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  1. Good addition to the community.
  2. Is that not the same one you posted in July? That's crazy, they look identical.
  3. I wonder what impact the legalization of marijuana will have on the economy for Grand Rapids. If its anything like it was for Colorado, Michigan could be seeing some good numbers in the future. Maybe we need a "Weed" forum..
  4. I agree with GRdad. It's not a need at the moment, but some direct connection from the freeway to the airport would help out wonders in the future to alleviate traffic once there is enough development built up around the airport. My opinion, it would be smart to build it now before it becomes a hassle to build around other developments.
  5. Also, looking at the roof of this thing, it looks more like a barn than a castle...
  6. This whole thing has turned into a joke. Why not do good looking stone statue if anything.
  7. Agree. Where would be a good place to relocate it or build another shelter?
  8. This castle needs some vines growing on it (up the side)
  9. "GO" Shuttle is a service I've used in Miami and San Diego and it's been a quality shuttle. It would be nice for them to set up at GRR.
  10. Hopefully once several of these infill projects get completed we'll have more foot traffic and be more appealing for the space to be rented.
  11. Seems to be still a working project, give it time, I'm sure it'll look nice once it's finished.
  12. I'm liking what I'm seeing for Monroe North, but if I was in charge of the city planning I would try to connect Belknap Lookout with Monroe North by road by extending Fairbanks street to Division and doing a similar connection like the California incline in Santa Monica. Just redo the stairs to Division to go around the road and take out some trees to make it happen. It could go down to Newberry St and connect with that road and have an intersection there. Just an idea, if there's anyone in charge of these things that's listening .
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