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  1. You ask, WRAL Sports answers. Looks like some behind the scenes movement with the NC Budget on the relocation. https://www.wralsportsfan.com/nc-earmarks-15m-to-put-acc-headquarters-in-charlotte/20352090/
  2. HOT lanes from the state line to Uptown has been NCDOT's plan for this stretch of road for a few years now but the funding year keeps being pushed out due to the lack of NCDOT funding. Right now its slated to start in 2029. I guess this proposal would change it from being a State run project and instead through a public - private partnership like the northern section if I am reading the article correctly. So either way we are getting toll lanes south of the city, the only question is when.
  3. I believe that would be a Velvet Taco. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/08/24/velvet-taco-updates-plans-for-charlotte.html
  4. /rant This is worse screened deck in South End since the same developer built the Rail Yard. Don’t get me wrong, I love the micro retail these buildings have brought to the area. And I appreciate them fronting the money for the park to be completed. Just wish they would screen their decks much better. IMO South Tryon should not have an exposed parking deck facing it like this apartment building does.
  5. Website for the project: https://queensbridgecollective.com/
  6. A few from the top of the Vantage parking deck
  7. Could they not eliminate the 10’ parking lane requirement just in front the Leeper building? Seems like there are other issues so it might be a mute point. However, it would be great if CDOT / NCDOT could be flexible to assist in saving older buildings located closer to the road.
  8. They are?? I doubt NCDOT could ever find the funding to actually do this in my lifetime and I hope the city would push back. We do not need a 6 lane South Blvd through South End.
  9. With this development I think its time for a pedestrian crossing at Kingston across the light rail tracks to Camden. Build out that pedestrian network.
  10. The McDonalds on South is in the process of an exterior and interior renovation. This crew is making quick work of the project and the drive thru is still open. And can someone explain why / how the new Arrival HQ building on S Tryon does not have street trees between the sidewalk and the road?
  11. The extra capacity will help keep cars from blocking South Blvd and are much needed. But the city should still request they provide a permanent walk up and order window as a trade off to the extra drive thru capacity in South End.
  12. You end up with situations like this down S Tryon where all the utilities have been “dumped” on the residential side of the street from the South End developments.
  13. Thank you for saying this! Atherton Mill, The Design Center, and the Lance Cracker factory are all beautiful buildings and to me represent the “vibe” of South End. Sprinkle that in with other older buildings like the Krispy Kreme HQ, Boone Oakleys HQs on Mint St and the barrel roof warehouses that are now home to places like Triple C Brewing. The warehouses and industrial buildings are a huge part of how / why South End developed and allowed for the various uses we see today (breweries, restaurants, dog bars, indoor mini golf, offices). Not all are the sexiest buildings by any means but they are huge part of what makes South End unique. With that said, I’m excited to see what all the new development will bring. A mix of looks of the office towers isn’t a bad thing. The Square looks pretty good sitting next to Wilmore Park. What South End really needs is money from the city to build out the urban fabric. Finish the Rail Trail on both sides. Improve Camden as a walkable corridor. More bike lanes. Bury power lines so trees can thrive. And a few more traffic lights to allow better flow of pedestrians and vehicles.
  14. I would agree with Sam on this. This rezoning definitely needed a few more public meetings and discussions. The conversion from Industrial to UMUD is a slam dunk and makes perfect sense. It’s all the “extras” that should have been discussed more openly and in greater detail. 10+acres preserved for roadway re-configurations and only 1 acre for public space? We can do better than that. There’s also numerous road capacity additions that are not clearly spelled out in the petition what they are and their impact on the area. I’d sure love to know what the Freedom Drive Ramp 30% design commitment is exactly for and how that may impact the area. This isn’t just a simple rezoning, it commits millions of dollars into primarily roadway improvements. Not saying that’s a good or bad thing, just worthy of more discussion.
  15. CDOT with funding from South End ( Center City Partners) put this out a few years ago: https://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Documents/FinalReportandRecommendations.pdf The South End vision plan covers the road as well. https://ctycms.com/nc-charlotte-south-end/docs/sevp-final-for-web.pdf As for the haphazard nature of the street that ties back to the city waiting on developers to improve the area in front of their development. But then the city over the years change the road right of way, bike lane requirements , sidewalk widths, planting strips, etc and you get what South Blvd is today. I’d love to see the city spend Capital Improvement dollars in South End to improve S Tryon and South Blvd. Along with with the Rail Trial and the interior streets of Hawkins, Rampart, Dunavant, Distribution, and others.
  16. Seems like a good many of us have this rant on this board. And a few more joking on Twitter about this 277 River. Maybe it’s just an echo chamber I am in but I feel if we come together on this we can lobby the city / state for this change to happen one day. The Queens Park group was successful in moving their park idea in the public realm with a similar effort. Adding my two cents; As you mentioned, NCDOT is way underfunded and Charlotte seems to be low on the totem pole (they haven’t touched 77 south of the city in 30 years). The beauty of this idea is that even with creating a large park you would still have many parcels in high demand center city that you could sell to partially pay for the removal / park. Along Hill St, the three on/off ramps along Morehead / South, and between the Pipe Foundry land come to mind. Then there’s land around the future Med School as well. And there’s now a small pool of federal money for highway removal projects. Add on/off ramps from 77 to W Summit and Carson (connecting thru Pipe Foundry land where Post St is today). Morehead would be your main “replacement” blvd but Carson and W Summit would help carry the traffic load for people trying to get to South End. All three could help carry game day traffic to the new stadium. These on/off ramps around 77 would also mostly disappear. You still have Wilkinson and Freedom colliding here but perhaps this could help better layout those roads and their ramps with 77. Think of the Highline / Rail Trail / park like connection between the Silver and Blue line you could have. Pipe dream? Probably. But with a website, some fancy maps / renderings (hey @TheRealClayton), and a press release we could at least get more people talking about it. Maybe with fewer jokes about it being turned into a river this time?
  17. Crane is coming down at The Vantage East Tower.
  18. Permits submitted today for the land next to Suffolk Punch. Looks to include 64k of retail space according to the permit in the 19 story building. Looks like it grew a few floors from the announcement over the summer: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/development/article252151358.html #SouthEndRising Project Description: 2905 Griffith The proposed project is a 1.47± acres mixed use development located on Griffith Street. The site fronts the CATS LYNX Blue Line and the Charlotte Rail Trail. It will consist of a 19-story tower that includes 374,974 GSF of office and retail space, as well as 797 spaces of structured parking. Additionally, the project will include rail trail improvements and a paseo connecting Griffith St to the Rail Trail and New Bern Station.
  19. Don't think it is under redevelopment, just finally finishing up construction.
  20. Progress picture from the walkway to A North.
  21. No surprise based on your post but according to their Facebook page they’ve closed with “covid” taking the blame. Wouldn’t surprise me to see another brewery give it a go at this spot. Hopefully with better beer.
  22. Love the subtle lights of the JW Marriott. It would be neat to find more ways to bring the tower lights down to the pedestrian level. The new bridge does a great job of that, give me more.
  23. Driving down 77 today I noticed a truck getting off at Morehead with a long piece of steel and windows with the words "Charlotte Metro" on the plastic / fabric wrap. Part of the decorative top, perhaps?
  24. Might not be on a large river but you could get two "waterside" parks out of the removal, one on the Irwin Creek and the other on the Little Sugar Creek. I honestly don't get the "you could never remove it" comments. The John Belk is duplicative waste of prime real estate and NCDOT is woefully underfunded to ever improve in a meaningful way. We need to begin to shift our infrastructure away from being solely dedicated to cars and trucks and to more pedestrian / bike focused. It obviously can't just be yanked out tomorrow but we should, as a city, at least study and begin to understand what the implications are and the solutions to mitigate the removal. Maybe it's another 4 lane boulevard between Stonewall and Morehead? At the end of the day, it comes down to political will and the desire to not have our entire center city choked off by cars. Sure a cap would make one very very small part better, but we need to dream bigger.
  25. NCDOT owns most of that land and it is where they plan to put the Charlotte Rail and Locomotive Maintenance Facility to support the Gateway Station and the Piedmont service.
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