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  1. For some happy news, NPR’s (not WFAE) leading news story on the 1pm slot was about how the DNC was delayed and will now “take place the week prior to the RNC in Charlotte” no North Carolina added.
  2. I was half tempted to nab the unattended bottle of hand sanitizer from the photo desk at Walmart (I didn't). What's scary is not necessarily the virus, though as a diabetic I am in the higher risk category, it's the irrational panic. Don't get me wrong, my faith in the federal government is tepid, however, if things get to a point where there's massive store closures, a large pack of toilet paper will last you months, if not a whole year, not to mention a good old fashioned bidet never killed anyone. People are hoarding so much that it's making "normal" people rush to the store even to just buy a small pack which is in turn depleting the supply even more. What baffles me is some of the select stuff that is being sold out, great example was a display that was half vitamins for "recovery" and half for "prevention" and the prevention half was all gone, recovery was untouched. Also notable is the medications being sold out, even allergy and pain meds, as if that will do anything.
  3. In New York they don’t, in Charlotte we need to be in a phase where we look at how much parking a building *really* needs.
  4. Went up that way last week for the CFD's initial entry exam at the Shriner's Temple. I normally go via Old Concord to see my brother at UNCC so I decided to see how much has changed on Tryon since I moved away from UC a year ago. Nice to see some of the retail spaces in the JW Clay deck are filling up, including a Sabor. The hotel is much closer to the roadway than I realized and I think it will make the area look MUCH more dense, not to mention the inevitable fringe development along Tryon down toward the hospital, either in the form of private acquisition, more medical, or the least likely considering the land they already own, but more UNCC facilities. This will help with the well known phenomenon whereas people will be willing to walk farther when their route is more "dynamic" with businesses and buildings, artwork, etc, versus parking lots and massive lawns.
  5. Maybe being a perpetual optimist will get me sniped for this opinion, but I like what the Tryon side of this building implies, and that is the fact the building is built on such a limited space, and is utilizing this frankly tiny lot that might have otherwise been used for a few dozen apartments efficiently. They could have taken more of the core for parking to utilize this side for retail, or they could have put the parking deck wall, and loading dock, on the other side, but I fail to see how a "better" development could've used this lot. We ended up with out modern equivalent to the Flatiron Building and I love it, I am cautiously optimistic that whatever utilizes the empty, and much larger parcel across the street will make up for the dead zone on Tryon. Maybe some art will spruce it up.
  6. This is just an example of jumping the gap, so many people in Charlotte still own cars, building a structure with no parking will simply displace those cars elsewhere, either on the street, or in pay lots. I think the necessary bridge is to limit a building to only as many parking spots as there are bedrooms in the building. I’m typing this even as I have a roommate who has an extra vehicle for work, and a girlfriend who frequently has to park across the street due to lack of visitor parking. But I understand for the overall fabric of the city, it is a necessary sacrifice for developers to make.
  7. I’m jumping back a few comments to reply to this, as someone who lives in Plaza Midwood, and drives from University frequently, I can attest that I used to go probably about 50 down that section of the Plaza, I know it was speeding, but I wasn’t the only one, and it felt safe to do. Now it doesn’t, I haven’t broken 40. I think that’s the main thing to take away here, slowing down traffic, the bike lanes are an added touch, and are welcome IMO.
  8. I actually came here to discuss another Plaza related item, the new bike lanes and street diet, I have to say it’s now one of my favorite streets in the city. There was a little jam on my drive today but that was due to a truck blocking one of the side streets due to signal work. I like how they added a separate red light at Plaza and Central as well as a bike signal to give cyclists both more protection and accountability in terms of following road laws. I think it’s another way the city is trying to legitimize cycling as a viable form of commuting.
  9. I think "midlife" shouldn't be taken too literally, or could alternatively refer to the halfway point to when the trains will need a full refurb. I know some of the trains on the DC Metro date to the early to mid 80's but are far from original "under the hood."
  10. I've said this for a long time, people will complain about "lack of parking" when a giant parking lot only has a few spots in the back, but when a place has literally no parking, people almost don't seem to notice. I didn't even realize Workman's Friend in Plaza had parking in the rear for months. I'm glad you mentioned the Harris Teeter in PM because for the size of that store, I've been to European grocery stores with more parking. I think decks, and shared parking is the future. I'm not one of those people who thinks parking should be eliminated altogether, but the way it's been done is generally wasteful and without much thought. Even if popular opinion doesn't shift, which it is and will continue, the economics of it will. More and more developers are realizing that for what they pay for the property, the percentage of land traditionally used for parking is an abhorrent waste for 95% of the year.
  11. 15 min delays north and southbound due to a mechanical issue, “sorry for the inconvenience”
  12. Certainly. The Tinder Box at Southpark does exceedingly well. I know one gentleman who spends over 400 dollars a week on high end cigars.
  13. I'm a bit late to the party, but I support a total rebuild of the discovery place. For 400 million you can get pretty creative with the site use. It is both fortunate from a historical preservation perspective, but unfortunate from a site use perspective that we have arguably one of Charlotte's more beautiful churches occupying the corner, but a new building, if done right, can really complement the structure and utilize it for photogenic appeal. I think since we can't really do a wider structure, a taller, or deeper building is called for. Dig down a few floors, and go up a few floors. Add an aquarium element underground, utilize the main floor for either some miscellaneous permanent exhibits and food, or use this as the opportunity to utilize a whole floor for traveling exhibitions, or perhaps even the ability to host two smaller exhibits at once. Segregate a whole floor, or part of a floor for more children's oriented exhibits so that adult visitors can avoid, and then provide a variety of exhibitions on the remaining floor spaces. In regards to the Discovery Place Nature Museum, it's just classic NIMBYism, plain and simple. Live in an urban area but don't want to deal with traffic, move next to a park, but don't appreciate when people from across the city want to use it. I'd fancy a guess that a large chunk of the area's population, especially kids, have utilized this facility.
  14. I don't think they've entirely finished paving, it's the same at Graham and Trade.
  15. My European mother was culture shocked moving to Charlotte in the 80s/Early 90's, she said that Fat Tuesday's was one of the few things she envied over her European roots. Today, her opinion on Charlotte has changed considerably.
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