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  1. Zig zags make everything better.
  2. My hope is that this and the redone homes to the east of it start to increase value and safety to the area. As it stands now, this is a pretty rough area.
  3. I saw that and actually considered looking at them...My only concern is will they stay nice and would equity be made on them?
  4. The Ramblewood project by CWD:
  5. Why does the trailer park have to be the only other option? Why not a 15 story apartment tower with mixed use developments sprinkled in to actually make the area more attractive to live in? Go to the Detroit area and you see suburbs with such towers. We have the opportunity to do something large scale in the burbs and we make it a castle?
  6. I wouldn't go as far as saying horrified. However, most people I have talked to in Grandville (and I know quite a few), have had the reaction of "but why?" Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. The thing is a monstrosity of epic proportions in both size and appearance. The people of the city were not consulted whatsoever. It was proposed, rushed through the council, OKed by the fire department, and away they went. I'm all about progress in the building department, but I can think of half a dozen things that would have looked better there. .
  7. That sold me. Sign me up
  8. Well at least they're giving it a minor facelift. Better than having it sit there as-is.
  9. This mall always struck me more as fair-like than coastal-like. Between the colors and the stars, it was just too busy. I hope that this is a sign of changes to come. They really need an update if they want to continue on with the coastal theme. Also, clean that stucco. It's getting gross.
  10. Hey, look at that...Forward thinking.
  11. I hope that really kickstarts a movement toward developing a downtown Hudsonville. Short of EGR and Grandville to a smaller extent, this is something that is lacking severely in this area's suburbs. Plenty of malls and strip malls - but no Main Street style mixed use areas.
  12. Is this market rate housing?
  13. Nothing is as bad as Spirit. Also, the more airlines we get going to popular cities, the more we will see prices drop.
  14. Didn't you get the memo put out by all GR area employers that they were bumping up everyone's salaries by 50% to keep up with the rest of the industrialized world?
  15. With everything new that GVSU is building being that light brown brick, I'm thinking that they have decided to be like Notre Dame in making that color and build material their MO. It's almost as if they view the CHS building as a mistake - a blip in the design radar that they will never go back to. If that is the case though, then do something about it. Reface the CHS building to match what they're connecting to it. Don't just say "whoops" and keep going like it never happened.