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  1. The first and last renderings are beautiful towers. The second and third are mega woof and look like something you’d see in South Bend.
  2. GRLaker

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    Cool video, Crinzema. But honestly...Even the penthouse has York Creek level trim and doors.
  3. GRLaker

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Same in Georgetown Township. There have been multiple accidents at 24th and Bauer in Jenison as a result of the construction crews dragging their feet on the Cottonwood project. The backup on 24th creates two lines of cars stretching down the road in a single lane and people pull out onto Bauer in front of oncoming cars out of frustration often. Cottonwood was supposed to be completed in October. It got pushed to November as a result of them falling behind. Now we're looking at likely a winter completion with this whole strike/lockout nonsense. Another bad one is 56th in Wyoming that has gone on for months. It has created large backups at Byron Center and 52nd where you can easily sit through anywhere between 4-5 lights, depending on what time you hit it. I'm sure there are other main road examples around the city, but those are just two that I've recently dealt with. The whole thing has really screwed with peoples' daily lives.
  4. GRLaker

    UP Advice

    It's a small building, so it might be difficult to pull off...But I would say try to aim for both looks (modern and old) in one building to match everything in the area around it. An example of the combo of modern and old brick style is down the street at the Knickerbocker. Either way, I could definitely get rid of the siding with either brick or some other hard material.
  5. GRLaker

    Suburban Projects

    Del-Mar is a nice neighborhood and I highly doubt that this development will affect their property values in any way. I'm glad Granger was able to get the project moving.
  6. GRLaker

    East Beltline Developments

    All valid points. But as a city grows, so too does the need to move further out if you want to enjoy nature, the night sky, and little noise. Eventually, that's what my wife and I will do when we've built up enough equity in our home. I'm also honestly amazed that it took this long for development to take place in this area.
  7. GRLaker

    Suburban Projects

    What exactly is a single story flat? A standard condo? Having driven through the existing residential looks like the homes were mainly built by Allen Edwin or a builder of similar quality. I'm not sure what kind of status they think their neighborhood has right now, but it's not above luxury apartments being in the vicinity or a group of condos. Also, Grandville can more than take in what this development would throw their way. The enrollment of Grandville has flatlined and the high school has been shrinking steadily since the recession when it peaked at over 2,000 students. It now has just over 1,700.
  8. GRLaker

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    As if our road projects don't already take the better part of a decade to complete, we now have this going on... Labor Dispute Slows Road Projects in Ottawa County
  9. GRLaker

    East Beltline Developments

    At one time, malls were the hangout place for youth. Today, malls are seen by youth as being archaic places that their parents frequented. They don't hold the same coolness factor that they had in the 90s and early 00s. I'm sure that has resulted in a large decrease in the violence that we grew accustomed to. I don't feel unsafe at Woodland short of fearing the insane traffic at that intersection.
  10. GRLaker

    Rich DeVos Passes away at 92

    We will be fortunate if they carry on that legacy of selfless giving. I would be surprised if we didn't see a drop-off though. GVSU will definitely feel the effects of Richard's passing, as he was one of its biggest supporters since it opened its doors.
  11. GRLaker

    East Beltline Developments

    From high-end outdoor shopping center to North Holland/Norton Shores caliber strip mall.
  12. That would be ideal. It’s an area that will never be desirable from a retail, restaurant, and market rate apartment standpoint. Maybe then we could actually fill in this area with legitimate development.
  13. I didn’t want to be the one to say it...But yeah...It’s the cause of the stigma and it will likely never go away as long as all of the shelters are directly downtown along Division.
  14. Agreed. I just think there is enough of a stigma surrounding Division that no one wants to touch it. Rockwell-Republic being the exception. It's unfortunate, because I see the city blossoming all around it, but Division is largely ignored.
  15. Snoozy indeed. However, it's an expected design for Division - the black hole of Grand Rapids business, architecture, and customer traffic.