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  1. With that mindset, NYC naturally is the same as Buffalo. They're in the same state afterall.
  2. People love a good comeback story. They are desperate to see Detroit have a massive resurgence to what it was in the good ol' days. Nevermind the fact that Grand Rapids has been the greater success story in just about every category. Detroit's resurgence is very minimal compared to other cities of its size while Grand Rapids has been at or near the top in most categories of cities of its size.
  3. Remember Metro Health sitting around as a skeleton for quite some time?
  4. Selgo (despite all of the good he did for GVSU) really started to make decisions I disagreed with toward the end of his tenure. This and the football coach hire are two of the biggest things. Thankfully he moved on, but someone he mentored filled the job upon his retirement. Keeping it in the family is the GV way unfortunately. As for Allendale...It's a law that goes back to the founding of GVSU. Allendale was always very hesitant to have a large liberal arts state university in its own backyard and the citizens liked it even less. So they instituted a height restriction to ensure that GV didn't build any towers like the ones you see at the three directionals. As time went on, GV did get get creative by making extra high floors, which explains the new library being as tall as it is. But the law still remains over 50 years later.
  5. Agreed. My alma mater's lack of vision is honestly embarrassing. I realize that it takes donors to fund a D1 program, but they don't even try to propose the idea to the alumni and region's elite. They just give in to the defeatist mindset of, "not everyone can have the success of North Dakota State when they move up. We'd rather beat up on the likes of Hillsdale, Lake Erie College, Davenport, Tiffin, etc." Also, I am a bit surprised by GVSU's lack of height downtown. Allendale Township restricts them to four stories on the main campus. You would think that the freedom to go big downtown would result in a building the likes of MSU's School of Medicine, but alas...3-5 stories is all we get.
  6. It's maybe 100 yards into the 44th street/Stonebridge entrance on the left side. I had no idea it existed either. Seems dangerous to have skiiers going toward a large group of trees...Unless they had some kind of barrier down there to stop them before they hit the treeline.
  7. Post a sign that says all skateboarders that damage MSU property will immediately be subject to forced medical experimentation.
  8. There's already a crevasse in that sidewalk! That's so Michigan.
  9. It's a favorite for me because the building actually has character while the majority of the stuff going up is a bunch of boring rectangles. It also is replacing blight that was limiting the potential of the area.
  10. I've been long-awaiting the developer to say "j/k" and do a total revamp of the whole thing.
  11. Hopefully they have a good security presence there to ward off the usual Ramblewood car break-ins.
  12. It's not widely known, but Michigan State does have its own "health system." It's called the Health Team. They seem to serve more as a training health system that serves mostly Medicaid patients though, so they're not your typical healthcare organization.
  13. Grand Rapids is fortunate to be surrounded by world class healthcare systems. Spectrum Health is pretty routinely ranked on the national level in most publications and is one of the largest in the state. Mercy Health is tied to a healthcare system so large that it has lobbyists in Washington. Metro is now tied to UofM. And on the Lakeshore, Holland Hospital has been ranked a top 50 and 100 hospital nationally by a couple publications. Now we can add the MSU Medical School and Research Center to go along with the VAI. Plus, we have one of the largest mental health organizations in the country in Pine Rest. Not bad. Not bad at all.
  14. So much this. I'm all for biking and mass transit, but it will never be the transportation of choice for the majority. To ignore the needs of the majority is foolish if we want to attract employers and talent.