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  1. Why would the plans not include bike lanes? The bike lane on 3rd has been a source of contention, we are replanning 2nd; why would we not incorporate the bike lane on second? I like the “furnishings space”, but I would enjoy sitting at a table more even if it were slightly narrower and separated from the car “travel lanes” with a dedicated bike lane. I realize my frustration and/or ignorance is presenting itself. How are we going to have viable travel options if we do not put pieces on the metaphorical board, even if small when we have the chance. . (End rant.) I like the plaza
  2. What is needed to make “bike lane between the parallel parked cars and the curb” the default for any new bike lane, unless a waiver is granted for a particular situation? Does a regulation need to be revised or written and approved? This seems like a no brainer. What am I missing? Thx for anyone’s thoughts.
  3. These lots have alley access, no excuse for that front garage door. Grrr…
  4. Thank you @Mr_Bond. In digging into the linked maps, in the proposed plan there are only three blocks of unimproved areas between Vandy and Belmont on Wedgewood. It would be great to see Vandy, Belmont, Hillsboro Village business owners and Metro come together to bridge that gap. Would open lots of connectivity through the combined campuses. That area has good pedestrian traffic now. I could see it growing if perceived safety was increased via infrastructure.
  5. Belmont appears to be creating new signage for their campus at the corner of Wedgewood and 12th. They also appear to have foundation markers or something similar on their two properties at that corner.
  6. Am I understanding the image correctly that there is a curb cut on 12th? If so, I don’t think there is one currently. That is right in the curve of 12th and does not seem to be a great spot for ingress and egress. Novel does not have a curb cut on that stretch as I recall. Does something like that require approval? thx.
  7. Love the retail included. I have wondered why the other developments have not included retail as this intersection permits commercial per neighborhood plan. It’s the only intersection that does. Fingers crossed that 31st and Burch will as well whenever it turns over. In my opinion, having a neighborhood corner coffee shop or restaurant could help return these blocks to a neighborhood. I love the massing, as well. I think this one is a win.
  8. Here is one company referenced in an Autoweek article. Boy, @JamieHall, I hope you are right about the potential for noise reduction. https://www.soundfighter.com Here is the original article. https://www.autoweek.com/racing/nascar/a35786152/nashville-council-wants-more-community-input-before-approving-nascar/
  9. Thanks @downtownresident for the heads up. I have emailed Ms. Yoo in support of the amendment to Downtown Core. To me, the investment by the city in KVB infrastructure made this change foreseeable. In fact, I would argue it was the point—the investment in KVB was intended to broaden the opportunity for growth of the downtown core. It would be a waste of that infrastructure investment to limit the opportunity for growth. Changing the entire area should be reviewed, but until then the amendment process is the correct tool available. Thanks, again, for the heads up.
  10. I was thinking along the same lines. That certainly would meet description of a prominent location. Thanks for pulling the property info. I didn’t knowBelmont already owned such a big percentage of the block.
  11. Just noticed that the gas station at the corner of 12th Ave South and Wedgewood is closed and pumps removed. New development to come? Does Belmont own that land? Thanks.
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