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  1. I think they should just cut off vehicular access on the weekends and make it pedestrian only like beale street and 6th street...but hey what do I know.
  2. Whats up with Knoxville??
  3. Totally agree. I think we were blessed with hilly topography inside the city, we should use it.
  4. This area would be perfect to build those "house on the hills" LA-type homes...
  5. What are y'all thoughts on these homes? Curious to know. Titanhog said some look urban, others look suburban. I agree, luckily tho the majority of what I see is more urban. Thoughts?
  6. Having so much develop-able space in Nashville is a blessing and a curse lol...In Austin, espcially the downtown area, there is barely any more spaces to develop so that's why they're getting a lot of tall buildings.
  7. This is great. Wish the buildings were a bit taller, but it seems we'll be stuck with a Vancouver skyline for awhile. Glad this is happening.
  8. Opened today....I wonder since they're done with this they can get started on the tower in the Gulch?
  9. ^All that surface parking makes me mad. Damn shame.
  10. Yeah rendering looks good, but I guarantee you it won't come out looking like that. It'll be the typical 10-15 story boxy boring suburban hotel popping up all over this city.
  11. Most likely yes
  12. I like the no surface parking lots in this one (Unlike Ovation) I don't see Cool Springs becoming Buckhead. Maybe Green Hills. But not Cool Springs, areas too pretty for highrises..
  13. Okay I understand that for like 1,000 feet buildings, but for something small like this?
  14. Why should there be height limits in the downtown of a city....stupid.
  15. Always wondered why Nashville has super short buildings compared to other cities. Like in Charlotte and ATX, the buildings proposed are usually at the smallest 35 stories. I guess it's the MDHA.