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  1. That side of the mall, generally speaking, does not speak “high end mall” to me. Something should change. No hate on Macy’s, but this should be a flagship store. Dillards at least is three floors.
  2. Speculation: The Southpark Macy's is on it's way out. I went in there the other day to buy some socks and the condition of the store is sorely dated. There's a lot of little details, from outdated displays, faded signage, to bathrooms that look like they haven't been upgraded since the 90's, stained carpet, you name it. Not to mention the modly, in severe need of a pressure washing exterior. Does anyone have any inside knowledge or thoughts on this? It really seems like a Macy's at a mall like Southpark should be one it's nicest locations.
  3. I think the new station illustrates why we shouldn’t just give up on transit until there’s a leadership, or just a fundamental change as a whole at CATS. While the system isn’t run as well as it could be right now, the system’s infrastructure is good, solidly built, and can be modified, retrofitted, and added to over time, this being a prime example, and probably the best example (outside of extending the lines like the BLE and Gold Line 2.) Build it now, improve later. It would be nice if we could do both, but I don’t think there’s any city we can go to that got a home run on their first rapi
  4. I often referenced my mom's home city of Antwerp, Belgium and their extensive tram (streetcar) network. (Sidenote that Google refers to the Gold Line as a tram line) Comparing it to our network here in Charlotte, I think the most stark differences are the speed and frequency, as mentioned before. But I also think we are missing another thing, density and scale. From the southernmost terminal in the Port of Antwerp, to the city's beltway, it is only 2.6 miles. The entire Gold line currently is 4.0 miles. The streets in Antwerp are tight and winding, making it difficult for bus drivers to maneuv
  5. Late to the game here, but I spent way too much time this week explaining to people that you can’t limit the growth of a place like Plaza without hurting the neighborhood. The residents there need to take this and “Plazafy” it, but anyone with half a brain ought to see this as a far better option than the huge parking lot that was once there. When I lived in Plaza I can personally attest that more often than not I’d drive to the other side of Plaza purely because of the poor pedestrian landscape that Central Square provided. This will create a much more walkable environment by engaging with fo
  6. Photo from my grandpa’s house. Former CFD firefighter and captain. This is now the Domino’s pizza and Devils Logic brewing on 4th street. He doesn’t recall when the picture was taken but likely the 60’s. He is the firefighter to the left with his back facing the camera.
  7. I drive trucks and my trainer at my new company described the truck’s low center of gravity as being like they’re “riding on rails.” I couldn’t help but think that he’s probably never ridden the Gold Line.
  8. I think the Blue Line is *run* in the same degree of efficiency as any other transit system. I think the Gold Line will still take some getting used to for the operators as well (many who are also light rail operators.)
  9. Yep I think I was the only other one on the train at that time, that was when there was a delay due to an ambulance. Great timing for the live shot. Surprised they didn’t ask for comment from me.
  10. I posted that prior to my phone dying in case I hadn't had the chance to post prior to my dinner obligations, but lucky me I have time for a write up for anyone who cares to read. I boarded at the French Street terminus versus Gateway (nearest my home) so I could ride the whole line, the streetcar was waiting there, but it did not wait at the platform as that would block traffic. Upon boarding the ride was very smooth and comparable to streetcars and trams I've taken abroad. At the Gateway Station the train reset itself. Apparently this has been an issue on the Blue Line too? After
  11. Currently riding the full route. Not even done yet, had one “reset” where the train had to turn off and on again, as well as two vehicles on the tracks (will edit if we encounter another) dwell time was 15 mins at the terminus, at which we were forced to vacate the train. Currently some sleazy looking Channel 9 reporter is on here with his cameraman, so I’m curious as to what his report will sound like.
  12. I’m looking forward to riding it after work tomorrow, but it’s exceedingly frustrating that the city can’t seem to get this right. With the massive delays, and now 20 minute headways, it’s just frustrating. Yes I realize the contractor has a bit to do with it, but the longer I live in Charlotte, it always feels like we come just a little bit short of where we could be. And I’m saying that as somebody who loves the city.
  13. I should clarify that when I say "hold firm" I'm saying they might take advantage of their isolation on the "island" where they sit as a result of the cut over for College Street. The Cabaret would look a lot better with some density around it.
  14. Both of these businesses bring a lot of traffic, I don't think Midnight diner would open in the same place unless they wanted to have a similar setup to Redeye in the Epicentre, but I could see the Cabaret either holding firm, or being included in the development. If a developer can integrate a church (Southpark) then they can work with a strip club IMO. I think the fair question is what they may do with the spur from to Tryon to College, which, while convenient behind the wheel, but makes the area seem less pedestrian friendly than such an urban area should be. Keep it and you could avoid a m
  15. So is there any news? I have a friend coming to town next weekend, would love to ride it with them.
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