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  1. I think they should just cut off vehicular access on the weekends and make it pedestrian only like beale street and 6th street...but hey what do I know.
  2. Totally agree. I think we were blessed with hilly topography inside the city, we should use it.
  3. This area would be perfect to build those "house on the hills" LA-type homes...
  4. What are y'all thoughts on these homes? Curious to know. Titanhog said some look urban, others look suburban. I agree, luckily tho the majority of what I see is more urban. Thoughts?
  5. Opened today....I wonder since they're done with this they can get started on the tower in the Gulch?
  6. Yeah rendering looks good, but I guarantee you it won't come out looking like that. It'll be the typical 10-15 story boxy boring suburban hotel popping up all over this city.
  7. I like the no surface parking lots in this one (Unlike Ovation) I don't see Cool Springs becoming Buckhead. Maybe Green Hills. But not Cool Springs, areas too pretty for highrises..
  8. Always wondered why Nashville has super short buildings compared to other cities. Like in Charlotte and ATX, the buildings proposed are usually at the smallest 35 stories. I guess it's the MDHA.
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