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  1. I believe the Cherry Neighborhood was paid out big $$$ last time they “objected” to a high rise tower rezoning nearby (on Baldwin I believe). Most likely looking for a similar outcome as that other rezoning was ultimately approved. Can’t say I blame them if they can use those funds to better their neighborhood.
  2. Impressive work by Charlotte Fire today and hopefully the construction worker is okay. I couldn’t embed the Facebook post and the CFD did not tag the photographer.
  3. Tenders is so good. Might need to start a "Save Tenders" petition on this one if it is indeed going to meet the wrecking ball. Hopefully that is not the case.
  4. jjwilli

    UP Forum Meetups

    Do I need to come with a signed NDA? /blue font
  5. They are definitely ready to start installing glass. This shot was from Monday and the exterior “shell” is being installed.
  6. Are the fareboxes on buses exact fare only? Can you use a credit card or the CATS Pass app for the fare? I'd like to start riding the bus to work but I am struggling to figure out the quirks of the system and the CATS website is not exactly user friendly.
  7. Any word if the city has plans to complete Dunavant to S Tryon? This new townhome project will complete roughly half of the connection and it would be great to see the city complete the other half. It also would not hurt to have another light at Dunavant and S Tryon.
  8. Found a few more renderings from the architect’s website: https://www.progressiveae.com/portfolio/carolinas-aviation-museum/
  9. Walking around Uptown tonight and snapped a few pictures of the progress at One Independence Center. The first floor exterior glass wall has now been removed. https://www.oneindependencectr.com
  10. I second needing a Rocky's in South End. That place is delicious and would further cement South End as the fried chicken mecca of the southeast.
  11. https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2020Petitions/Documents/Revised_Site_Plans/2020_192_RevSitePlan_2021_05_25.pdf
  12. As a long time USAA member this is a fantastic addition to the Wilmore district of South End.
  13. Correct, the renderings do not show a screening but the Architect / Developer David Furman did mention some kind of possible screening during a meeting about the park. Due to it's location on S Tryon it would be a great spot for a "wonderwall" type artistic screening.
  14. Impressive the Dilworth Artisan Station rezoning went from this (parking lot conversion to green space): to this:
  15. And across S Tryon from all of this is the old Stax land now owned by Kairoi Residential. That property is 13.5 acres and it looks like they are rezoning an additional 6 acres that front Clanton and are adjacent to the Stax property.
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