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  1. The same group is apparently helping develop this and the 806 Olympic project just off 8th. More renderings for both projects are here:
  2. So it's obviously GBT stuff you're talking about and one of the projects is going to be the Firestone spot on Broadway. I'm just very curious as to what the other is. Did they say if both projects would go public this year? One of the spots that I'm most anxious to hear something on is the triangle spot at the Broad/West End split. Same group owns the whole thing there now. That whole area will look CRAZY if that gets developed into something prominent on the heels of Broadwest.
  3. So is there any idea how much longer will it be until Liff's plans will be made public?
  4. bmkTN

    OneC1TYNashville Mixed-Use Project | UC

    Any word on what's going on with the Element hotel here? WW reported that it should (finally) start in July buy it doesn't seem like that's happened. I know they're aggressively advertising the next office building in hopes of starting that soon. It seems like this is taking forever to build out, but maybe we've just been spoiled by other multi-site developments like Capitol View and Nashville Yards that seem move very quickly.
  5. So this is just on the Yazoo site, correct? It doesn't include the former Habitat store that's For Sale next door?
  6. bmkTN

    Nashville, as MLB Expansion Market

    I would love it but I don't see it happening either. I'm surprised MLB is even talking about expansion right now. They can barely fill up the stadiums in most mid-market cities as it is. I know it would never happen, but I actually think MLB ought to cut 2-4 teams out to improve the quality of the product on the field.
  7. bmkTN

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    I think this should answer your question. It's Northside McEwen. Just in the news recently as construction is beginning.
  8. Nothing huge, but Mt Juliet is beginning to get the makings of a transit-oriented development to complement the ongoing activity near the stops in Lebanon and Donelson
  9. What's crazy is that I don't think a lot of those will even register from this angle. A lot of the KVB and Demonbreun stuff will be heavily hidden. Even 5&B won't make much of an impact here. From this vantage I think the biggest upcoming projects to watch will be SAP (that will look GREAT from here), 1200 Broadway, Peabody Place/Union (especially Union), Nashville Yards, and the eventual buildout of Asurion and the rest of the Tennessean property by Highwoods. Of course, if the West End Summit sit gets going, that'll totally change the game.
  10. bmkTN

    The Gulch Projects

    McDonald's corporate bought the property in the last year I think. I bet at some point they'll work with a developer to build something bigger on it and keep an urban McDonalds at the bottom. Prob a while off though.
  11. bmkTN

    The Gulch Projects

    I'm hoping the other property you're referring to is the RJ Young site. That one's got a TON of potential being on both sides of Division. And I hope whoever does the Yazoo site also buys and incorporates the Habitat site as well.
  12. It was the same way with their Germantown project as well. We had no idea what it was gonna look like until weeks (months?) after construction actually began.
  13. Interesting. Surely it won't actually be in the Deja Vu building. It's in the footprint of the office building beginning construction in 2 months.
  14. bmkTN

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    May not be much, but this article (about how the recent purchase of Crescent Communities has left them flush with cash) specifically mentions that they have a significant yet-to-be-announced project here in Nashville.