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  1. It was a project proposal back around 2000 for the parking lot where the Warner Tower stands today. It was going to be the tallest building in the city at the time. Unfortunately, it was shelved.
  2. At 16 stories, I’d hate to see them build on the empty lot south of Plaza Towers. They’re better off logistically, financially, and visually at Studio Park.
  3. Agreed. I can never figure out where the disconnect is between what the city is seeing and asking for and what the developers are seeing. Even at the height of market demand pre-Covid, the tallest building in the city was scaled down to 12 stories - completely scrapping the housing portion - due to a supposed lack of demand. Yet, we have this being built as well as a 10 story building.
  4. Can we talk about the fact that Cornhole Health ripped off the API Healthcare logo?
  5. In my involvement with GVSU, I haven’t seen a shift in focus. The new President’s focus has been primarily on raising scholarship money for underserved communities and getting first generation students free or reduced educations. A great concept to be sure, but I haven’t seen anything from her that screams revolutionizing GVSU.
  6. Isn't said poster the sheriff of Barry County? It's a rare enough name that I'd be shocked if there was more than one in our area.
  7. Bummer. That would have been a really cool project.
  8. Without getting too in-depth, I agree whole heartedly with both of you . Two separate discussions come from this story: Is the group acting like true stewards of their faith? Simple answer is absolutely not. Second discussion is should people be able to determine content of a library (let alone existence of a library) based on said faith? Absolutely not.
  9. To answer the question relating to the source: It was mentioned in the community meeting this week that there were staff safety issues. Someone had spoken separately with a board member for clarification and they were informed about what had taken place. So assuming the secondary source wasn't lying, it comes from a primary source.
  10. Update to the news above: The Jamestown library board has voted to put forward another millage request. There’s still hope the residents can see the error of their ways and reverse course. It also came out that the vehicles of some library workers have been keyed and they still continue to receive hateful messages.
  11. Jamestown Township has sure put the area into the national spotlight for all of the wrong reasons.
  12. Will these be all custom build lots or are they tied to a builder?
  13. Now their Google reviews match their Indeed and Glassdoor reviews perfectly.
  14. That in itself is also needed. 131’s entrance/exit system between 28th and downtown is in desperate need of improvement. I’m hoping that’s part of what they’re looking at.
  15. While I’m unable to find anything in a google search, I’ve been told that Asheville and Charlotte are where the most meteorologists retire to. That’s a ringing endorsement.
  16. It could use some fake palm trees and pink stucco.
  17. Bolded for emphasis. He'd be a D3 quality coach coaching in D1. I would be interested in knowing if host cities see any kind of positive economic impact from hosting tournaments. It may end up paying for itself in the long run if there is.
  18. The GLIAC has lost 8 football playing schools since its height in the 2010s. Hillsdale, Ashland, Findlay, Walsh, Lake Erie, Ohio Dominican, Tiffin, and soon to be Northwood are all small private colleges that went to form their own conference. They couldn’t compete financially with the big publics in Michigan. Conference leadership has done nothing to solve the problem. Hence GV’s current predicament. I wonder if Grand Action 2.0 would get involved to make such a stadium happen.
  19. Horizon League does seem to be the rumor.
  20. Seems logical. A large state university in the heart of Detroit and a large state university in the heart of the Grand Rapids metro area. Both could do well for themselves with the increased money.
  21. Yep. The damage control denial. All while saying the GLIAC is on life support, Division II is a dying fruit, the "entertaining looking at some possibilities." It's happening. They just don't have the logistics fully ironed out yet and the news broke prior to their set timeline of announcement.
  22. I could see Wayne State having the money and size to do it. They're currently the highest paid university in Michigan by the state. I don't see Ferris State or SVSU having the financial ability to pull it off. Ferris' D1 hockey program already costs them a small fortune.
  23. I'm sure. With Division I status may come a change in academic philosophy toward being more of a research institution than they are currently. With this move, Grand Rapids could begin hosting NCAA Division I tournaments. The Van Andel Arena would be the logical choice with GVSU being the host institution. This could have quite the economic impact on the area if that ends up happening.
  24. Money and ability. A move to FCS is already going to double their scholarships for football alone. FBS would tack on another 20. Also, I don't believe you can receive an invitation from an FBS conference without having first competed in FCS. The stadium would be too small for FBS, but not FCS. I'm sure, though, that a move would lead to a stadium renewal and addition of maybe an extra 10,000 seats. Just an assumption on my part, though. They already go way beyond the current max of 10,000 seats when playing a local team like Ferris. A 20,000 seat stadium when you sometimes draw 16,000+ would be a logical move.
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