshire Blvd, from the I-85 interchange near Uptown, to the state line in Northeast Mecklenburg. You mean county line. NC 16 exits Mecklenburg County to enter Gaston County.
  4. Seeing that parking access road onto Mint for Honeywell, I wonder if there would have been a sight distance issue for cars turning left onto Mint if they had built the building/deck following the curvature of the road.
  5. Does anyone know the history of this building? I love walking past it.
  6. Took this while waiting in the freezing wind for a SB train from 9th street. The first two trains were canceled
  7. They definitely need more and clearer signage. The current layout just has one red “X” hanging next to the stoplight that illuminates when the lane is closed. I anecdotally have heard from people in the Triangle that they thought it would eventually turn green and waited in the closed lane. I personally think this is an unnecessarily complicated design for an intersection that does not need it. During off peak hours the congestion isn’t heavy enough on the mainlines or left turns to need this. In my opinion it compromises safety for a few seconds of delay savings.
  8. I totally agree, they have already had issues with people still using the outer left turn lane even when it’s supposed to be closed. I don’t think it’s worth the safety hazard during the off peak hours.
  9. It’s a way of shutting down illegitimate dialogue that repetitively comments with the same points. So no, not in that case.
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