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  1. I know it's not downtown, but this HQ location is still within the Grand Rapids city limits. The city itself is not losing out on anything here. It's just not downtown.
  2. Yes. I also enjoy driving through Carmel and seeing those buildings. Hopefully we do see something similar.
  3. I always thought Spectrum was woefully behind the times when it came to administrative office space. However, I think all healthcare organizations should have a central admin office to remove unnecessary barriers to departments working together. Other large healthcare organizations around the country have headquarters. Some that come to mind among the many I'm sure... Adventist Health in Florida Mercy Health in Ohio Ohio Health Beaumont Health in Detroit Trinity Health in Livonia
  4. The Widdicomb building not being used by Spectrum sat empty for many years. Since I don't work there anymore, I'm not sure if it has been filled yet or not. But I am surprised they never made that building into condos.
  5. I heard it was because enemies from all corners of the kingdom continuously lay siege to the castle walls, resulting in many broken personal items.
  6. Honestly, much of Spectrum's administration are not in a position to walk around downtown for lunch. Their offices are spread all over the city, including the old Widdicomb building on the NW side, Brassworks, Burton and East Paris, Lake Drive, 44th St by the airport, and off of Broadmoor at M6. I'm sure I'm missing quite a few, but I would dare say most administrative people work outside of the downtown core. Also, if you work on the hill, the majority just end up eating at the cafeteria or at one of the four chain restaurants located on the ground floor of one of the white buildings north of the hospital. It's a long walk from there to the downtown restaurants.
  7. It is truly crazy to see just how large Flint and Detroit had gotten at the height of the auto industry in this country. Since 1960, Flint has lost 100,000 and Detroit has lost 1 million.
  8. We all knew this day was coming, but it is crazy to see us in the 200,000s for the first time in the city's history. I would imagine that if the current pace is maintained, our 2020 census number would be close to 204,000.
  9. It's crazy just how much the metro area has grown in half of a century. Grandville was just starting to spread south of its former limits with the development around Big Spring Lake. Wyoming was little more than small densely populated neighborhoods with farms to the south. Kentwood barely even existed. Was it still Paris Township at this time?
  10. I mean...What else does Wyoming have going for it? 28 West is essentially dead in the water. 28th St in Wyoming remains a dead zone of cheap stores that no suburban dweller would want to go to. There is no true downtown like 28 West was trying to create. This would at least give Wyoming some kind of retail/dining/commercial center that suburbanites would want to go to (even if it is on the southern border of the city). Also, Metro Health does parking right for the most part. There's green space, fountains, trees, ponds, brick cross walks, parallel parking along the drives, etc. It's set up for this kind of thing. I'm just glad Metro opened it up to non-health related companies so it could actually grow. Their health-only focus really held the development of the area back. There's only so much you can do to fill in that much space with just healthcare related entities.
  11. Hopefully that changes when they start coming out with electric SUVs and trucks. That, more than anything, is what holds Michigan people back from buying electric when they live in a state that’s snow-filled half the year. Also, the price at this point is prohibitive when the average household income in Michigan is $54,000. The more EVs that start getting rolled out, the more we’ll see those prices fall in line with fossil fuel vehicles.
  12. I agree entirely, and as a very active alum, I am pushing for it. However, I’m the minority with active alumni while being in the majority with passive alumni. It’s very bizarre. The closer people get to the school, the more brainwashed they are into thinking moving to D1 would be foolish and detrimental to the school. Van Andel Arena would serve as a great venue for neutral games, tournaments, and could maybe even serve as a host site for the NCAA tournament with GVSU as the D1 host.
  13. As for GVSU playing at the VAA...I would love this. However, I do believe that a new arena is in the works on the main campus.
  14. Yeah, pretty much. Leadership at GVSU is the person that says "why travel and see the world when there are so many great things to see in the US?"
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