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  1. This undisclosed partner is the most interesting part of this yet, simply because the undisclosed partner leaves reason to dream about what this could be or grow into.
  2. I agree with this. I also am curious that the lot across the street sold at the same time an unsolicited bid for CTC was submitted. If both lots are redeveloped it will obviously be a game changer for extending south from Tryon, and help the street presence around the arena (along with Moxy). Question though: Does anyone think the potential developer for CTC Redo has a tenant in the wings? Seems like a large project to undertake without a potential tenant, particularly given the original unsolicited bid. My uneducated gut feel is there has to be a potential tenant-in-wating. For those of you close to the development industry, curious to hear your thoughts. Unrelated question: @ricky_davis_fan_21, you find a job in Charlotte yet?
  3. Here is an odd tidbit. BOAT is listed as "future headquarters" and BOACC as "current headquarters". I am not reading anything into it... just thought it was weird. BOACC is iconic.
  4. At the risk of splitting hairs, I think the news was that they started demolition on the existing columns, indicating progress. We will see whether it comes to fruition, but I don't think The Ledger was simply recycling an old Observer story.
  5. Good news for Charlotte. Cathy Bessant lives here, and one would have to imagine she would keep her office in Charlotte with Wells Fargo's largest workforce. I believe Cathy was also involved in the North Tryon Vision Plan, which could bode well for her continued involvement in shaping the city. Wells in talks with Cathy Bessant to be CEO? We shall see. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/07/12/bofas-cathy-bessant-reportedly-in-talks-with-wells.html?iana=hpmvp_clt_news_headline
  6. Charlotte Ledger for the win. I don't understand all the dos and don'ts of journalism, but it seems the Charlotte Ledger has been providing better insights than the mainstays (CBJ and CO). Anyways, 12 stories LevineLand is a go, with demolition starting on the columns previously placed to support six stories. I like the increase in retail. This isn't my favorite project, but this version is significantly better than the 2015 version. https://charlotteledger.substack.com/
  7. North Carolina came in #3 on CNBC's "Top States For Business in 2019". https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/10/these-are-americas-top-states-for-business-in-2019.html Nice picture of Charlotte on a highly trafficked website. It will be interesting to see if Stonewall eventually becomes more prevalent for Charlotte stock photos...
  8. Maybe you were avoiding this part, but do you think BofA will be the Panthers home, or are you thinking there might be a new dual use stadium?
  9. ^Check out the coffee house... Sounds like the announcement isn't MLS related. I am in same boat as you: Not a soccer fan really, but would love for Tepper to win a team for Charlotte. So far, Tepper seems like an outstanding owner and a great asset for Charlotte going forward.
  10. Awesome. Def half the 78 viewers are also checking UP right now. At one point Lowe's was rumored to also be moving HQ from Mooresville to CLT proper. Is that still in play with the new location, or did that component of the deal die? Holy cow. I am in love with this building.
  11. Looks like core drilling going on at the corner of Morrison and Coca-Cola Plaza. I have always thought this was too prominent a location in South Park to remain a green field. Does anyone have any insight into what the core drilling might be for or if there is a developer involved?
  12. Per Charlotte Ledger, the land at 4th and Brevard across from CTC sold for $11M. This is the Norfolk Southern land they were slow to let go of. I am incredibly excited about this. White Point Partners bought the land. Does anyone know if there is a specific near-term user in mind, or is this a long term play? Interesting this comes on the heels of the CTC RFP. I believe White Point Partners is behind Optimist Hall. Seems like this might be out of their normal realm of business, which has me curious if they have a partner. Why is this such a big deal to me? I have always thought there is a gap in the middle of the skyline, and depending on the angle, a tower built here would fill the gap. Interesting note: I grabbed the skyline pic from White Point Partners website. Hmmm indeed.
  13. The way I look at this project is it may be meh, but at least it eats up an underdeveloped parking lot which has sat vacant for years. It increases density and foot traffic and could lead to better density and creativity around Gateway Station. We will see. It isn't my favorite project Uptown, especially given it is replacing the Polk building, but I still see upside to it being built.
  14. Great piece from Charlotte Ledger newsletter today. I don't have any affiliation to UNCC, but want them to be successful for Charlotte's sake. Does anyone closer to the school have any sense for whether this might at least push UNCC to start an Uptown law school? Seems like they better hop on that opportunity before they lose it too. Hopefully, some of the alumni bashing the Chancellor also used it as an opportunity to push for a Charlotte law school.
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