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  1. I recently talked to someone who works at a hotel downtown and this is one of the most frequent questions she receives from visitors: "where is the nearest pharmacy/Walgreens/etc."
  2. I don't think its retention. GVSU has the third highest retention rate (85% this year) in Michigan for first to second year students (behind only UM and MSU).
  3. It is parking for County employees. This property was part of a series of land-swaps in this area between the City, County, and MSU. The County lost a parking lot along the river so this property was traded and subsequently torn down. Not the best use for this lot but better than parking being along the river. Hopefully it won't stay parking for long.
  4. I can almost guarantee that the city will not just let it sit there unfinished and exposed. You would have to look at the requirements and conditions of the approval, but something will have to be done.
  5. That is wild. That place was regularly busy, especially while GVSU is in session.
  6. The vintage clothing store is in the small retail building just to the east. From what I understand, they wanted more space and couldn't expand at their original location. This location also offers them improved ADA and some of their own parking. Hopefully it works better for them and their old location gets occupied by another long-term use. The block with Frank's and Bitter End has long been active and occupied. In the meantime, this is a HUGE improvement to the old UAW building (new brick facade, window transparency, improved lighting, and an active use at the sidewalk). Not sure on exact timeline. Their announcement indicated a fall opening.
  7. I live within walking distance of Rise/Squibb and the place is pretty consistently busy. There is also a new vintage clothing store next door and Frank's Market is moving toward that end of West Fulton into the old UAW building which they are currently renovating/expanding:
  8. It sounds like i'm the odd-man out here but I liked the walk-up style of JP. It was similar to Founders and that is what i've come to expect from places I go to looking for craft beer and casual food. I also think that their pizza is fantastic. Having said all of that, the back area is absolute dead space.
  9. I know, and my comment was more or less to poke at that narrative as I see it far too often and I don't necessarily agree.
  10. Bad signs are exclusive to West Michigan. Who knew?
  11. Looking GR Building Eye, they are at least still progressing with permits. Electrical was pulled on July 8th with rough-in progress inspection on July 26th.
  12. According to the GVSU 2020 Capital Outlay that was submitted to the state for funding, the "Computer Information Systems Classroom Building" is being proposed for the Allendale campus: https://www.gvsu.edu/cms4/asset/83D77566-0FCE-1482-0E85CB93ACE30B91/capital_outlay_project_request_2020.pdf I would assume this would house their computer information systems and computer science programs, but I could be wrong.
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