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  1. This apartment complex is massive yet looks "small" from Old Pineville. Looks like the main entrance is off E Cama St and I have always wondered how that side looks. Lots of new residents coming to this area with this complex, the Novel complex at LoSo, and all of the townhomes under construction in the surrounding blocks.
  2. Will be interesting to see if the city can be nimble on this and quickly pivot to property tax increase with perhaps only a half cent increase in sales tax (with the state taking the other half).
  3. Will be interesting to see if they build for a local business expanding or an out of town relocation.
  4. Great photos @QCxpat. Side note, I wish they would start burying all power lines / utilities in South End.
  5. These three parcels were the ones acquired according to Polaris. I wonder if they are aiming to acquire the three parcels in the middle there.
  6. Saucemans?? My kid is going to be crushed.
  7. From The Ledger this morning: “Cousins Properties bought four parcels (1,2,3,4) totaling 3.4 acres near the intersection of South Tryon and Bland streets for $28.1M. The land includes several surface lots as well as the building that contains Hot Taco and All American Pub. OK, if you haven’t heard of those, it’s the building that used to include the restaurant Greek Isles and, if you really have a long Charlotte memory, Jillian’s. A Cousins spokeswoman told The Ledger she had no comment on plans for the site.” Any thoughts on if this mean a new tower on the horizon or just land banking for the future?
  8. Is this retail space large enough to fit an Apple store? I know recently it has been mentioned as a possibility.
  9. Spotted this in South End today.
  10. The bridge sidewalk is fairly wide and my personal favorite to cross 277. Once you get to the South End side is where it all falls apart and you get narrow awful sidewalks.
  11. During the public meeting on the park this question was asked directly to David Furman (thanks Clayton). From his answer it appears the plan will be for some kind of decorative / artistic screening on the exposed portion of the garage. Same for the currently exposed portions of the garage on the RailYard.
  12. jjwilli


    Here is the proposed site plan from Accela. General thoughts: Lots of surface parking and I will miss driving past the old funny car dragsters currently stored on this lot.
  13. Can’t wait to see these cars on the Gold Line. You can see the old ones still hanging around in the background.
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