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  1. Can we see a rendering already?? I have a feeling it will look like an older style skyscraper with a majority stone exterior instead of glass. Also, can someone who has the original Signature Tower rendering post it again? The very first one that was a stone exterior. Not the rendering we are all familiar with.
  2. If we do get these, they wont be in Antioch.
  3. NashvilleObserver

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    I once took Granny White Pike, cut over to Belmont Blvd, and then cut over to 12th South for about two weeks when I started a new job. I never knew they were the same road!!
  4. Yeah, this is definitely going to put Lebanon Premium Outlets (now called Outlet Marketplace) out of business, as mentioned before in this thread. That "mall" has been circling the drain since before 2008. The last time I was there the Pac Sun had been replaced by what was basically a bookstore that looked like a yardsale. Pretty soon they'll just set up vendors "flea market" style in the parking lot.
  5. NashvilleObserver

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    How is that TDOT's fault?
  6. Oh my god.... THE RED!!!!! WHY WHY WHYYYY???? It is such a random color for this building. I was hoping it would turn out looking like a calm burnt ochre, but..... no.
  7. NashvilleObserver

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Bird and Lime scooters in Santa Monica get destroyed by locals; thrown in the ocean, ran over by cars, or set on fire. Check out @birdgraveyard on Instagram. I do not understand this mentality at all......
  8. NashvilleObserver

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Pay homage to the building?? By what, completely changing it? But seriously, they might as well tear it down and start from scratch.
  9. NashvilleObserver

    The Gulch Projects

    Google Maps converts data from the satellite imagery into the basic map, and will often suggest to Maps editors (like myself) to name places it thinks are significant. The programming no doubt thought a big body of water in the middle of a city was there on purpose and prompted someone to name it. If anyone wants corrections or additions made for places in Nashville on Google Maps just let me know!! Side-note: I have tried and failed many times to have the name "Pie Town" removed but it seems to be permanent
  10. That's bronze cladding.
  11. NashvilleObserver

    Capitol View Northwestern Mutual/HCA 32 acres of mixed use | UC

    Is there any word on when the tower for the empty lot between the LifeWay and HCA buildings will begin construction?
  12. Yes, I was referring to the actual tower portion of the apartment tower. The plans show a large boxy base, and a slimmer tower rising out of it. But if the base is 7 floors then it appears the actual tower portion is about to start.
  13. I assume the base of the apartment tower is now complete, and the actual tower portion is about to start rising? Is that accurate?
  14. NashvilleObserver

    Nashville Public Art

    For those who don't know, this is made of flimsy sticks that dance and sway from the slightest breeze. It's actually quite interesting and beautiful, like some sort of kinetic sculpture.
  15. Sorry you don't like them but they could save lives... so..... hmmm.... maybe just get over it? The beautiful white exterior and robust architecture will be great addition to downtown.