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  1. I will never forget the time I went to a 505 pre-opening gathering for real estate/interior designers in Nashville and was on the elevator with Tony G on the way up to the amenities deck. Later, when I told the friend I came with who the man in the elevator was he said "He BUILT this building? Wow! He seems like such a nice, normal guy." I have no doubts that Tony's development efforts come from a genuine love for Nashville, especially Church Street. He is willing to take risks to build towers that not only increase the city's profile, but help the city's citizens at the same time.
  2. I was driving on the interstate from Rosa Parks towards 440 today and notice how MASSIVE these towers seem, along with the West End apartment tower next to the Graduate. I love the height, but my dream is that West End/Broadway will gain so many towers that these just blend in to the mix.
  3. These posts highlight the main issue with "STICKS," as I call it. There is no ambience to the area. It simply looks as if some local artist was hired to 'fill the roundabout' as cheaply as possible. The landscaping is atrocious. If only there were some ornamental shrubbery, or even a flat gravel area from which the poles could protrude, it would look infinitely better; as well as some substantial nighttime illumination, not just on the ground but maybe on the tops of the poles themselves. Hopefully this new development tempts the city to undergo an upgrade to the 'art.'
  4. But honestly, is it 612' or 618' ? Either way, it will appear to be the tallest because of the elevation on that lot. But will it actually be the tallest? Hopefully this comes to fruition and spurs more development across KVB, so the SoBro and "Pie Town" areas will start to fill in.
  5. Ooooooh.... I bet some folks in the Stahlman won't be happy about losing their view of downtown. But I love this proposal! Keeping a classic building as a base but expanding on top is a great idea. From the alley, you can see inside this building and it seems to have been deteriorating over the past few years. I'm glad it's being repurposed.
  6. Really? Unless the elevator shaft is a source of interior support for a building, they don't need to be solid concrete bunker-type structures. With all the concrete columns on each floor, the elevator shaft in this tower will likely just be surrounded by thick fireproof drywall or simple masonry.
  7. I'm pretty sure some "incentive" ($$$) from the law offices in the Pinnacle convinced him not to sell......
  8. Mayor John Cooper has nixed a potential deal to relocate PSC Metals' sprawling scrapyard off the East Bank. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/11/19/exclusive-mayor-cooper-nixed-proposal-to-relocate.html
  9. OH! But DON'T YA KNOW.... "Widening the interstate does NOTHING to alleviate the.... blah blahhh BLAH!"
  10. Like Nashville, London is booming! The skyline has changed a lot since i was studying there just 5 years ago. It's a perfect city for everyone, especially young people. I enjoyed every part of it. Especially the efficient mass transit.
  11. I disagree. Hackberry trees are VERY replaceable..... Yuck.
  12. I think the white exterior is beautiful! It's going to be big, bright, and imposing, as all impressive federal buildings should be! I'm excited to see the finished product. I have been thinking the same thing! One would think that, being a federal building, they wouldn't want the general public knowing all of the details of the internal structure/construction/weak points, etc.. Granted, anyone can take pictures from afar, but I thought there would be some type of security preventing someone from gathering close photos, or lingering too long nearby.
  13. Maybe the nasty email I sent to MDHA when Hensler "won" the design "competition" did the trick! (I'll just keep telling myself that)
  14. Another "big fix" that would make our downtown area really POP is developing all the PARKING LOTS!!! I can't stand that so many locations in our city, perfect for a 30-story apartment or office, are just slabs of asphalt. This tower is one that will help create a homogenous skyline. Even if it's only 15 stories, the massing from the Kimpton/Aertson, Adelicia, Kennect, Morris, and on to the Virgin will be a big visual impact.
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