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  1. I am not sure a 'like' is sufficient for this photo. Incredible shot. Stunning really.
  2. From page 14: Honeywell's average salary is $340k??? My only quibble with the marketing materials is that it is one of the "last remaining mixed use opportunities in Uptown". Apparently, they haven't wandered through 1st or 2nd ward lately. Ha!
  3. I love Zoey's/Cava, but not enough to park in the Trader Joe's deck.
  4. I have high hopes for this project! Fun fact: after moving to Harrisburg I realized the closest Brueggers or Einsteins is over 20 miles, and there aren't many other bagel options any closer. Even though I am sure it was ignorant and arrogant on my part, I emailed MPV begging them to find a bagel tenant (and requesting a few other tenants too). Regardless, I am extremely excited about this. It will fill a void in the area, and will be the largest mixed use development between Concord and Matthews.
  5. The office building portion actually has similar vibe to the office building at Caswell & 7th, which is less than a mile away. I love it. Kind of ties PM with Elizabeth. https://www.elizabethonseventh.com/
  6. Hot take: I've never had a problem with well-concealed above ground decks incorporated into buildings for this very reason (particularly if retail is incorporated into deck). Buildings like Duke and the Avenue look great and would be much shorter with decks completely below ground. I will log off now and check back in a few days.
  7. Do you have a preference? I hear people have been known to eat Crocs. https://bootadvice.com/are-crocs-edible/
  8. Even on Levineland? Maybe he can tear down his parking garage from world war z and build a stadium there.
  9. In N Out is pretty delicious, lol. Seems like a good enough reason to open a hub there if all else is equal.
  10. Better.com has hired 1,000 employees already. They are going public through a SPAC merger, so Charlotte will have another publicly-traded presence. As a refresher, they expanded here in part because of their partnership with Ally Bank. I https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/07/23/better-com-reaches-local-hiring-target-1000-people.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_23&cx_artPos=6#cxrecs_s --- LOL. I now see that @KJHburg and @atlrvrboth posted this elsewhere. Sorry. Would delete if I could.
  11. I wonder if they could change the domain to charlotte.edu without fully changing name of university? I mean, charlotte.edu wouldn't be inaccurate. Branding could similarly emphasis Charlotte and minimize the UNC part too. Hopefully its a full name change, but the branding was very outdated regardless, so I am very excited to see what they come up with. For better or worse, I honestly think the branding has a substantial impact on how the University is perceived both locally and nationally. When I first moved to Charlotte a decade ago I had never heard of UNCC, and it seemed like a glorified
  12. I was kind of hoping something else was coming, like maybe something with MUFG, but it doesn't seem that is the case at this point.
  13. Great interview with CEO of Krispy Kreme on Squawk Box today. You can listen to it on podcast version of the show. Did you know a third of their billion plus sold donuts last year were gifted? We all know our man @KJHburg did his part. Very interesting listen about their strategy as a company. https://squawk-pod.simplecast.com/episodes/the-donut-debut-krispy-kreme-on-the-nasdaq-100-years-of-chinas-communist-party
  14. It varies, but often their burn rate isn't sustainable, so the capital raises give them longer runway to stay operational and grow faster. Many venture capitalists are looking for companies that can grow big and grow quickly, so the capital enables them to do that in a way they might not be able to do based on sustainable/organic growth. Certainly sometimes it is used for R&D, or at least invested in advancing their technology. Other times, its used for headcount to help them get bigger faster. To be clear, I'm no insider, but that's my understanding.
  15. Is this the one they are rebuilding bigger than the existing deck, so owner can potentially knock down one of the other decks they own?
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