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  1. It was last year, I believe, that the Nashville Scene voted this one of the ugliest new buildings in Nashville.
  2. NashvilleObserver

    Repurposed/revitalized historical buildings in Nashville

    Ooh I LOVE Pink Flamingo! Such a fun place for a late-night drink!
  3. NashvilleObserver

    Endeavor/1200 Broadway, 27 stories, residential/office/retail

    I wish it would look like this...
  4. NashvilleObserver

    More Accolades for Nashville

    On Google Chrome, if you hit "refresh", but cancel the refresh before the page fully loads, the full article will be visible. Works for both Nashville Post and Nashville Business Journal.
  5. NashvilleObserver

    Nashville College & University Expansion

    Pepperdine is constantly ranked the "Most Beautiful Campus in America" by various polls/articles. A buddy who went there said a few professors would tell them to just meet down at the beach for class. I was jealous!! I think Vanderbilt is a beautiful example of a "Collegiate Gothic" campus, which is rooted in the Tudor style. This new expansion along West End is going to look spectacular to passers-by.
  6. NashvilleObserver


    Katsuya, Fleming's and a Wolfgang Puck restaurant would be spectacular in Downtown Nashville. Not bland or useless.
  7. Is it possible to pass an ordinance that bans the use of brown or cream-colored cladding within the CBD? Seriously. You would think we learned our lesson after the hideous Hyatt Place. Regardless, this is not the best looking hotel, but I'm glad we have this much-needed infill. Hopefully the expansion will continue rolling through SoBro, and the one-story building in this pic will be facing the bull dozers soon.
  8. NashvilleObserver

    Soccer in Nashville

    WOW!!! Maybe I should start paying more attention to soccer!!!
  9. Already?! From previous structure demo to crane going up, that seems like an unusually fast turnaround time! Does anyone know why they wouldn't just build all three structures at once (office tower, hotel, apt tower) instead of just one building first?
  10. NashvilleObserver

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    You can't meme gif your own diss. And what's with the bandwagon hate for Chik-Fil-A. It's incredible. Has anyone tried the Shake Shack in Green Hills? I've never had it before and it was incredible!
  11. I imagine that reinforcing the ballroom and large roof spans enough to support the weight of a park would be prohibitively expensive, especially with lost convention bookings due to construction.
  12. NashvilleObserver

    Cookeville News

    The composition of Cookeville's limestone bedrock gives it one of the highest concentrations of caves in the world. Through a cave-loving friend who got me interested in spelunking, I've met scientists and regular enthusiasts who come from all over the world to visit the string of caves from Cookeville to Sparta. Many of the best locations are on private property and you have to be granted special permission to enter them.
  13. NashvilleObserver

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    London has 24/7 workers cleaning the subways and streets. I asked a policeman where the trashcan was in the Underground and he said "just leave it in the corner and it will be picked up in a few minutes."
  14. Agreed! This is going to be a lot taller than I imaged, and more imposing than the renderings suggested.
  15. NashvilleObserver

    The Gulch Projects

    Spot on!!! My mind can't begin to grasp the amount of unwinding we would need to do in Nashville.