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  1. Learning from Other Places

    Sports is definitely a big part of it, and I don't think you can discount that because there are sports Uptown almost year round. Baseball Uptown during the summer is hard to beat. it is a one of a kind experience, and I particularly love the fireworks flashing off of the skyline on Friday nights. I genuinely enjoy all of the parks as well. I meet friends in the parks Uptown all of the time to go for a run and then hang out. For the most part, anything you would want to eat is available Uptown. You also have the Belk Theater, the Bechtler, Mint Museum, Harvey Gantt, and Discovery Place. Those aren't places you are going to go every week, but there is definitely a well rounded culture scene than most UPers don't admit to. It just happens to be more polished and less hipster than Asheville. I am not saying polished is better (I don't hang out at those places often), but it still is available. All this will just continue to improve with increased density. I would love for there to be more "local shop" flare Uptown, and hopefully that comes with time. Church street (Rhino, JJs, etc.) is a good example that it slowly changing, and I am hopeful that some new developments like Lennar's project will spur new opportunities like this. Lastly and on a less serious note, I love the Carolina gold wings at Bisonte, but I am a simple person. Give me baseball, football, basketball, parks, and Carolina gold wings and I am a happy guy.
  2. Learning from Other Places

    What do you consider the 'burbs? Outside of 277? I live 2.5 miles from Uptown and I like it, but I understand I don't have to live/work/play in Uptown every day. I agree there is definitely a lot of improvement that needs to be made before Uptown is self-sufficient (meaning you don't have to leave Uptown for you daily needs). Admittedly I don't enjoy beer, but if you take away the breweries from Asheville, it seems like Charlotte has more to offer in its downtown area than Asheville does (and the breweries are a short light rail ride away).
  3. Crescent Stonewall Station

    The fat bottom along 277 is as bland and boring as it gets. I am afraid the Great Wall of Charlotte (can't remember which UPer called it that) won't age well. I am interested to see if the art installation offsets the blandness of the Great Wall.
  4. 3rd Ward Midrise Projects

    I think on a different thread RDF said the top would be around 420. If you look at the second link KJHburg re-posted, the view is from 390, so the top of the building would be slightly higher than that in the 420 range.
  5. Lynx Silver Line

    Does anyone else wish there was some kind of alert on these threads to show that the thread is only active because two people are quarreling?
  6. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I will be the contrarian voice that actually likes the video. The red brick looks good and fits perfectly for the project, the elevation change for the parking drive under adds a little variety, and despite the massive parking garage the ground floor retail is inviting. If it had some articulation in the elevation I would like it more for sure, but all in all it looks better than most of the fully cement board apartments. I am no expert, but when I look at the video it kind of reminds me of something you might find in DC or a more urban city. Given there was a project in NODA announced as canceled this morning because of construction cost, I will give Atherton the benefit of the doubt that they truly had to give up some articulation, etc. to make the numbers work.
  7. Crescent Stonewall Station

    Genuine question: Do you think creating a union station atmosphere Uptown would be redundant to Tompkins Hall in the short-term? Certainly in the long-term they wouldn't be redundant, but it might be difficult to get two projects of similar scale and atmosphere off the ground at the same time.
  8. Lynx Silver Line

    They don't have funding, so not anytime soon. After RDF's article that talked about how Denver funded their rail, I emailed several city leaders. The latest is "The Red Line and West Corridor studies are expected to be complete in fall 2018, after which we expect conversations about funding to begin." I pressed for details on what funding they are considering and how hard they are going to push for project completion by 2030, but I didn't get much else.
  9. The Good News Report

    Not that I know directly, but my assumption would be that they would be putting together a package of resources such as police support for crowd control, etc. Regardless of political preferences, that would be a zoo of a week. Normally I am all for Charlotte exposure, but that might be a good week to be on vacation if the city gets it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Here is snapshot from the webcam this morning. I love the sunrise coming through in the background and the four cranes rising in the foreground. By my count they are on floor 17, so think about doubling the existing height (essentially; give or take 10-15 feet) and adding a pyramid, and that gives you a good idea of how prominent this building will be. It is really going to tower over the edge of 277.
  11. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    LOL. Seriously. I say go for 2 feet to get to 301. If an UPer gets on top and adds a two foot stack of bricks, does that count?
  12. I know your post was about Tryon Place, but BOAT is really starting to get up there, isn't it? Very exciting! I am really looking forward to seeing how the retail at Tryon Place integrates with future stages of Legacy Union.
  13. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    Interesting point I hadn't really considered in depth. Hope the new owner considers this. I am not sure PSLs would work a second time around for a new stadium, given this consideration.
  14. Charlotte Hornets and the Arena

    To me the NBA logo is just disproportionately large, particularly compared to prior years. The blue/red scheme clashes with teal/purple.
  15. Not that it will amount to much, but I just emailed the article to the mayor and several city council members, and asked them to make rail transit a priority. Thanks for penning, RDF.