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  1. That just goes to show you how strong the Nashville economy is now. The only thing standing in our way is apocalyptic plagues!
  2. He is indeed a great philanthropist.
  3. That's the problem - those decisions were not made in accordance with the responsibility of city officials to do what is in the best interests of the tax-paying citizens of Nashville. The council and mayor at the time intentionally and willfully agreed to a deal that represented a destruction of wealth in Davidson county. That is contrary to their duty as public officials. So I don't really buy the argument that just because one administration is derelict in their duties to the public, that another administration is bound to stand by that decision for the sake of "honor".
  4. And yet, they couldn't come up with enough financing to buy the land it all sits on. What a shame.... so close.
  5. OK, you make it sound so complicated, but the simple answer is "they find investors". Don't worry, we'll bring it right back on topic here. Either A) Ingram is philosophically opposed to finding investors to help fund his project, or B) every investor he approached said "No". Those are relevant pieces of information that need to be tacked on to that commentary about how the soccer stadium is just "a business transaction".
  6. The city needs to specify all races must be with 100% electric vehicles! Really? How do they get ahold of other people's money to use in their investments?
  7. Wow, and to think of all those other investors around town who have been renovating houses and starting new restaurants and all the other things they do, all of it without any pay-back from the city! And those things are beneficial to the city! What a bunch of suckers those guys are. John Ingram is the only true business man in these parts: He knows the only money that counts as "profit" is the money you get from investing someone else's money. Any money you earn from investing your own money is just "charity".
  8. Thanks for the responses, guys. Honestly, I'm blown away by this revelation. Here we are talking about the cost of building a soccer stadium and renovating tiny race tracks and renovating flea market shacks. All stuff that sounds ridiculous to me when I become aware of the fact that we already have an existing facility downtown that can accommodate soccer and is ready to go right now. I mean seriously, what is the point of building a stadium on the fairgrounds? It doesn't even take a billionaire to bring soccer to Nashville if they use Nissan stadium. Maybe only a millionaire could swing that deal. Zero dollars in capital outlay - only the cost of operations. Pay the players, pay the coaches, pay some administrative staff. Small budget for advertising and travel. This does not need to be a capital-intensive fiasco with publicly issued bonds and new laws passed by the council and land disputes and lawsuits and all that jazz. Just sign a lease to use Nissan and make sure the home-game schedule doesn't conflict with the Titan's home-game schedule and you're done. Am I wrong here?
  9. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is Nissan stadium actually large enough to play a standard format soccer game? For some reason I had the idea in my head that a soccer pitch was larger than a football field. Or maybe this was anticipated during the construction of the stadium and the field size is adjustable?
  10. We'll have to wait and see but I doubt the soccer group will actually sue the city. Posturing like they might sue - sure. Even threatening to sue - maybe. Those are possible tactics that could be employed. But suing the city as a strategy to get it to fund your investment? I don't think they have the appetite for that. Aside from the cost in both time and money, I think they would deem the PR risks too high. Not because they believe people will side with the mayor's twisted reasons, but because part of their strategy was getting this approved and funded without a lot of public scrutiny and debate. We are in a bubble of abnormally high knowledge on this forum with respect to the details of this saga , but the average Nashvillian has no idea about the details of this project. I met someone at a coffee shop a few weeks ago who lived near the fairgrounds and I was like "so, are you excited about the new soccer stadium?" and they were like "what?". OK, so that's a data point of 1, but you get the idea. I think Ingram will decide against a lawsuit because of the potential to generate negative PR over the short and long term.
  11. On the other hand, whoever invented the phrase "The deal is off!" must have had a reason for uttering those words. A deal is a deal right up until the point when its not. Is it just me, or shouldn't this be obvious to anyone with experience in business?
  12. I would be interested to hear your take on the attendee demographics at a predators game.
  13. I think that Asurion thing falls exactly within the category of "pulling out of public-private partnerships" that I outlined in my other post. As you correctly pointed out, Asurion is huge, and I know a few people who work there in the finance department. They are not hurting for money, it's a very profitable business. They are located in Nashville because it's profitable for them to be here, not because the city pays for their infrastructure. As for the signage thing, I personally disagree with how zoning has been "weaponized" against people/organizations to achieve political goals. I hope there will be a general awakening among the populace about the negative effects is has on poor/elderly residents in Nashville. But I guess the sign thing illustrates that it also affects well-funded developers as well. Personally, I think we should cover those two old telephone infrastructure buildings on 2nd avenue with gigantic blade runner-style LED signs. So I guess you might say I am very much in favor of large electric signs. The more neon at night, the better, in my opinion.
  14. I haven't heard about those. What did he say about HCA?
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