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  1. That's really cool. We need more stuff like that in buildings
  2. Why does this city hate non-cookie cutter designs? What was wrong with the original design? I promise Nashville gets the short end of the stick when it comes to design everytime. You see our peer cities getting these amazing designs and we just get the scraps. It's crazy
  3. Did they put the fins on the top yet? Looking at the cam, bridgestone is right at the height of the pinnacle. Trying to see when the Bridgestone eclipses the pinnacle
  4. Wow. Beautiful pic. Haven't seen one like it Just wished our riverfront looked better.
  5. ^ What will it look like
  6. Is there another city in our tier (austin, clt, richmond, etc) that can compare to the natural beauty in nashville and around mid Tennessee?
  7. The smoky mountains of nashville...more like the smoky hills
  8. Still looking for the moment it's taller than the pinnacle
  9. Is it gonna be a lot of retail? and what kind?
  10. Random fact but Tennessee has the most caves in the country
  11. Lol I know what you're talking about I seen it too. You're right, it was filmed in Nashville during the marathon
  12. Where do y'all think they should put a Whataburger if it comes here