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  1. I worry about the inclusion of Midwood Corners. This can't bode well for Book Buyers.
  2. The "solution" to trains being late is that now trains will run less often. Great. Problem solved, guys!
  3. Doesn't it cost a lot of money to rent a crane? And this one's just sitting there?
  4. They resumed putting up the, uh, "crown." It still looks the same, no?
  5. I saw a sign in the window of the house next to the Rat's Nest that said "For Lease or Development". I'm guessing its days are numbered.
  6. Does anyone know what's being built on the former DMV lot on N. Tryon? Between the IHOP and the plasma clinic.
  7. I think it's a great project. And as far as I know, the neighborhood association has given its blessing. (Interestingly, their website says the city council agrees with them over 95% of the time.)
  8. As long as we're tossing out wild solutions, how about looking into local policies regarding alcohol consumption? Increasing taxes or revoking liquor licenses in the area, etc. Apparently 40-50% of homicides involve alcohol use (source).
  9. I assume we'll get a new mural. I liked the last one though. They've been doing renovations on that building for months, idk what the holdup is. It's not even that old?
  10. Maybe Spring 2021 is the delivery date of the whole complex, i.e. the hotel?
  11. I wouldn't normally take to the internet to complain, but this was a head-scratcher. Standing at the JW Clay station during rush hour I saw one, two, three, four north-bound trains go by before a south-bound one showed up. How in the world.
  12. This was puzzling me too for a while. Nothing is being built there. I learned that they are only using that area to break up rocks that were excavated from the hotel site. (Why or for what purpose I have no idea.) This required knocking down a bunch of trees unfortunately.
  13. How is this allowed to continue? Is this normal for construction these days?
  14. There must be a reason they do this, but I can't always figure it out. I've seen them slow down when there are signaling issues on N. Tryon (crossing gate arms hitting a car, lol) --that makes sense. But they also often slow down on the stretch between Old Concord and Sugar Creek, which can have nothing to do with signaling.
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