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  1. That place is nasty. Funny how they cleared the land and removed blight but 60 years later we're right back where we started.
  2. This photo from the Tennessean, from August 2016, shows what it will look like.
  3. It said "MUSIC CITY (name of a local beer I don't remember) NOW ON TAP" It also displays a message for Vanderbilt Men's Basketball, when the Predators win, etc.
  4. For those opposed to the new design: Do you want a bridge, or not? If you do, this is the design Nashville can afford right NOW. Maybe in 10 years Nashville will be in a position to spend money on architecturally stunning pedestrian bridges (which in my opinion not many people will use.) Personally, yes, I LOVE the original design, but given the choice, I'd take a ordinary bridge now over maybe possibly a "cool" bridge sometime in the future.
  5. I'm so glad this beautiful Art Deco building is being renovated. It was a retirement home for many years and there were reports the conditions inside were pretty unlivable.
  6. Antique feel? More like abandoned eye-sore. Once the Whole Foods is built on the block next door, this area will be crawling with pedestrians. I wish they'd started from scratch and built something with more street activation, but at least the re-purposed building looks nice.
  7. Personally I think the rounded setback is kind of tacky and looks like a tiny hat trying to fit on a fat head. It's a design element reminiscent of the 1990's. The flat top looks clean and elegant and makes the tower seem taller relative to the buildings nearby.
  8. Article from the Nashville post clears this up My understanding of the Nashville Post article was that instead of the rounded top section, they would simply continue the windows upwards instead. I'm not sure this equates to an increase in height since its simply replacing the structure that was already going to be there.
  9. I second each of these comments. Aertson is a rare gem among many recent mid-town blunders.
  10. I agree. It may not be the prettiest option for that lot, or the tallest, but it is development plain and simple, and it takes up the entire property rather than leaving empty space. It means more jobs, more office space, and another tower downtown. I would be very angry if Metro were stopping or hindering development on office towers because they felt the side of the parking garage "wasn't pretty enough." We may get to the point where Nashville is so developed that we can afford to cancel an ugly project or two, but we are NOT at that stage yet, which is why I'm glad 222 was built. However the Hensler/Eakins plan for the lots near the Trolley Barns is absolutely ridiculous. THIS is a project I can support being canceled. These lots are a prime development area and they settle for a 4-story office building, open "green space" and a tacky, short, white residential building.
  11. There's also a Panera Bread being built in front of the Cracker Barrel!
  12. a restaurant called Barcelona. Delicious!
  13. BWSC Office building