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  1. There are far larger cities than GR that have no upper tier professional sports teams. The likelihood of us getting one over them is slim to none. The fact that we have the second highest level in hockey and soon to be soccer is honestly great.
  2. GVSU going to D1 is still up in the air. It’s a natural move considering the GLIAC is falling apart at the seams, but I have heard that they may be getting resistance from Oakland and Detroit Mercy to join the Horizon League, which would be the logical conference for all non-football sports. As for the stadium…They’ll never move it downtown. They want the stadium to remain on campus. They also have plans for another expansion in the near future per their master plan. This addition is much needed since that side of the stadium is dinky. New additions in the picture are in blue.
  3. As much as I’d love to see one in GR, I highly doubt we’d get one before Detroit.
  4. Did he provide any examples at all to describe the new vibe? I’m not questioning his view; just curious what changes they have started to notice.
  5. I have wondered the same about GRdad. Haven’t seen him around here in a long time.
  6. I’m not trying to be negative. I just truly believe this is a better design and fits better in an urban environment.
  7. I'm not sure I would call this a step up from the previous design. I get the need to change the direction of it, but I feel like we took a big step back by going away from a structure to an artificial hill with trees.
  8. Nice. Must be the empty grass area by Field and Fire.
  9. Safety concerns? What the bloody hell? I have never once felt unsafe in any section of the downtown area. Moving to the suburbs isn't going to do businesses any favors in finding young talent. If Millennials and Gen Z can't work from home, they want to work in a city - not a suburban industrial park in a metal clad building.
  10. Looks like a zoning change is on the agenda for this week that would allow buildings on the periphery of downtown to be as tall as 20 stories, which is a 10 story increase from the current limitation. Zoning change would permit taller buildings around downtown Grand Rapids | Crain's Grand Rapids Business (crainsgrandrapids.com)
  11. The Two for Twenty Connector.
  12. If we were to go off of the graphic alone, it almost seems to point to a flight museum.
  13. Kendall is an apartment builder. I wonder if they’re just opening the housing lots up for local builders to build on or if they plan on actually offering a single family home portfolio for buyers.
  14. Pretty wild that Michigan continues to shrink despite a stable economy and a climate that is trending toward Michigan being a refuge state. I mean, I would love to live in a warmer state, but the climate situation of the south becoming increasingly intolerable isn’t just some far off theory; we’re already starting to see it play out. For that reason alone, I’ve decided to stay. Maybe the average American doesn’t have that type of foresight though.
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