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  1. Amazon HQ2

    Why release a shortlist at all? To pressure the cities on it to offer up even more incentives?
  2. New nightlife spots in Charlotte

    Does anyone know if a new mid-size music venue might be on the horizon? I hope I've missed something. The loss of Chop Shop, Amos's, and Tremont in quick succession really sucked.
  3. Charlotte Off Topic

    Saw this on FB.
  4. Crescent Stonewall Station

    Err, not that I know of. I have seen several examples of garages being built recently with a future conversion in mind. I doubt our developers have that foresight though (which makes no sense to me). Inclined floors complicate things quite a bit I imagine... Necessity is the mother of invention though. Something will be done.
  5. Crescent Stonewall Station

    Everything is temporary. The garage will be converted to another use in 10 years, when we no longer need parking spaces.
  6. Stonewall - Northwood Ravin Project

    Is it me, or is this project moving very slowly? It looks the same as it did in August.
  7. UNC-Charlotte Construction

    Burson is almost done! I've noticed the same about the bricks. It's really bad next to Rowe. I've seen them reset the bricks more than once, but they don't stay even for long.
  8. Charlotte Off Topic

    I went to Greenville, SC for the first time to see the eclipse. It was great, but possibly even better was seeing how totally awesome Greenville's downtown is. I found it very walkable with many mixed use spaces, art galleries, restaurants, boutiques. Falls Park was especially cool. I left the town feeling quite envious...
  9. Webcam! You can get a larger version from this link: https://api.ibeamsystems.com/api/cameras/6a0926d114/large/latest/?timestamped=true
  10. It'll always be Covfefe Plaza in my heart.
  11. University City Projects/News

    Construction on the new plaza starts in October last I heard. But yeah, it doesn't look so great right now. I do miss the tower.
  12. I think it's a shame. They're one of the largest banks in the world, do they really need to remind people they exist?
  13. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I would think all of the defective concrete ties have been replaced by now? They've sent the train all the way to UNCC as recently as a couple weeks ago.
  14. What do you think "value engineering and cutbacks" means?
  15. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Last Sunday, a train arrived at the UNCC station for the first time. This means that the entire line has now been traversed successfully. https://inside.uncc.edu/news-features/2017-06-19/‘light-rail-connects-us’-–-first-train-arrives-campus