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  1. Grand Rapids Hydroponics Inc. is growing like a weed! The company took over the former Neon Americana storefront at 510 Leonard along with a couple of storefronts to directly to the west. I believe it started at 524 Leonard. The former Neon Americana store has a distinctive architecture, with a rounded metal facade like the former Junior Achievement building downtown. It's one of the nicer buildings on the street, and I hope it doesn't continue remain just warehousing as it is now.
  2. I talked with the owner of DeVries Jewelers, which owns the Lannings Restaurant property, and the construction around that parcel is entirely road and sidewalk work. DeVries may build a new store at the location, but nothing is imminent.
  3. You guys are simply ahead of the curve, GRDadof3! Urban Planet is a great forum, and I hope to become a regular contributor now as I tool around the city. I'm more just listening now to see what sparks interest. Last week I was looking at the old Lannings restaurant on Leonard and did a little research into exactly what happened to this long-time established restaurant in Grand Rapids. I'd say it took the same path to nowhere that the old Duba's restaurant took -- leave its core market and move to the burbs. Lannings operated for a few years at a retail strip mall, then apparently closed
  4. For many do-it-yourselfers and teens growing up in Grand Rapids, Baker Auto Parts was a godsend when it came to finding door handles, starter motors and tail light lenses to get their late model cars and trucks running again. No more. Baker Auto has closed, and its some 22 acres of property straddling several blocks along Alpine Avenue NW is up for sale. It will be worthwhile to watch what happens to the property, which rests amid a jumble of industrial, commercial and retail properties on the west side of the 2000 block of Alpine. As an auto salvage yard, Baker Auto Parts could ne
  5. None of this was reported by the media last week. I wrote the original story for Crain's Detroit Business two years ago that first mentioned TechShop. TechShop Inc. is considering Grand Rapids as its next location to launch a $4 million makerspace that would allow anyone with the proper training to use sophisticated equipment and software to make personal projects from metal, plastics, textiles and other materials. “It’s a gym for creatives,” TechShop CEO Dan Woods told a group of about 60 people last night who were attending a Grand Rapids Inventors Network monthly meeting. “But ins
  6. This news has been underplayed in Grand Rapids, partly I think because residents aren't seeing the big picture of what TechShop will do. TechShop will be a significant resource for local corporations, universities and colleges and the Grand Rapids School District. The company intends to spend about $4 million to outfit a roughly 15,000-square-foot building with machine tools that anyone can use -- with the proper training. Up to now, only larger metropolitan areas have been locations for TechShop. The top of this thread has links for more details. Who will use it? Corporations w
  7. TechShop CEO Dan Woods and his team visited Grand Rapids this past week to wrap up an assessment of whether TechShop, a high-end and for-profit makerspace, will locate here. Here are the details: TechShop Wed and TechShop Fri. They will probably make an announcement in the next three months, but they are already setting the table for raising $3 million to fund the venture. They met with officials GVSU, the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology and other stakeholders this past week. Given the stakeholders that are involved in the potential project, I think there is a very high probabli
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