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  1. Just because there are a few dense neighborhoods in Charlotte that are walkable and passably bikeable doesn’t mean the city as a whole is anywhere near walkable.
  2. I live beside Arrowood and it fills up every day. Not sure for Scaleybark but seems like it’s usually full as well.
  3. They’re going to be required to have some shoulder width as well on either side of the barrier. But you’re right, the two lanes in each direction would’ve been a good idea! Allow express lane traffic to pass any less-than-express drivers
  4. I believe it’s because that section works fine for buses to have two lanes in each direction (they can control the bus speeds), but it does not have median separation which would be required to have regular commuters going 60+ mph in each direction. And adding in that median plus any access points/merging areas would require more right of way.
  5. Exciting news for ongoing development in U city along the light rail. Developer to tear down some of the big box retail along the lake at JW Clay and replace with office, apartments, possible new library. Link to business journal article (paywalled)
  6. The original blue line and extension both cover areas of industrial and/or undeveloped land ripe for reuse and redevelopment. The south Charlotte wedge, however, does not. This area is almost completely developed with low density housing that I think will be much more difficult/expensive to replace or redevelop.
  7. I just worry that any rail transit actually going into the wedge of south Charlotte wouldn’t be successful, because densities are so low and any parcels along transit lines would likely have to overcome vast opposition to increase densities to where they would actually complement the transit (As some other users have pointed out). Southpark and to some extent Ballantyne are the obvious hot spots of activity and higher density that could probably support a station or two. At the same time, we have to make progress somewhere - especially if we don’t want to become the next Atlanta as we say.
  8. Today. Nice to see First ward park crowded with families and prom pics in the nice weather
  9. The plan is to add planters as part of the median improvements to phase 1 that are listed under phase 2! (EST completion 2021). They had a good presentation on this project at the NCAMPO conference in town this past week.
  10. Makes me wish Charlotte had parking maximums. Especially after we build a few more light rail lines and/or commuter rail and non-auto access from across the region is more competitive.
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