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  1. How is this allowed to continue? Is this normal for construction these days?
  2. There must be a reason they do this, but I can't always figure it out. I've seen them slow down when there are signaling issues on N. Tryon (crossing gate arms hitting a car, lol) --that makes sense. But they also often slow down on the stretch between Old Concord and Sugar Creek, which can have nothing to do with signaling.
  3. Neat site someone made about minimum parking requirements in Los Angeles: https://noparkinghere.com/
  4. I was just talking to a recruiter about working for Lowe's. They would allow me to do remote work some days, but still wanted me to travel to Mooresville multiple times a week. I just don't see the point when I can find another place to work in the city fairly easily. We couldn't come to a deal.
  5. Ultimately I think this will be good for the neighborhood. That area could use a boost.
  6. Speaking of NoDa (wrong thread I know)... can someone tell me what's going on in that spot on 36th next to the Rat's Nest? There have been workers out there every day doing something to the brick structure.
  7. MUFG already has many job postings up for Charlotte positions, mostly tech.
  8. I guess rezoning petitions come first, then you find financing? And we don't think the latter will happen?
  9. Why on earth would you put the signage on all four sides??
  10. We have an anonymous source showdown here folks.
  11. Is it? No idea! Let's see. That's 21 years, at a roughly 8.3% (non-inflation adjusted) annual growth rate. Nice, that *does* handily beat the S&P annualized returns at 7.349% (not adjusted) over the same period. But they also had to pay for 21 years of maintenance, utilities, and cumulative property tax bill of about 47k (partially-adjusted, best guess...). Yikes. 47k/21yrs = 2.23k per year tax expenses, but let's 2k more per year for miscellaneous expenses to 4.23k/yr and pop that into a compound interested calculator. 98k principle, 4.2k yearly addition, at 7.349% interest rate over 21 years equals $646,765. A good bit more money than they made with the house sale. And holy crap, the numbers get a lot worse if they had a mortgage. I don't know much about real estate or even math, but it seems to me you should buy a house if you want to live in a house. If you want an investment, put the money somewhere else.
  12. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/op-ed/article228276849.html Short op-ed from Dubois saying a medical school in Charlotte just ain't happening.
  13. I thought the 5th largest parking deck thing was a UP joke. Is that really the case??
  14. Found a direct link: https://app.oxblue.com/open/lh/650southtryonst
  15. The sad thing is that profitability seems to be the only consideration some of you have. Not all of us want to live on a monopoly board. There is no unshakeable law of the universe that says if it doesn't make money, it can't be saved.
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