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  1. I rushed over here as soon as I heard the news. I knew it would happen eventually, but considering the recent sign update I figured we had a few years on this one! I hope they incorporate the CVS in the new development, either as a new store, or somehow make the current building more pedestrian friendly, primarily for selfish reasons but it is nice to have a close by convenience store/pharmacy.
  2. It's funny because I was literally having this argument with someone at work the other day. I lamented about the massive deck at legacy and they said something to the effect of "they probably did it for the panthers so it's cheaper to park on gameday" *insert eye roll emoji here* Big parking decks do NOT benefit the public, they only go to line pockets. Once the people of a city have been programmed to accept high parking rates they will question less why the number of decks has increased, but the cost has gone up. On a semi related note, if someone parked at the Whole Foods to go "shopping" and then went to the game, returning a few hours later to have lunch there, and then validated their ticket, could they hypothetically get two hours of parking free still? Or is the hourly rate jacked to where it wouldn't make sense to do this (because you'd be there more than two hours obviously)
  3. The Dairy Queen's fate was inevitable, I called this month's ago when walking by with my friend. The issue with the site is that it sits smack in the middle of the lot, there's no way anyone can "Thirsty Beaver" their way around this one, and it's an awful use of the lot from a contemporary perspective.
  4. No worries, after having a good chunk of my income garnished by purchasing a girl a cocktail at Fahrenheit last night I might be the more responsible Charlottian this weekend....ah who am I kidding, catch me at the Beaver boys.
  5. I'm like 99% sure that's the backside of the number display. I think you meant that as sarcasm, but @kermit's reply seemed to imply he thought you were serious. If not, disregard me lol
  6. I think it's a bit of a pipe dream, but it can be done. It was posted on here a week or so ago that a lot of projects are being built with minimum parking requirements waived. Large buildings like hotels will inevitably continue to have parking included for the foreseeable future, which is honestly fine with me, I'd rather have decks concealed in or under structures than have blocks of buildings with no parking and then have a massive deck here or there messing up the cityscape. I think developers, especially residential are recognizing the unsightly nature of parking decks and are taking more steps than just screening like they had been a few years ago.
  7. Family vacation to DC my senior year of high school we stayed in a hotel that had 13 spots for 100+ rooms, needless to say my dad had to take the car to park elsewhere. He found a deck, not lot, but the attendant took his money and demanded the key, when he brought the car back on the day we left my dad had a hard time convincing my mother he didn't smoke in the car while gone.
  8. Everytime I visit a new city, the cost of parking at the hotel determines where I stay. The reality is that intercity travel in the US is very car dependent. You can get around in a city pretty well, but between them is a challenge. I love DC, one of my favorite cities, but I always stay in Crystal City at the Americana Hotel because they're the only place near a metro line with free parking that I can find.
  9. My brother drives a Ford, and their sat-nav system really shows how much Independence destroyed the grid between Plaza Midwood and Elizabeth, I wish I could screenshot it, but it does more justice than Google Maps and other apps in showing the literal tear in the fabric of that grid.
  10. I'm curious, there's a page called "Charlotte NC" I follow on Facebook, and it seems that they and Charlotte Stories posts at the same time, Charlotte NC always has more comments and likes. I'm curious, are they affiliated, or does Charlotte Stories steal from them?
  11. Recessions are a construct, if corporations would pay their employees better wages, and allow them, not just shareholders to grow with the corporation's success, then we wouldn't have a situation where people's spending catches up with them. Recessions happen because people don't want to sit still and not advance, if we fuel that advancement (within' reason) then a major crash wouldn't happen.
  12. Wasn't that bridge recently replaced? I recall them doing some work on this exit a few months ago. Either way, I love "dead highways" or parts of highways. There's another dead ramp where the Encore Cadence apartments are near the Music Factory. It was abandoned well before they were constructed but would've gone right through the site if it existed today.
  13. I know that wishing for a "new tallest" is a long shot right now, but there are few plots of land where I could imagine a new flagship tower in Uptown, the CTC, the NCRR site, and the parking lot adjacent to Fahrenheit are three of them. I'd be willing to settle for a 30-40 story tower to at least add some depth, selfishly, to my skyline view from Plaza, however, this is about as central as you can get without building on the square itself. In terms of the affordable housing, it sounds appealing, but sadly I am pessimistic about it, the people who can afford what will be the most centrally located apartments/condos in the city will not want "workforce housing" in their building, though a $500 a month studio would be something I'd kill for, as single guy I don't think I'll qualify though! Speaking of "nimby-ism" while were on the topic though, how do you guys think having a bus station either under or across from the site will affect it's marketability? Or will it perhaps have an opposite effect, and spark a more friendly view to bus transit in Charlotte, thus decreasing incidents of crime and unruly behavior by more or less "watering down" the perceived (and not entirely unjustified) gritty image of the current facility?
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