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  1. This could have been posted in the South End High Rise thread as well but seems fitting to be posted here. On the Historic District Commission Agenda for next Wednesday the 12th is a plan to move the Leeper store from South Blvd to the corner of E Worthington and Cleveland Ave. While there are many moving parts and hurdles to jump through (HDC approval, Landmarks Commission approval, actually moving the building) it's good to see this building potentially being saved. https://charlottenc.gov/planning/HistoricDistricts/Documents/HDC_Cases_2022_2022-00596.pdf
  2. Looks like they are adding color to the parking deck paint job on the north side. First photo is from two weeks ago, second is from this week so they are actively working on it.
  3. You do have to wonder what the HDC will accept for height in Wilmore. Is it 5 floors? 6? You do have the Vue in the 4th Ward Historic District so while this building is clearly not as tall there is some precedent for height in Historic Districts. This will set the precedent for the rest of Mint St as that tow lot is ripe for redevelopment one day. As a Wilmore resident I would like to think we are getting used to taller buildings going in around us and would not mind an 8 story building like they proposed at the edge of our neighborhood. The developer was at the last community meeting and when they presented their plans there was no immediate pushback from the community on what they were proposing.
  4. Agree 110%. Everyone seems to be all on board for the cap idea but as this well put together page calls out, it is very short sighted. Connecting the two pipe foundry parcels and then also having the new Pearl Innovation district directly connected to uptown would be huge for both areas. Let’s hope the city swings for the fences on this one in applying for the federal funds.
  5. You ask, WRAL Sports answers. Looks like some behind the scenes movement with the NC Budget on the relocation. https://www.wralsportsfan.com/nc-earmarks-15m-to-put-acc-headquarters-in-charlotte/20352090/
  6. HOT lanes from the state line to Uptown has been NCDOT's plan for this stretch of road for a few years now but the funding year keeps being pushed out due to the lack of NCDOT funding. Right now its slated to start in 2029. I guess this proposal would change it from being a State run project and instead through a public - private partnership like the northern section if I am reading the article correctly. So either way we are getting toll lanes south of the city, the only question is when.
  7. I believe that would be a Velvet Taco. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/08/24/velvet-taco-updates-plans-for-charlotte.html
  8. /rant This is worse screened deck in South End since the same developer built the Rail Yard. Don’t get me wrong, I love the micro retail these buildings have brought to the area. And I appreciate them fronting the money for the park to be completed. Just wish they would screen their decks much better. IMO South Tryon should not have an exposed parking deck facing it like this apartment building does.
  9. Website for the project: https://queensbridgecollective.com/
  10. A few from the top of the Vantage parking deck
  11. Could they not eliminate the 10’ parking lane requirement just in front the Leeper building? Seems like there are other issues so it might be a mute point. However, it would be great if CDOT / NCDOT could be flexible to assist in saving older buildings located closer to the road.
  12. They are?? I doubt NCDOT could ever find the funding to actually do this in my lifetime and I hope the city would push back. We do not need a 6 lane South Blvd through South End.
  13. With this development I think its time for a pedestrian crossing at Kingston across the light rail tracks to Camden. Build out that pedestrian network.
  14. The McDonalds on South is in the process of an exterior and interior renovation. This crew is making quick work of the project and the drive thru is still open. And can someone explain why / how the new Arrival HQ building on S Tryon does not have street trees between the sidewalk and the road?
  15. The extra capacity will help keep cars from blocking South Blvd and are much needed. But the city should still request they provide a permanent walk up and order window as a trade off to the extra drive thru capacity in South End.
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