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  1. Those pictures are great, but they don't do justice to how massive Vantage feels in person. Those floor-plates seem huge, and now that they are beginning to pour the parking deck, the scale feels different than even Rail Yard or Dimensional Place. More than floor-plates, the presence is just very dominating as you drive by (in a good way).
  2. I mean, the CEO of a development company isn't an anonymous crapposter first of all. Secondly, I wasn't suggesting people leave Charlotte over UP posts. I was suggesting they don't like information leaked, and I am fairly positive people on this site have been told to delete posts. On the other hand, if I was working with a developer that leaked my plans I would strongly consider other options.
  3. This kind of slip, if against Sherwin Williams wishes, might be enough for them to consider a different location if they weren't already. That is why there are deleted comments around here all the time. Company relocations are sensitive and can be fickle.
  4. Just because I am kind of confused about the "tear it down" comments, can someone clarify what they mean? There are two hotels built on top of the epicenter that aren't going anywhere, so are the "tear it down" comments related to building facing Trade & College? If that building were replaced, it would have to be in a similar footprint so as not to block access to the retail below the two hotels.
  5. Are you talking about the Vanguard rumor? I don't think anyone knows (or it is confidential) or they would have told us already.
  6. eh. I like the Wendy's. Nice to have a drive-through option in the area. In the grander scheme considering the entire Metropolitan development, Wendy's is mixed use compared to everything else.
  7. Not sure how I feel about tech behemoths moving into banking, but regardless it will be interesting to see if any of these companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.) tap the Charlotte market for banking knowledge. Let's be honest, Google moving into the SouthEnd seems like the perfect techie/hipster/yuppie fit. No judgment, just saying it seems like SouthEnd is just waiting to be crowned with a tech giant outpost, and there are a few proposed buildings that need tenants. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/11/13/google-in-talks-to-move-into-banking.html
  8. You should share what you think, because I am still unclear what is going on, lol. Excited to find out what it is though!
  9. What about an airport campus though? Remember the city/airport was showing a potential economic development suitor some land near the Amazon warehouse. If Vanguard moved their headquarters or expanded here, seems like they could build cost-efficient campus near the airport. Disclaimer: I would prefer they go to central business district. Maybe NAI Southern will lure them to Elizabeth/Midtown.
  10. I will be happy. Even if the mechanical is just partially visible, the lighting will further enhance what has become an increasingly impressive nighttime view. My wife and I were driving back into town late last night after an extended weekend trip, and the skyline was a beautiful, vibrant, and inviting site after a long drive. This crown will make it even better, especially when lit up in Panther blue like last night. I was just pointing out the screening doesn't yet seem to extend past the cross-bar, but you are correct it is a quick judgment. Regardless, the building is a welcome addition to the skyline.
  11. I hate to repeat the obvious, but based on the last post ^, if the screening doesn't extend above the cross-bar, I believe the mechanical equipment will still be just barely visible from SouthEnd. Maybe this some sort of phase I material? See below the cross-bar is lower than the equipment. Otherwise, hopefully the screening so substantially covers it, the uncovered sliver will be negligible.
  12. I can't envision exactly how close the golf course is, but when I read they purchased a golf course I just interpreted it as an entertainment play. Tepper has made clear he thinks bigger than just football operations. Imagine if they fix up the golf course and directly rebrand it with Panthers logos and insignia. The panthers could have their very own club house, and as families travel in for training camp, etc. they could make an entire event/weekend of it and go golfing at the panthers very own golf course. Think about the pro shop full of Panthers gear. If they are considering every avenue possible for expanding the brand, this might be one avenue to do so. Or maybe they will just redevelop as everyone else said.
  13. I heard a rumor the Siskey property might be redeveloped into something like upscale townhomes, or upscale "duets" and "triets". I was a little surprised be this since I though Levine bought it so it wouldn't be developed, and I haven't heard any rumors of this on UP. Anyone have any insight?
  14. Is the potential mid-October economic development announcement still a thing? I know a few people alluded there was something in the works, one of which might be announced mid-October, but seems like I haven't heard this mentioned in a month or so. Has anyone heard when potential announcements might happen, or if any potential big announcements have materialized?
  15. Now that we know you are a Harley guy, I am questioning every drive by photo from here out. If KJ had a camera in one hand, and a box of donuts in the other, how did he keep the Harley on the road?
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