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  1. Bordeaux / West Trinity Lane. I'm totally not joking about this: Bordeaux/West Trinity will be re-zoned because of social outcry about racially-motivated suppression of property values via oppressive zoning and in the wake of that change the high-elevation bluff that is opposite of Metro Center (across the river) will be developed with towers that have a downtown view. No time frame on when this will happen, but that area has the most potential of any area around downtown.
  2. Well, not exactly. Don't you think there will be some kind of memorial or historic marker at the site of the explosion? I'm reminded of Dallas where there is a constant stream of tourists to the "Grassy Knoll" just for the morbid fascination of visiting a location where something happened. At the very least, this spot on 2nd Avenue will be a destination on those downtown walking tours where the group will stop for a second while the tour guide explains what happened. But I think there will be some kind of visual indicator there, in some form.
  3. Fair enough. And you would also be grateful if Amazon gave back all the incentive $'s to the state as well.
  4. I continued the discussion in the Politics thread in the Coffee House where it wouldn't derail this thread.
  5. That is all good and I am in favor of those things. But to me, Amazon lost the ability to bask in the glory that is due to those who truly give altruistically the moment they accepted public subsidies. I say to Amazon "Don't use the government to take this community's money and then give it back to us and expect us to thank you". I say "Come here of your own free will and create jobs (which you profit from) and then give a portion of those un-subsidized profits to local charities and I will be first in line to praise your generosity".
  6. Sorry to rain on your Amazon cheerleading session, but I will just offer my obligatory "Libertarian Counter-Point" commentary since you asked, which consists of this: 2018-2019: TN and Nashville offer Amazon $100M+ incentives 2020: Amazon donates $2.5M to local charities and "Dedicates" $2B to 3 cities (of which Nashville is one) paid out over a number of years So here are the 5 things that we are apparently required to do to avoid any negative emotions or hurt feelings on this forum 1) Work hard to earn money 2) Have that money taken by local governments as taxes 3) Watch the local government give a large sum to one of the largest corporations 4) Pay close attention when that large corporation gives a fraction of that sum to local charities 5) Celebrate the generosity of that large corporation unquestioningly.
  7. Wow, I guess their philanthropy really had the desired effect on you, didn't it?
  8. I think I first met Dave when we did the forum meet near Belmont where Tony G. was in attendance to tell the group about Signature tower. Was he (Dave) there? Can anybody corroborate this potentially erroneous memory?
  9. 100% agree and thank you for posting this data. One obvious thing that stands out is the dark blue states mostly lack a state income tax (WA, NV, WY, SD, TX, TN, FL, NH). It is such a huge advantage for Tennessee over all the surrounding states and it definitely factors in to relocation decisions ranging from large corporations all the way down to individual retirees.
  10. I'm not really eager to dive into a prolonged discussion of this issue. My "Socialize the risks, privatize the profits" comment was a reaction to your claim that the MCC "could loose a million a month into eternity". If you believe that the metro government should use tax dollars to subsidize private businesses as a means of generating growth in a particular part of the local economy (at the expense of other parts of the local economy), just own that belief and stop being so confused/offended by insightful observations about the nature of such subsidies.
  11. But financing the MCC is not one of those risks... that's my point. The word "Plenty" is highly subjective. When it comes to business ventures, I prefer that private investors take "All" of the risks and taxpayers take "None" of the risks. The word "Plenty" seems to imply the government needs to take some of the risk - thus: Socialize the risks. Yet the government does not share in the profits generated by that risk - thus: Privatize the profits.
  12. What are the odds we'll see 7,000 before the end of 2020?
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