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  1. Just missed @kermit. View from the other side of S Tryon. The Hawk is also visible in the background.
  2. First picture is from Thursday, second from today.
  3. Great for the church to be stepping up like they are... but that is the child care center for my kids! There is already a garage "attached" to that area tied to the 525 N Tryon office building (the "hut" next to the playground is an elevator). However, it is not a very big garage with only 3 or four levels underground. Seems like they could make something work.
  4. I have heard no ground floor retail is planned. That would be disappointing if the building has frontage on Mint Street.
  5. 7,000 sq ft of retail seems small for a tower of this size at this location. Lowe's / DFA / The Square / Dimensional Place / Portman all have more retail and none are directly at a Light Rail stop. Will Tower 2 have more?
  6. First look (or second or third for Ricky Davis Fan).
  7. It really bugs me how sterile this sidewalk is on South Tryon. Beautiful building, everything else is great. This sidewalk is a fail.
  8. Hypocrisy is strong at NC DOT. Will not allow for a Scramble Crosswalk in Carolina Beach because it is not used anywhere else in the state yet are willing to try one of a kind roadway changes like this. https://portcitydaily.com/local-news/2019/06/11/ncdot-wont-allow-scramble-crosswalk-at-deadly-carolina-beach-intersection-open-to-other-improvements/
  9. Park will be complete by summer 2021 thanks to an agreement between the County and Developer.
  10. A week or two ago on Morehead a piece of the pre-cast siding partially slid off the truck onto a car or two. I assume everyone made it out alive due to lack of it making the news.
  11. Two cranes for two new office towers in OG Wilmore. Very few would have expected that 10, 20, or 30 years ago.
  12. And the planning / permitting process has started on the building on the other side of the Skipper Dog Bar from where Drive Shack will be. Looks to be adaptive re-use of most of the building. Rampart will be completely different in a year.
  13. https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2020Petitions/Pages/2020-027.aspx
  14. Any word on what's going down at 300 Rampart? Someone from NY paid a bunch of money for it in late 2019 and now there is a permit filed for it. Seems like for the price paid it should warrant more than just an adaptive re-use of the site.
  15. If this does happen ( or anything big to the parcel for sale), would there be enough development / existing entertainment in this area to warrant another light rail stop? I'd say yes. It would provide a great infill station halfway between Scaleybark and Woodlawn.
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