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  1. Per Charlotte Ledger, a new hotel should be announced in a few months where the abandoned Even Hotel was started. Awesome news coming out of pandemic. "Charlotte City Council member Larken Egleston said one of the partners in the project told him there are still plans for a hotel on that site but that it’s likely it will be under a different hotel brand. He said an announcement is expected in a month or two. " Also, this morning's newsletter also highlighted the spacing (kerning I think) between the two T's in JW Marriott. Ha! Love the ledger.
  2. Hopefully Charlotte fares better than most, but I am curious how hard it will be for either space to find new tenants. Fed Sounds Alarm on Commercial Real Estate, Business Bankruptcy (yahoo.com)
  3. Planet Money is the best podcast out there, in my book.
  4. That's what I would assume too. Here is to hoping he comes back with an alias for non-fireable information.
  5. Did @CLTDevelopment / @TyreeRicardo delete his UP profile? Looks like his posts are gone?
  6. Is that the same screening material as Ally? The screening at least appears to be taller if it is, but lets hope it is executed better.
  7. I think it might be short-sighted to suggest less dense offices are merely a response to slowing COVID-19, in part because work-from-Home has been so successful. No one is going to significantly change the layout of a major office building as a short-term bridge until COVID-19 vaccination. My office has more people assigned to the building than there are desks available in the building. The elevators are so busy that the wait to get on a elevator can be 10-15 minutes long, as people uncomfortably pack in the elevator bay waiting their turn. People share cubes or find somewhere like a random chair or table to set up to work. All of this is an unnecessary breeding ground for discomfort and sharing flus/colds, and yes COVID-19 type sickness too. Since companies have been successful with WFH, why not set up schedules to reduce density? Having an environment where WFH is more of a norm might also encourage people to stay home when they are sick rather feeling obligated to appear at office. Teams can still collaborate in person as long as it is planned, but without requiring sardine-like office density. In short, I don’t think reduced density would be about six-feet of separation as much as it would be about making practical business adjustments in the wake of a changed business environment.
  8. I would be very impatient trying to get out of the parking deck on a daily basis. I am curious how COVID-19 impacts parking needs going forward. If companies go to staggered approaches to reduce density (like A/B groups or requiring 2 or 3 days in office each week rather than 5), it theoretically could reduce the need for parking to a certain extent. Best case scenario for Charlotte would be there is growing demand for office space, with reduced demand for parking. I think it could happen. I think many companies will want employees in the office a few days a week just for collaboration and morale, but at reduced density. Feasibly, you could need the same amount of space for a reduced number of employees in office (or maybe just slightly less office space). Combine that with financial companies potentially moving to Charlotte for lower rent outside of uber dense cities, and it could be a nice recipe for Charlotte.
  9. Maybe if Tepper buys the Tampa Bay Rays and moves them to the current Bank of America site, we can remove these Washington Nationals logos all over town. Charlotte Financiers anyone?
  10. Hopefully this partially improves the "never a cold seat" problem. In all seriousness, I am having trouble envisioning how elevator capacity at peak times will be addressed, even if businesses go to "group a" (week 1) alternating with "group b" (week 2).
  11. I didn’t even notice when I took pic, but here is another photo of Ally lit up.
  12. Didn't they already revise the LoSo Station plans to be taller? https://beacondevelopment.com/properties/building/3852/loso-station
  13. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/03/27/tex-mex-concept-superica-temporarily-closes-south.html?iana=hpmvp_clt_news_headline Superica temporarily closes. Somebody check on @KJHburg… Fortunately, he should have access to plenty of donuts.
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