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  1. Good to know. It would be nice to use that land someday for development if and whenever that soil will be adequate enough to build on.
  2. Not sure if this land would be able to be developed on or be restructured in a way that could be used for residential and commercial, but I've always thought that this piece of land could be developed in a well planned out manner so it gives a new dimension to the city. A walkable gridlike area where all buildings are close together and could add density (mid-rise buildings) and also be used as affordable housing, even though it would be right by downtown. Maybe it's a pipedream, but having this much land right by the city that hasn't really been developed on could be put to better use than whatever it's being used as now.
  3. Start adding lanes. East beltline needs an extra lane both ways before it gets built up, prepare for the future, and 131 in some areas should add extra lanes as well as Wilson, from the stretch of 28th street to Standale.
  4. As someone who's gone to basically every gvsu home game for the last 16 years, I don't ever see GVSU moving downtown, they've invested too much money into Lubbers stadium to let that go to waste, plus it's one of the nicest D2 stadiums in the U.S.
  5. Plus they had to renovate it just a couple years ago after the fire. I'm guessing it'll be several mixed used developments there with a park to accommodate kayaking or something of that sort for the river. It would be really cool to have a mini boardwalk/walkway along the river with small independent shops and restaurants there.
  6. I didn't see anything for them, but does anyone know if these apartment will have balconies?
  7. Does anyone know if there is a timetable for phase 1 to be complete and when people are to start moving into it?
  8. This would go great in Grandville. (Bar in SD)
  9. I hope Grandville gets a White Castle now
  10. Honestly, I wonder if it would be possible and feasible to connect that small lake behind the castle to the river. Dig under the highway and create supports for the highway. Having a marina in that lake, especially with a big complex right there, would be very cool and could have an economic impact to the part of Grandville.
  11. I think when it's complete it will be cool, and maybe for aesthetics, vines would look cool running up the building. Plus a development like this is great, because it is like a community where people can hang out around the pool and bond and enjoy life. This is a good thing. Relax and have faith.
  12. The city decides not to ban parking lots downtown.
  13. Just heard they've upped the height of the building. Will be 60 stories and 640 feet tall.
  14. I've never attended a game there before, do they ever use that grass field for parking? (Similar to Ann Arbor with the golf course across the street)