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  1. GRLaker

    Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    The sidewalk outside of this building has been closed off for years it seems like due to structural issues. Every project proposed for this building has fallen through. Now they're working on doing critical foundation work on it? Honestly...Tear the thing down and build something there that the city has use for.
  2. GRLaker

    What are Grand Rapids' best assets?

    Well, I mean...It does give us oxygen, clean the air, provide needed shade on a hot day, look beautiful in the fall, etc. I don't see the appeal of a flat, brown, martian-like landscape over one that has trees.
  3. GRLaker

    What are Grand Rapids' best assets?

    So. Much. Brown. There is an asset for Grand Rapids...We actually have green lawns, trees, farmland, etc.
  4. GRLaker

    What are Grand Rapids' best assets?

    What do they value the most? Are the assets they listed off things that are exclusive to a large city? Or are they things that Grand Rapids can counter as a medium-sized city? What Grand Rapids offers, in my opinion, is stability. It isn't a boom or bust town. It is diverse economically and somewhat culturally. It has a stable (yet low) income base with a marketplace that is lower in prices compared to a city like Denver. Any home they buy likely will never go belly-up like they did in the 2000s. They will always have an endless supply of fresh water, where as in Colorado - and the rest of the western US - they're running out. We have an inland sea to take advantage of from its beaches to its boating and fishing. We also have thousands of inland lakes and rivers. They have a few reservoirs. Wildfires never happen here. They happen out west on an almost regular basis. Our biggest downfall is our proximity to Lake Michigan with our 5-6 months of snow with constant snow cover. Denver gets snow storms, but then the snow melts and the weather is great until the next snow storm. Now...If you want to talk things to do...Denver will always outpace us. We have breweries, the outdoors, and minor league sports. A city the size of Denver has everything (minus the beaches).
  5. GRLaker

    What are Grand Rapids' best assets?

    Comparing Grand Rapids to Detroit would be like comparing Pueblo to Denver. Whatever Denver is, surely Pueblo also is.
  6. GRLaker

    Development Projects - Belknap Lookout Area

    Third Coast is building low income (70%) and market rate (30%) housing behind GVSU's new health building in Belknap.
  7. New retail development in the Metro Health Village.
  8. GRLaker

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Yeah, I do believe it is only 5 or 6 stories. They just have higher ceilings than your standard office or apartment building would have.
  9. GRLaker

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Agreed. I suspect they have a single concept for their architecture going forward for all Allendale and downtown buildings and they're not willing to budge from that - only tweak it to somewhat make it blend. Everything they have built lately has been light brown brick and/or stone with tinted glass. The current CHS building is made up of white panels with blue glass. To match it completely would be to go away from the new theme they've established. I don't agree with it, but I suspect that's their rationale.
  10. GRLaker

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Here are two of the latest renderings of the new GVSU facility on Michigan.
  11. GRLaker

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    This really does need to be addressed if we want GRR to be taken seriously. Unless you're flying bargain airlines, the standard ticket out of here and back is outrageous and direct flights where you're not flying into Chicago or Detroit are nearly impossible to come by. I recently flew to Orlando and there wasn't a single direct flight available with any airline and tickets were still close to $400 each.
  12. GRLaker

    Suburban Projects

    We may be starting to reach the point in commercial suburban development where density in the inner ring of suburbs is reaching its maximum point and spreading out into the outer ring of the suburbs will be the next step. The only holdout for this, of course, would be Walker between the Grand River and Lake Michigan Drive. Allendale, Jamestown, Byron, Gaines, and Caledonia Townships will be the new frontier in commercial development.
  13. So can any Joe Schmo submit an idea to this then? Or will proposals come from area organizations that actually have the ability to implement the ideas?
  14. GRLaker

    Breton Village

    There are currently townhomes waiting to be built that are on Zillow right now. But that's by Fresh Thyme by the looks of it.
  15. GRLaker

    New projects in Monroe North

    Updated renderings released for 601 Bond.