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  1. Is there a member here who can fix this? It pops up like every 25 secs and makes it impossible to browse
  2. from metrocenter...
  3. OMG yes! It so annoying please fix I can barely browse
  4. Austin and Nashville are pretty similar in weather summers, cool-slight chilly winters (couple days of snow but thats it)
  5. Damn I thought this would get changed...Another architectural disaster being built..smh
  6. Lmao just noticed...yikes!!
  7. Memphis is booming just like Nashville! Good to seee
  8. Yeah I noticed nothing really new this week. Slow week
  9. like this one?
  10. Where are these homes located?
  11. Aren't new population estimates coming out soon?
  12. nashville has changed
  13. Agree...Don't really care about this project anymore...would be better for it to get cancelled.