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  1. I agree with this 120%. Tremont needs to be a funnel into and out of South End from 77. The feasibility plans (below) for 77 would kill your idea as presented, however they are just now actually designing the road way. It will have at least four fewer lanes than this monstrosity below. Can we bury 77 through here?
  2. This part of South End isn't in Larken's council district so let's hope that is why he doesn't care. Light Rail or not, the area still needs infrastructure improvements to handle the mass influx of cars and people coming to South End. Of course widening roads to accommodate more cars shouldn't happen but the area will need more traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and other general road and sidewalk improvements. Tremont needs to be improved as a funnel for traffic into the area, it all can't go on West Blvd. The county should fund the Wilmore Park and invest in other park and greenway improvements in the area. Bottom line, if the city is/was going to give the River District $30 million dollars for infrastructure just to generate urban sprawl surely the city and county can start throwing money around South End to really create a great urban neighborhood. Something like the South Park improvements currently being considered would be a great start for a capital improvement plan for the area. They already have a good start with the South End Vision Plan and the South Blvd and S Tryon Corridor studies. Just open the funding faucets (and yes, I know this isn't how governments work and that they will start spending the money in 10 years when this will have been a problem for 8)
  3. Or the Rite-Aid / Walgreens across the street... definitely not the best use for land at a light rail stop.
  4. Maybe try going through this Advisory Board and emailing all of the members? Doubt they have much teeth but could be another avenue. Seems like they have some openings too! https://charlottenc.gov/cats/about/boards/Pages/CTAG.aspx
  5. From this weekend. The fence is now down around the north building so I snapped a few photos on my walk by.
  6. Curiosity got to me so hit up the old google search. Apparently it was his great-aunt and she was bossy. http://durbangroup.com/company/bossy-beauts/ https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/09/20/jim-noble-shifts-focus-to-fried-chicken-with-new.html
  7. Are they still putting in the "test kitchen" store at this location?
  8. If you are looking at the actual foundry site (17ish acres) then yeah, not going to fit there. But that wedge between 77, 277, and Morehead is actually almost twice as large as the current stadium site (40 acres vs 21). site.
  9. Any word on which spot they are taking in the building?
  10. They should have built direct access from the parking garage to hill st / 277. Wouldnt save too many steps from the right onto Church then right onto Hill but I’m sure this thing will need all the exits it can get.
  11. Article states the deal will close for North in second half of 2019 and for Flower Child in 2021. So technically Fox still owns them until the deal closes.
  12. Seems like that team is working on adding these photos to their time machine as they have time. Right now it's just back to 1978: http://timemachine.mcmap.org/#16.29/35.215965/-80.861108
  13. Bad Paint Job but they own all the land except those three parcels not filled in.
  14. 1938 Aerial photograph of Dilworth / Wilmore / southern part of Uptown. And lots of fields. Courtesy of MeckGis (https://twitter.com/MeckGIS/status/1116376341589516290)
  15. I know this is jobs moving out of Charlotte, but this will be a big win for the City of Charlotte to have this out of the urban core.
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