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  1. Not sure if this could belong under another topic, but I just caught wind that North Carolina is looking into pioneering 'Hydrail" service between our two largest cities. This would be a hydrogen powered train that only emits water vapor. It would be cleaner and more efficient that the ancient diesels they use now, and cheaper, and still technically cleaner than electrifying the whole line, which could cost $10-16 million per mile. I heard of this via Charlotte Stories but was able to confirm with some other local news sources. At work currently but I can add links for further verification soon.
  2. nakers2

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    "Charlotte — if only for reasons of geography — in often is competition with Atlanta for corporate relocations..." So petty Atlanta, lol
  3. nakers2

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Roof hatch on the Doubletree isn't locked, *wink wink*
  4. nakers2

    Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    Is that much parking necessary?
  5. I hope I don't derail the thread here, but what WAS the reason Hotel Charlotte ultimately met it's end? My understanding is that it closed in 1973, and was put on the NRHP in 1979, eventually being imploded in 1988 after 15 years of neglect. Was it really that simple? Once again, I know this isn't a thread about Hotel Charlotte, but from what I've heard about it, and what I understand Grand Bohemian is all about, this new hotel stands a good chance of being a social center just as the old hotel once was.
  6. nakers2

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    I'm somewhat glad this project is dragging it's feet a bit, gives us plenty of time to snag some "before" pictures of the site. I love seeing how landscapes change. I wonder how close the tower will come to the church? I love old next to new density, not something Charlotte has much of sadly, the only one I can think of off the top of my head, at least recently, is 300 South Tryon and the Latta Arcade, classic turn of the century design next to shiny, modern, state of the art, and a luxury hotel. A perfect side by side of old and new QC.
  7. Sorry for bucking the way the conversation is trending in regards to the app, but one of the most feasible parts of this plan that I see is the extension south to Pineville and eventually Ballentyne. I think Ballentyne will always be car centric, but I know more than a few people who will either drive from Ballentyne to the 485 station to park and ride, or will take a bus to 485 (or Archdale?) and connect to ride Uptown. A direct connection in Ballentyle makes sense. It would be one of the few times I'd actually be cool with a massive parking structure, I'm talking like airport scale. And it could spark a kind of town center development, and at least contribute to a degree of density in the area. On that note, I wonder how much Simon would be willing to cough up for a stop at or near Carolina Place? I imagine the route would follow Polk street and then Lancaster highway, but a more easterly route could easily incorporate a stop in the parking lot of Carolina Place Mall. I think if they don't push for this investment, Carolina Place might be the next dead mall in Charlotte. That whole area feels stuck in the 90's, and not in a nostalgic way. People DO still shop at malls, but what is the draw over there?
  8. I could see concrete being easier on smaller sites with little to no staging area, but I don't think this is a factor at this site. I've also noticed that usually on steel framed buildings it leaves more space between floors and inside the floor pillars for piping and wiring, which allows for the space saving factor.
  9. I've heard, among the other reasons given, that because steel beams are thinner than concrete pillars, it can be beneficial in terms of space savings/aesthetics. Which I could see, personally a steel building just looks lighter and more sleek than a concrete building.
  10. nakers2

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    That was the original reason, it was said that farmers would go "up to town" to sell their goods, and eventually it was shortened to Uptown. In the 70's or 80's, when there was actually some notable retail Uptown, by then called Downtown like most cities, they were having trouble getting people to come in from the suburbs for anything other than work, it had a gritty feel that many white collar people would have prefered to avoid. I don't feel like doing the research at the moment, but a prominent businessman here in Charlotte promoted "Uptown" Charlotte as a hub for dining and entertainment that still sticks today. So yes, in a way, the MODERN meaning is a bit pretentious, and frankly confusing, many signs around the city contradict each other. I think one sign at the airport says Uptown and another says Downtown, unless it's since been changed.
  11. nakers2

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    It was either a Charlotte Talks or FAQ City podcast that I heard John Lewis say the system was capable "when the time comes" to be fully automated. He joked that he'd have to have a long talk with the union about that.
  12. nakers2

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I’ve seen that a few times, not really sure what’s up. Maybe they can run the trains tighter if they put a few single cars inbetween the standard trains. I’m just waiting for them to buck up and get to using three car trains, that would be nice.
  13. nakers2

    Charlotte Off Topic

    Wasn’t sure where to put this, but I’d kill to have a mall with a rail connection...Carolina Place almost had a chance!
  14. nakers2

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Double post, but as I was leaving I had a man ask if he needed to pay to park, and I told him as far as I’m aware he just needed to have a ticket or pass. He then asked me why the spaces are numbered, and I had no answer, any ideas? I surmise it might be to make it easier for CATS to identify the location of a car that needs towing. Like they would say “space 647 needs to be towed”