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  1. "Centennial Hall was moved from the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exhibition to its current majestic location on 20 acres near the future terminus of Mack Hatcher Parkway. It remains a historic showplace after an incredible restoration by the current owner." -from Zillow. The location is 1015 Carlisle Lane.
  2. Let's hope it too much to resist. There's no reason a prime plot of land like that should be wasted on a dairy plant. That's belongs in an industrial/warehouse area.
  3. Finally we can stop discussing where it's going to go!
  4. The building is owned by the owners of Play dance bar. It's not on the market
  5. The West End area has had plenty of development, especially in the streets off WE. Aertson/Kimton, Hates Street Hotel, Morris Condos (M Residences) and SKY HOUSE, just to name a few. However I think Church Street is just too close to the Charlotte Ave side of Nashville to elicit a transformation just yet.
  6. I just love those setbacks...
  7. The floor counts have been altered. First reported as 16 and 25-story towers, the dual-brand hotel will now have a 18 and a 30-story tower! Dang you beat me to it. Here's the full post: The development team about to break ground on a two-hotel project in SoBro has altered the floor count of both buildings and has released new images. White/Peterman Properties Inc. of Merrillville, Indiana, and Atlanta-based Five Star Realty Partners will have the towers for the two Hilton hotels — an Embassy Suites and a Curio — constructed on a 1.3-acre site located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Demonbreun Street and Eighth Avenue South. Previously, the team said its plans included a 25-story tower for the Embassy Suites (432 guestrooms) and a 16-story building to accommodate the Curio (260 rooms). The two hotels would have offered a combined 692 rooms. According to the website of LK Architects, the Wichita, Kansas-based firm handling design for the project, the towers are now being eyed for 30 and 18 floors, respectively. The collective guestroom count, the website notes, is 721. Officials with the development team could not be reached for comment. The rubble from a recently razed building that has sat on the site is being cleared and a groundbreaking is expected by summer. On an adjacent site, a 19-story building under construction and to accommodate a Cambria hotel has been topped. According to plans previously submitted to the Metro Planning Department Downtown Code Design Review Committee, the two Hilton hotel towers will rise from a pedestal building of sorts. (Click on the above image to see additional renderings.) The Embassy Suites tower will include a first-floor restaurant (open also to the public) and a fourth-floor kitchen, bar and dining area for guests. In addition, that building also will include a rooftop swimming pool, a bar, a deck and a fitness center. The Curio tower will feature a first-floor restaurant and bar for both guests and the public, a fitness center, meeting spaces on the fourth floor and a rooftop with a bar and an event deck. It is unclear if the development team will need to return to the design review committee to address the seemingly added extra height of the two buildings.
  8. 505CST (Paramount), the Sky House, and SoBro Tower, all have parking garages that are not a main base of the tower structure, but Aertson, the Adelicia, and many other have parking at PART of the base with amenities decks on the top of the parking structure
  9. Oh no!! Kung Fu is terrible! Don't encourage anyone to go here! Especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the noise penetrates my 8th floor windows!! (but honestly Kung Fu is really fun)
  10. Another lot developed into something useful! Good.
  11. Glass is going up!
  12. The development team seeking to reinvent the SoBro site home to Market Street Apartments with a two-tower mixed-use project has taken a step forward by having environmental sampling work done on the site. Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Northern Capital Investments and Boston-based The Congress Group created Second Avenue Partners to undertake the approximately $350 million project. A spokesman confirmed SAP has enlisted the Nashville office of Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based TTL Inc. for a geotechnical study “to advance the due diligence and the project design.” Of note, the project seemingly has been affected, in part, because SAP has not been able to resolve legal concerns related to a small adjacent parcel with an address of 134 Second Ave. S. and that the entity previously had agree to buy from Belle Meade Investments as part of the effort. (Read more about that legal matter here.) Metro has given approval for SAP to move forward on the development without the 0.14-acre Belle Meade Investments parcel, but it is unclear if the developer will do so. SAP has a contract to buy the 1.6-acre main property (comprising two parcels), owned by Jack May and on which the soil and rock testing has been done. The deal was previously slated to close last year but the date has since been extended. It is unclear when SAP — which declined to comment beyond confirming the environmental sampling work — will close on the purchase of the May property. Russell Harwell, a partner at Adams and Reese who focuses his practice on commercial real estate matters, is representing Belle Meade Investments. He could not be reached for comment.
  13. I think they're stunning
  14. That pocket park is on the rooftop of the building that will be next to the H&M