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  1. I drove by this morning and tried to do a quick floor count; I got 24 floors. Can anyone else confirm if this has reached the top?
  2. .....An average of one floor per........ MONTH.......... But isn't the 6th floor the amenities deck? Maybe after these 2 floors are completed, it will start moving quicker.
  3. No it's not open yet.
  4. I walked down printer's alley for dinner, then was in the area again two weeks later and could notice absolutely no changes to the hotel site. Yes, it's very slow. The Cambria SHOT up. I could observe the construction from Midtown and, after the base was completed, the tower portion seemed to climb one floor every couple of days.
  5. A 25,000-seater is way too ambitious for Clarksville. It would only be filled if there's a rodeo, or if Trump visits.
  6. It's just one man's opinion. I'll take it with a grain of salt.
  7. ^^^ See the post above
  8. These photos are amazing! thanks!
  9. I know many people dislike this new development, and I agree, the original render was very spectacular, but I really like this dark-colored exterior. Plus, its INFILL!!!
  10. I was looking out the windows at The Cumberland when I noticed how many downtown towers had bank names on them... First Tennessee tower, Fifth /Third, Bank of America, Sun Trust, Regions, UBS, Pinnacle.... It's only a matter of time time until another joins them.
  11. Here are some different renderings I came across today. I don't believe these have been posted on here yet. It looks like the tower will be mostly brick.
  12. Agreed! Quit complaining and walk a few blocks!! It is hilarious to hear people complain about parking downtown. There is PLENTY of parking in Nashville, if you know how to find it. And if you can't find it, or don't want to, just take an Uber.... It's really not that complicated. Now let's get back to 'food and beverage.'
  13. And we'll soon have the answer to the question people seem to be obsessing and debating over.... "IS IS GONNA' BE TALLER THAN PINNACLE???!?!?!"
  14. I doubt the files are several years old if they included an accurately-shaped render of the proposed Whole Foods/apartment tower.