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  1. I'm looking forward to this being a finished product in the future. Having downtown stretch nearly to the lake will be a nice setup for Holland.
  2. Agreed. You would expect that the huge influx of apartments into the market would lower the prices based on the presence of competition. However, that does not seem to be the case at all. There is no way anyone can convince me that a one bedroom apartment in Grand Rapids is worth over $1,200, let alone $1,500.
  3. I have U-Verse right now and haven't had issues aside from random slowness. But I had that with XFinity as well. My parents once had U-Verse and anytime there was anything other than sunny weather, all services would go out. Lightning in the area? Gone. Thunder? Gone. Rain? Gone. Wind? Gone. It was worse than having a dish. Granted, that was about a decade ago, so it's possible that things have changed in their area since that time.
  4. I like it. It's a nice fill in for the giant gap of short buildings between Amway and River House.
  5. I like the front, sides, and interior...But the back of that building is hideous. Notice how that wasn't included in the mix of pictures. It's unfortunate, because that's the side that faces the highway.
  6. I'd be interested in knowing if there is a database out there that shows K-12 enrollment for all Michigan districts. Demographics wise, there is definitely a growth in all of the Wyoming high schools, which coincides with a large increase in the Hispanic population in Wyoming. There was a growth of 171 students between Wyoming, Godwin Heights, Kelloggsville, and Lee. Pretty significant considering the trend of the rest of the area. And I have no doubt that all of those factors are involved here to result in continued decrease in high school enrollment numbers. I was just surprised to see the trend continue despite all of the growth the region has had. It is pretty rare though to see people move to a new area while their child is in high school. It can have quite the social affect on them.
  7. Something that I (and maybe I'm the only one) found interesting is that the area's large growth in population doesn't seem to have impacted high school enrollments. In fact, high school enrollments continue to have a downward trend. The last few years, the city itself has lost over 260 high school students total between 2014 and 2016, the inner ring suburbs have lost over 30 students total (all but one school with growth were in largely Hispanic areas), and the outer ring suburbs have lost over 50 students total (with Hudsonville being the biggest exception to the trend in the whole region). I'm sure there are multiple factors that go into this - like aging population, millennials moving in and not having kids old enough yet, decrease in child births after 2000, etc. Either way...I just found it interesting that our region is growing quite a bit, but our school enrollments continue to fall. I wish there was a way to look at K-8 enrollments as well, but the MHSAA doesn't track that. Also, going farther back than 2014 didn't really help the cause either. The downward trend in the area has been pretty steady. City School 2016 2015 2014 Union 1,810 1,798 1,837 -27 Ottawa Hills 1,020 1,270 1,280 -260 GR Christian 896 912 905 -9 Catholic Central 646 644 658 -12 West Catholic 505 475 442 63 NorthPointe Christian 327 330 345 -18 Total 7,221 7,445 7,482 -263 Inner Suburban Ring School 2016 2015 2014 East Kentwood 2,639 2,596 2,581 58 Grandville 1,750 1,810 1,825 -75 Wyoming 1,238 1,288 1,211 27 Northview 1,118 1,145 1,183 -65 East Grand Rapids 1,010 979 975 35 Kenowa Hills 959 1,032 1,030 -71 Godwin Heights 679 645 602 39 Kelloggsville 678 650 640 38 Comstock Park 636 665 682 -46 South Christian 602 621 625 -23 Lee 558 503 491 67 Calvin Christian 340 346 360 -20 Total 14224 14296 14220 -36 Second Layer Suburban School 2016 2015 2014 Rockford 2,485 2,563 2,561 -76 Hudsonville 1,893 1,797 1,763 130 Caledonia 1,474 1,456 1,476 -2 Jenison High School 1,457 1,481 1,418 39 Forest Hills Central 1,258 1,316 1,304 -46 Forest Hills Northern 1,108 1,100 1,124 -16 Byron Center 1,083 1,070 1,070 13 Forest Hills Eastern 794 798 828 -34 Unity Christian 606 629 665 -59 Total 14175 14226 14224 -51
  8. These units are a thing of beauty. I love this look. Now it's easier said than done. It would have been much more feasible a few years ago. But with rising rental costs and vastly increasing home values, first time home ownership is becoming more out of reach for those whose wages aren't keeping up.
  9. WalletHub names Holland the top small city in the country to start a business and Kentwood has some of the cheapest office space.
  10. Agreed. Seems like anything office related ends up going nowhere due to lack of demand. An outside business needs to be lured to GR. Spectrum Health and St. Mary's can't be the only big dogs carrying the employment load downtown. A new headquarters could really make downtown explode with growth even more than it already has with increased housing and food demand. Maybe someone can pitch a 20+ story tower surrounded by mixed use to tempt someone to set up shop here.
  11. Sounds like they want to be much more intentional with the land. However, this was pretty telling: "One commercial real estate source said it could be hard for any developer to create a viable project in the city given the city’s expectations related to inclusion of affordable housing, site challenges and other uncertainty over incentives." I'm all for having a set plan for the site, but I hope the city doesn't price itself out of a deal with these demands.
  12. Good point. It would be right across the river from GVSU's downtown main campus and housing.
  13. Hopefully the Grandville castle won't suffer the same fate as Neuschwanstein of never being finished.
  14. Highway/industrial runoff pond access! Woooo!
  15. I have only known of 6 and 12 month contracts as well as month to month after a lease is up. There are a few that offer 3 months, but they're a rare find.