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  1. Awesome footage! They should make another castle on the other side of the pond to be the rival castle... One castle for Michigan fans and one for MSU fans.. Except the MSU one might end up sinking into the mud.
  2. I can see this being successful, but maybe successful in different eyes. I don't know the entire details, like if there is a pool or a market or any shops supposed to be located within here, but I can see this place being quite the party place, honestly.
  3. I like it a lot. I'm a fan of the balconies, especially facing the river. If they could make use of the rooftop, I'd like it even that much more; maybe a rooftop bar??? Maybe that could be a future expansion to the building considering there is already a lobby bar planned, but I could imagine in the summertime hanging out there and having drinks on the roof looking over downtown. Also with all of the plans going forward, GR could have quite a skyline 20 years from now.
  4. Any new pics or advancements on this project?
  5. I believe it's 10 Ionia NW.
  6. I've been living in Miami and San Diego, and to think GR has a parking problem is crazy. I may not commute regularly within GR like most of the commenters on here, but I do get the chance to occasionally go back and visit GR and when I've been back I've never had any issues of finding free parking within a few blocks away from where I want to be. That being said, for most of the people that do have daily commutes downtown, I have noticed quite a bunch of projects that will have tons of parking (Meijer, Celebration, etc..) not to mention if you look on Google maps, GR is littered with parking lots. But, to go along with the topic of future expansion of the city, I feel it's in the best interest for the city to turn those parking lots into parking garages and start building apartments along division (Where the Silver Line exists) and Lake Michigan Dr. (Where the Laker Line will be). That way the city will make use of something that it already has.
  7. I used to park on the west side on a side street and either take 5-10 mins to walk downtown or hop on the dash bus. Plus after 6 the dash lot on Seward is free. I've also had luck parking on the Fulton st. Bridge.
  8. Opens up tomorrow, who's going?
  9. Maybe it's just me, but with the right foliage around the building it wouldn't be as bad as you guys are depicting it. Especially in the summer when the leaves are green, and if it's that bad maybe the leaves would cover up the whole building
  10. That's the house on 24th in Tallmadge Township right?
  11. Recently heard that Jay and Silent Bob will be performing here (March 28)
  12. My belief is there will be retail along Lake Michigan Dr. where the prior houses were located. Same thing with the zoned area along Wilson, maybe a hardware store. With the rest of the area behind my predictions would be apartments similar to the ones created on Knapp's corner. That's just my guess though. For the longest time I thought a Home Depot would go behind the Meijer and fill up most of the area, but now I feel there is better use for that area, mixing residential and commercial.
  13. That would also be for an MLS team, not USL. If this were to be a go with Grand Rapids I would see it being quite a lower cost. If they were to invest some money into it, though, it could rehab an entire neighborhood, kind of like what Detroit is doing with the new arena "neighborhood."
  14. These are all solid acts that have good size followings for their particular genre. Good job House of Blues entertainment.
  15. Downtown is kind of blocked off and surrounded with certain obstacles. With Heartside district, Heritage Hill, and the two highways that sort of split up the city, it is nice to see Heartside district giving some leway for future growth. I'd much rather see the HPC work on preserving the old buildings than blocking and preventing future growth. I would count this as a big win for everyone in GR.