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  1. I think it might be short-sighted to suggest less dense offices are merely a response to slowing COVID-19, in part because work-from-Home has been so successful. No one is going to significantly change the layout of a major office building as a short-term bridge until COVID-19 vaccination. My office has more people assigned to the building than there are desks available in the building. The elevators are so busy that the wait to get on a elevator can be 10-15 minutes long, as people uncomfortably pack in the elevator bay waiting their turn. People share cubes or find somewhere like a random chair or table to set up to work. All of this is an unnecessary breeding ground for discomfort and sharing flus/colds, and yes COVID-19 type sickness too. Since companies have been successful with WFH, why not set up schedules to reduce density? Having an environment where WFH is more of a norm might also encourage people to stay home when they are sick rather feeling obligated to appear at office. Teams can still collaborate in person as long as it is planned, but without requiring sardine-like office density. In short, I don’t think reduced density would be about six-feet of separation as much as it would be about making practical business adjustments in the wake of a changed business environment.
  2. I would be very impatient trying to get out of the parking deck on a daily basis. I am curious how COVID-19 impacts parking needs going forward. If companies go to staggered approaches to reduce density (like A/B groups or requiring 2 or 3 days in office each week rather than 5), it theoretically could reduce the need for parking to a certain extent. Best case scenario for Charlotte would be there is growing demand for office space, with reduced demand for parking. I think it could happen. I think many companies will want employees in the office a few days a week just for collaboration and morale, but at reduced density. Feasibly, you could need the same amount of space for a reduced number of employees in office (or maybe just slightly less office space). Combine that with financial companies potentially moving to Charlotte for lower rent outside of uber dense cities, and it could be a nice recipe for Charlotte.
  3. That glass is beautiful. Love it.
  4. Maybe if Tepper buys the Tampa Bay Rays and moves them to the current Bank of America site, we can remove these Washington Nationals logos all over town. Charlotte Financiers anyone?
  5. Hopefully this partially improves the "never a cold seat" problem. In all seriousness, I am having trouble envisioning how elevator capacity at peak times will be addressed, even if businesses go to "group a" (week 1) alternating with "group b" (week 2).
  6. I didn’t even notice when I took pic, but here is another photo of Ally lit up.
  7. Didn't they already revise the LoSo Station plans to be taller? https://beacondevelopment.com/properties/building/3852/loso-station
  8. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/03/27/tex-mex-concept-superica-temporarily-closes-south.html?iana=hpmvp_clt_news_headline Superica temporarily closes. Somebody check on @KJHburg… Fortunately, he should have access to plenty of donuts.
  9. Everybody gave Truist a hard time, but Inlivian is awful rebranding. Everytime I see the name, my mind thinks "invalid", and I have to think for a second to remember who they are. For the record, that isn't meant to be a cruel joke about "invalid", but for whatever reason when my eyes see "inlivian" it triggers "invalid" in my mind.
  10. I actually work in Ballantyne though I live near Elizabeth, so no, I don't bike to work. I have thought before about whether I would bike if I worked Uptown. I like the idea, but don't know if it would be practical. Sweating through work clothes in the summer, or fighting through cold/wet winter weather doesn't seem that appealing. Also, my hair is think and sticks straight up, so a helmet would suck. Lastly, I don't trust drivers on Monroe/7th. Have you seen how many times a car has gone off the road and hit Lupie's? It seems like they have to rebuild their entrance annually. I would love to say I would, but I don't find it all that practical even though I really like the idea. I am guessing I am not alone. Maybe if I worked in a business casual/jean environment I might be more willing, but I am less willing wearing slacks/dress shirt.
  11. I actually don't think this is true. If you told me I could only take the bus or carpool to work, I probably would look for a different job. I also just think it is unrealistic. I live 3 miles from this site, and my car is by far the most reasonable option to get there. I don't live on the light rail, carpooling 3 miles would be more trouble than its worth, and the bus would probably take twice as long because there is no direct route. I get the general distaste for parking decks. I really do, but I also understand it will be a necessary evil for a long time. Even if every single line of the light rail were built out today, it would still be faster for me to drive. As far as moving in closer, housing prices have skyrocketed, so that is easier said than done. My house has almost doubled in value since we bought it in 2015, and we would be hard-pressed to find anything we could afford near center-city. Keep in mind everyone on this board is an urban-enthusiast. The general population isn't going to hop on a bus and lengthen their commute in Charlotte, NC. While Charlotte is bustling and booming, you only have to go one county in any direction to find a rural community and rural mindsets, and there are a lot of people that still prefer this lifestyle. No dis, just my perception of reality. To be clear, I am all for enhancing transit options, particularly light rail, but parking decks are still necessary for the foreseeable future.
  12. Since they plan for it to deliver in 2022, do they have a tenant?
  13. What are the chances you create a burner account to bring the insider news back? May I suggest @ricky_davis_fan_22 or @RDF2?
  14. Does anyone else come to UP nearly daily expecting to finally see an expansion or relocation announced? I know we have been spoiled. I totally get Honeywell and Truist in the same year was unprecedented, to a certain extent, for a Charlotte sized market. But... We had so many rumors flying around back around Oct/Nov I thought for sure something BIG was in pipeline.
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