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  1. The development team seeking to reinvent the SoBro site home to Market Street Apartments with a two-tower mixed-use project has taken a step forward by having environmental sampling work done on the site. Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Northern Capital Investments and Boston-based The Congress Group created Second Avenue Partners to undertake the approximately $350 million project. A spokesman confirmed SAP has enlisted the Nashville office of Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based TTL Inc. for a geotechnical study “to advance the due diligence and the project design.” Of note, the project seemingly has been affected, in part, because SAP has not been able to resolve legal concerns related to a small adjacent parcel with an address of 134 Second Ave. S. and that the entity previously had agree to buy from Belle Meade Investments as part of the effort. (Read more about that legal matter here.) Metro has given approval for SAP to move forward on the development without the 0.14-acre Belle Meade Investments parcel, but it is unclear if the developer will do so. SAP has a contract to buy the 1.6-acre main property (comprising two parcels), owned by Jack May and on which the soil and rock testing has been done. The deal was previously slated to close last year but the date has since been extended. It is unclear when SAP — which declined to comment beyond confirming the environmental sampling work — will close on the purchase of the May property. Russell Harwell, a partner at Adams and Reese who focuses his practice on commercial real estate matters, is representing Belle Meade Investments. He could not be reached for comment.
  2. I think they're stunning
  3. That pocket park is on the rooftop of the building that will be next to the H&M
  4. I'm teasing. I just get confused when i read "it's at floor 42" and think the core has three floors left, or when I assume "5 floors to go" means the core is getting 5 floors taller. Haha
  5. Okay, so one vote each for 44th floor, 42nd floor, and 41st floor. Anyone else wanna throw out a guess?
  6. The Museum is near the corner of 5th and Broadway (two entrances). That garage is in Broadway almost directly across from 6th Ave. I think you're seeing it wrong because in every single rendering that has been out or is out, the retail walk-through is lined on both sides with shops. Also, according to several renderings that have been available for months, the Broadway side is going to have a restaurant, a museum entrance, an H&M store, another restaurant, a few more retail locations, and one entrance to the apartment parking garage.
  7. Exactly! People always seem to equate floor count to height, and it doesn't necessarily correlate. The HCA tower is 16 floors and the 1212 Condo is 23, but there's only 3 feet difference in height.
  8. Dual brand*
  9. I drove by this morning and tried to do a quick floor count; I got 24 floors. Can anyone else confirm if this has reached the top?
  10. .....An average of one floor per........ MONTH.......... But isn't the 6th floor the amenities deck? Maybe after these 2 floors are completed, it will start moving quicker.
  11. No it's not open yet.
  12. I walked down printer's alley for dinner, then was in the area again two weeks later and could notice absolutely no changes to the hotel site. Yes, it's very slow. The Cambria SHOT up. I could observe the construction from Midtown and, after the base was completed, the tower portion seemed to climb one floor every couple of days.
  13. A 25,000-seater is way too ambitious for Clarksville. It would only be filled if there's a rodeo, or if Trump visits.
  14. It's just one man's opinion. I'll take it with a grain of salt.