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  1. I feel like we need to cue the "It's time for Ally to move HQ to Charlotte" discussion again. I have no basis for it, but increasing from 400K sq ft to 720k is a big deal. Maybe this has something to do with Ally partnering with better.com, which is increasing office space in Charlotte? Regardless, I am ready for some announcements. Did the multiple rumored big fish die, or are they still out there somewhere? https://www.housingwire.com/articles/48828-ally-financial-partnering-with-bettercom-to-launch-digital-mortgage-platform/ https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/09/16/digital-mortgage-lender-seeks-to-hire-1-000-in.html
  2. The only thing I see in that rendering is a parking garage as tall as BofA Stadium. It sticks out sorely.
  3. Dang. And here I thought the thread was "Hot!" because of the rumored Panther related development news. @ricky_davis_fan_21, you hinted at such on twitter. Any idea when news might come to light? Maybe a nugget to change the topic back to development news?
  4. Is the likely scenario KDC going spec with this, or will they wait for a tenant? Since it sat for the last few years, I kind of hoping they commit and build on spec. Great location imo. As KJ said, many decision makers headed Uptown drive past this everyday, and views are unbeatable. I just wish Novant or whoever would develop some of the vacant land across the street. It is sooo underutilized, and the businesses on Elizabeth (Earl's Grocery, Viva, etc.) would benefit tremendously from increased density.
  5. I would think this Joe Bruno tweet bodes well for an announcement soon. Maybe one of the unnamed BIG fish rumored on UP for 6 months? Vanguard was rumored a while back? What ever happened to that? Seems there may have been other potential companies looking for around 500k sq ft and 1M sq ft respectively, so I am excited to see how this plays out. Also remember Tariq Bokhari's recent tweet. #GameChanger
  6. I understand this, but my point is I am not sure it is a worthwhile investment for 2 years of increased profits 5 years from now before moving to a new stadium. They could make that profit up with some concerts between now and then. Seems like a long-term play to me. Just making the observation. I have no idea what will happen. I understand there is a good chance they will move stadium. My hunch is Tepper wants something shiny and new, but why can't BofA be retrofitted to be shiny and new? Is it cost prohibitive? I think Tepper said the maintenance is expensive, but I am curious what exactly that means. To me, it would be an easier sell to taxpayers to say you are permanently upgrading BofA with taxpayer help, rather than tearing down a functioning stadium to build a new one with taxpayer help. Just my two cents.
  7. @#1Son, I am wondering same thing. CBJ is reporting the bunkers could cost $20 million. I know Tepper is a billionaire, but he is also a smart investor. While the ROI for 14 suites is probably more than 900 LL seats, the breakeven has to be SEVERAL years out at a cost of $20 million. Of course, I didn't attempt any math, just seems like common sense. Also, RDF / @cltdevelopment indicated on twitter there is some panthers development news coming, though he didn't hint at what it might be. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/01/24/panthers-spending-up-to-20m-to-add-suites-at-field.html?iana=hpmvp_clt_news_headline Update - Missed this paragraph the first time I read: "According to an industry expert, it will likely take five years or so for the team to recoup its investment in the bunker suites. Tepper bought the Panthers in 2018. Last year, during his first off-season as owner, he built an indoor practice center near the stadium. Sponsored by Atrium Health, it’s also been used for a series of ticketed pregame tailgate parties."
  8. Serious question about crown, are the vertical bars behind the screening structural support for screening, or is that part of lighting scheme? This whole time I thought they were putting up strips of screening. I didn’t realize there are bars behind the screening, so now I am confused what the bars are for.
  9. This still leaves backfill opportunity, like BofA Plaza being vacated for BofA Tower. Maybe US Bank goes there; maybe they don't. Don't forget Ballantyne space being built spec, and there is also a ton of spec space left at Spectrum Vantage, and feasibly in other to-be-built South End towers. I agree though CLT office market is still en fuego. Pretty incredible compared to some other similar sized markets.
  10. Is there any update on the crown, or are they still attaching strips of toilet paper to the metal framing?
  11. Dang... Dandy Chiggens got the downvote removed.
  12. Yeah, I saw it last night too. I thought everyone must be exaggerating. No exaggeration. It makes the top features of the building nearly indistinguishable. I thought the previous lighting was dim to begin with, in need of an upgrade, but somehow the purple is so dark it makes the building blend into the sky. @JorgiPorgi is totally right, if I wasn't looking for it, I wouldn't even have seen it.
  13. Would you consider Curve to be a "#gamechanger" as Tariq suggested? It would be great, but not sure about game changer, unless he just means from a recruiting perspective. I am hoping it is bigger and better than that.
  14. This is interesting. Tariq Bokhari is a city council member and runs Carolina FinTech...
  15. What about AIG? They were rumored to be looking for space at one point, and they are in the BB&T building uptown where Truist could probably increase their leased sq footage to backfill AIG if they left. I am guessing a new tower and expansion in South End might be for an AIG-like company. Financial services with corporate functions in Charlotte. Of course, if BofA Plaza increased their rates substantially, it is also possible US Bank ends up in a new tower rather than in BofA Plaza. Can't wait to find out.
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