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  1. I swear everyone of these 10-15 story hotels have the exact same design. it's crazy
  2. I rather live in a uber liberal blue state then a uber conservative red state. The democrat party ain't perfect but it sure is alot better than the cesspool of the GOP/republican party. I feel like the government is not only holding this city back, but this state back. For example, our red governer just signed a bill to retract the recent marijuana laws in Memphis and Nashville. Such a dumb decision. If we had foward thinking, progressive, democrat politicians running this state, I don't think this transit issue would be taking so long.
  3. This is an urban planning website. Politics play heavily here (if we didn't have uber conservative republicans running the state we would probably have a transit system under construction right now, but they rather use their powers on bs like that bible bill or whatever)
  4. So demolition should be done by the end of this month?
  5. What a joke. A great building razed down for...that.
  6. Well you mentioned it, what was it ?
  7. I wish they used different designs, but they all the same
  8. ^That gray building (i think its called the cumberland) is so ugly. Looks like something out of Soviet russia. ruins the whole pic
  9. Fifth and broadway is officially starting and drilling has been spotted at this spot all on the same day. We might as well three-peat, any news about that 40 story gulch building, lol?
  10. the westin is 320 tall is this ?
  11. It'd be cool if houses on the hills could be built like in LA
  12. Is this gonna be like the epicentre in Charlotte which is basically a downtown mall?
  13. Lol still don't get why buildings in this city always get shorten. Makes no sense