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  1. I'm glad the news is finally out! Skanska was in talks with Apple for a while, and Apple finally sealed the deal months ago when they told Skanska basically "No, tear all that down, we're gonna' do our own thing." I couldn't spill the beans, so just left it at "large tech company." I have been thinking of the idea of the giant apple logo, cornerpiece of a shiny new downtown development, staring down the Honky Tonks of Broadway. I love the juxtaposition. A flagship Apple store across the street from a one-story honky tonk with a mural of all the country greats on the side. This will be the line of demarkation between the touristy "cowboy boots" part of Nashville, and the metropolitan city that is growing up around us.
  2. Now are you referring to Sun Ra, or Lady Gaga? Both start a song with the same lyric.
  3. The walls in the rendering didn't appear to be as massive. Why couldn't they just leave it blank, or add spaces for frequently-changing temporary signage... to promote the Titans, Predators, CMA Fest, etc. I think it just looks cheap to put a flowery mural on it.
  4. Oh jeez.... I read a lot of backlash online about this Walmart closing. These millennials (I am one myself) were going crazy over this, suggesting that it was racist for Walmart to close this location, saying the city should FORCE Walmart to keep the store open, and suggesting elderly people would die because the Walmart pharmacy was closing.
  5. I hope that the giant screens at the Broadway/West End split stays, but is incorporated onto a new tower. I've always imagined that area could become Nashville's own "Times Square" of sorts. This Broadwest development would certainly help spur that!
  6. I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake last summer. After that I had to take a break from hiking at Radnor for a while....
  7. "Yaaaaas henny!! Rosé all daaaay!!!" - literally what every Nashville bachelorette party shouts at brunch while drinking pink wine.
  8. Three new restaurants announced for the Food Hall. Edley’s Bar-B-Que, Hattie Jane’s Creamery and Seed Hospitality are set to join the $450 million project's food hall, set to open in summer 2020. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/05/07/fifth-broadways-newest-round-of-restaurants.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline
  9. So it sounds like this plan is already dead in the water? Who is going to pay 100% out-of-pocket for property, stadium construction, franchise expansion costs, etc. for a dying sport that is losing fans year-over-year? These "NASCAR in Nashville" and "MLB in Nashville" enthusiasts are focusing way too much on an absolute pipe dream.
  10. New renderings have been posted. And a green element has been added to the facade of the corner hotel (1 Hotel). "the team is now proposing modifications to the project — specifically, the 1 Hotel component — to feature multiple environmentally friendly elements. It has enlisted Connecticut-based AgroScience Inc. to assist with a landscaped green wall feature that will be part of the exterior, according to the documents the city now has." https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21067626/new-images-released-for-sobro-hotel-project
  11. No plans to make the announcement soon. There's still negotiations taking place.
  12. I have this same thought every single morning. It seems idiotic to me that Ellington does not directly connect with the interstate. It is such a big artery for commuters, but to get to the interstate you have to stop at a few lights on Spring Street, or cut through the James Robertson traffic to work your way into the tiny turn lane under the overpass. Its such a cluster***** during morning and evening rush hour. Some say working on interstates does nothing to stop congestion, but what about better planning for interstate on-ramps and off-ramps that cause horrendous back-ups?! I would much rather have city officials focus on this rather than painting all of our city busses purple.
  13. Great news! Some much-needed development for the east side. Maybe this will help kick-start the transformation of Dickerson.
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