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  1. That parking ramp has been a small claims liability for over a decade. It was never designed to last as long as it has. I'm amazed they would add to it unless they plan on repairing what they have now.
  2. I have no issue with the building itself, had it been a completely separate building. The issue is that they connected it to CHS and then even extended a small part of the design language into it and then went all in on the new design language. This specific design would have looked better across the highway near Finkelstein Hall.
  3. We knew how ugly this building would be. They tried to make it an extension of the CHS building while transitioning to the new standard design language of the university and it came out looking like a dumpster fire in the side-by-side. GVSU's decision making is questionable at best and this architectural blunder is just a representation of that.
  4. If not worse. Florida is just now shutting down and I believe other southeastern states have still yet to do so. While we're looking at a peak in early May, they have to be looking at a peak of July as a result of their fiddle farting around with half measures until the problem exploded. Their economies will suffer more as a result. Meanwhile, California and Washington (once the epicenters of the early infections) seem to have peaked already because they locked down early. Their economies will likely rebound the quickest.
  5. It's definitely happening in Georgetown Township. Areas are high development are as follows: Jenison - Cedar Valley Associates is expanding in Cedar Lake East and will start developing the new lakes north of Fillmore in the next couple years. Cedar Lake West is also seeing a lot of development of high-end homes. Hudsonville - Eastbrook has grown Lowing Woods into a massive development. Bosgraaf and JTB are building quite a bit in Hagar Park West, Alward Estates, and Highpoint. Eastbrook has also grown its development quite a bit in Jamestown. Grandville (Zip) - Summerset has seen a great deal of growth in the last few years. They'll likely max out their land allotment in the next two years. Where Ottawa County is lacking is north of the Grand River. There are some nice homes with a lot of land, but there is nothing in the line of high density development. I feel like that has the potential to be the next boom area as Georgetown starts to max out on land.
  6. My thought as well. It doesn't need to be the 38-40 stories it was once envisioned as, but the overall look of it seems to cry out for another layer.
  7. Just imagine that S-Curve view if that last picture came to fruition....
  8. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2020/01/24-story-mixed-use-building-proposed-for-downtown-grand-rapids.html?utm_campaign=grandrapidspress_sf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
  9. According to a post I saw on Facebook today, apparently the Abercrombie in Rivertown Crossings will be closing in the next couple days. That's a fairly sizable and centrally located store that has been there since the beginning. It has been a while since we have seen anything relating to the future of Rivertown with the new ownership.
  10. Farmland makes for easy development. You don't have to cut down trees or worry about hills. The soil is typically easy to build on as well. All of the farming has taken place south and west of the city due to the Grand River's movement from flowing into Holland to eventually flowing into Grand Haven. All of the soil in between is rich with nutrients as a result, so farmers flocked there. You're now seeing those communities (Georgetown Township, Allendale Township, Zeeland Township) blow up with residential growth as more farmers sell off their lands to developers.
  11. Agreed. If paying taxes to schools is what stops someone from moving to this area, then they're not the kind of business this area needs or wants. Also, the Superintendent in the article is correct in that they haven't been a great member of the community. I have not seen how Switch has come anywhere close to delivering on its promises. 74 people employed since March 2017 when it opened? That's an average of 29.6/year, which puts them at 296 jobs in 10 years at the current rate. 1,000 jobs in the pyramid? Also, have we started to see these supposed clients move in around them the last 2.5 years to create an additional 5,000 jobs? I was excited about the possibility of this place, but they lost me with their using the state to get out of paying their local public school taxes.
  12. Agreed. But there's something between our boring boxes and that Gumby building that would be more desirable. Either way, I'd definitely love to see some more creativity in GR.
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