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  1. Couldn't find a better fitting topic for this, but does anyone know anything about the new fire station that is going to be built on Clanton road and I-77? I know the city already has the land, not sure where exactly, but was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Might be a stretch but possible renderings? Side note the electric scooters in uptown are awesome!
  2. Is there a live cam anywhere to watch the progress like on 300 S. Tryon?
  3. Just some before and after photos of the view of uptown and the blue line from 11th street. Definitely a big difference!
  4. Whatever happened to the proposed hotel at Tryon and 6th, for the Carolina Theater? Did it just fall through or are they still in the planning stages? I thought the renovations at the Theater started already but i'm probably wrong. Thanks
  5. That all makes sense. Should've reminded myself it's all about money.
  6. I was not aware of this. That's good. I'll try but I'm guessing they would need more than a couple letters to change their mind. Thanks
  7. Yea my bad on the name, but yea I am surprised it fell through also. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  8. I felt like this was the best place to put this. Are you guys aware 500 West Trade St. the Old Buick dealership building from 1925 (thats 91 years old) might be torn down due to more apartments. I personally think it just needs a facelift done right and it would look great. With all the develop happening in 3rd ward I am concerned that they may tear it down. I love Charlotte, I was born and raised here but the city's history just keeps getting torn down and i'm not a fan of that. Like it makes me mad when i see pictures of old buildings like Hotel Charlotte and i'm like it's not here anymore it was yet again torn down, but over in Concord they have kept their Hotel Concord. Anyway i wanted to know what y'all thought about this building and what should happen. Thanks *Notice the building all the way in the top of the black and white picture. Yep it's the dealership.*
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