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  1. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    I had a similar experience living in Heritage Hill and share similar memories near Wealthy. I loved living there. Our block would host a party every year to get all the homeowners and renters together (it was about 50/50 homeowners and renters). Great community of people.
  2. Beer

    Chicago style pizza is a type of casserole.
  3. Beer

    Agreed. There is plenty of parking nearby but the lack of signage and one-way streets make it confusing to access unless you're familiar. I'm usually only there in the evening on a weekend, but I've never been there when it's not packed with a long wait. I almost always just grab a beer at the bar and find a standing table to order food.
  4. Highway and Road Construction Updates

    I'm responding to "Michigan's infrastructure needs an overhaul." I was not directing comments at the GR metro area, but the State as a whole. I did not intend to pick I96 as an example to push any argument. My impression, if that is what we are calling it, is based on my experience rating roads for MDOT and working in transportation alongside county road commissions and city engineers. Michigan's population growth has been anemic since the 1980s with an overall increase of 7% between 1980 and 2015 (or 0.2% per year). To put that into perspective, the US grew by 41% during the same time period. Metro Detroit is a great example of sprawling land development and added infrastructure without any significant increase in population (base), as noted in this report from SEMCOG (5% increase in population vs 17% increase in developed area in 10 years): It is not logical to keep building (or widening) when you can't afford to maintain what you have. We need to increase the base, increase taxes, or reduce our overhead. We only really have control over two of those things. In my experience, there are countless roads built to maintain an "A" level of service (even in West Michigan, despite our growth) that are completely unnecessary given the cost of added maintenance per lane and the lack of use. Further, the following link contains data on total lane miles by state, determine whether your observations are accurate:
  5. Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Michigan's road infrastructure was overbuilt (in both lane widths and lane miles) and now we don't have the user (population) increase nor the political willingness to pay for it.
  6. New projects on the West Side

    I was going to speculate the same. They have always been busy when I've stopped to get coffee.
  7. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    I've seen first hand the cost of infrastructure deterring developers from going forth with a large development. Moderate densities and smaller lot sizes require water/sewer but it is cost prohibitive to install; thus, in the end, a new site condominium or plat with 75 lots becomes a handful of land divisions or one/two-acre lots with well and septic.
  8. Staybridge Suites announced for west side

    Has anyone else noticed that the Staybridge building placement is essentially a mirror image of the Woda building?
  9. Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    I've routinely snagged flights out of GRR that are cheaper than or equivalent to DTW and ORD. Timing helps typically, but on one occasion my flight out of GRR was $200 cheaper (on United through Chicago with final destination at SFO). Even my international flight to Frankfurt through Washington-Dulles was within $50 of a similar flight out of DTW. I've paid an arm and a leg for last-minute flights out of GRR as well, but that is typical of any airport.
  10. New projects on the West Side

    It almost looks like throwback brutalist architecture. Is that facade concrete?
  11. This I agree with. Some of the acceleration and deceleration lanes, particularly downtown, are incredibly short.
  12. Can we please not do this? This is the definition of disparaging and beneath the conduct of a Mod, IMO.
  13. Just a reminder. Increasing and expanding lanes does not necessarily solve or mitigate traffic issues. This is older thinking and has been challenged by the idea of "induced demand" or "induced traffic."
  14. Founders Brewing Company Expansions

    Now that I've said that, I wonder if the plan is to build on their existing lot once the proposed lot is built. It would make more sense as it is located adjacent to their existing brewing operation.
  15. Founders Brewing Company Expansions

    There has not been a single time that I have had difficulty parking within a block or two of founders for free and I go there almost weekly. If their lot is full, I take one lap around the block and the lot either opens up or there is a street space. I hope that this is more of a land banking strategy and not a long-term parking solution.