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  1. Heard it was just for renovations according to NextDoor...
  2. I wonder if the center tunnel is a back door way to create field level suites?
  3. Public meeting tonight for the park if any UPers want to provide some feedback:
  4. What about the building / lot at the corner of Summit and Church? Too many owners or a tenant with a long term lease?
  5. Looks like its a Tropical Grille, a regional chain from the upstate of South Carolina. https://eattg.com/locations/
  6. My guess is Friday December 20th. This would follow the MLS pattern of announcing a new team every other month with St Louis announced on Tuesday August 20th and Sacramento Monday October 21st. Add in the multiple references by city leaders about an "Early Christmas Present" from MLS.
  7. The existing building is slowly coming down. https://app.oxblue.com/open/spectrum/tryonsouthend
  8. No insider info here, but does it look like a giant paint can now and that would give away the tenant?
  9. Demolition has started and is almost complete on Sauceman's and the 1920s/1930s Wilmore homes fronting West Blvd. No pictures as I was driving and have not yet completed the @KJHburg class on point and click development photography.
  10. They included the Parcel ID Number (15302512) that currently holds the Starbucks on the project description.
  11. No clue if I am looking in the right places but it is no longer listed on the office leasing sites. Looks like they may have a tenant lined up.
  12. Demo of the existing building has started with some of the windows removed.
  13. Looks like a donut ATM may be going in at the Krispy Kreme "HQ" as part of the Test Kitchen store. Maybe CEO @KJHburg can confirm?
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