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  1. This is such a minor issue but that connecting bridge/walkway is an unsightly piece of work.
  2. Mind if I ask why you think putting the art in this building is a bad idea?
  3. Chicken Salad Chick is coming this fall according to the newspaper.
  4. I never said it was their job. They have the ability to nudge and persuade.
  5. The city has had YEARS to come up with a way to attract the support. I seem to recall some kind of report in the last decade about the convention center that said it could not attract other forms of business due to the lack of hotel to help support those in attendance. No one wants to ride a shuttle to and from an off site/hotel that is one/two miles away.
  6. I'm surprised the city hasn't managed to get a hotel to build beside the convention center. I think that is one of the main drawbacks. People want to stay in close proximity to the actual site of their (fill in the blank). From a quick look via google map, there is plenty of undeveloped land that I am sure the city could have applied leverage on to get it developed to support the building. (A decent hotel with a covered connection of sorts, one or two restaurants, and a few retail spots)
  7. Doesn't change my point. Greenville as a whole (both the city and county) do not have a great track record of following any plan.
  8. Why would Greenville City or County ever follow a plan that has been approved. I mean if they did Woodruff Rd may have never happened and we all know how great it is. :-)
  9. I don't think Wingspan was ineffective. The airport is more efficient in how it handles the passengers that come through it. The passenger traffic flow in the building is (IMO) 1000X better and it's easier to get around the building. Also the building in general needed a major facelift and updated facilities such as bathrooms and retail/dining options. What I see is that GSP based all of this on previous year's growth and a forecast that we have been blowing past. I don't think anyone really anticipated the growth the airport has had over the past three-five years. I think Wingspan did miss an opportunity to add more gates while the construction was already causing headaches.
  10. I may have been seeing things...but isn't there a sign for Chicken Salad Chick in the shopping center that had Talbot's?
  11. I like that this is modern and not the same brick/mill building style that has dominated so many things being built in Greenville. If it is done well and they make good choices for cladding materials... there is no reason why this won't age well. I also think it will add something to downtown that will help break up the red brick and white concrete/precast stone that really dominates the river area.
  12. A flight to Toronto wouldn't need much since Toronto is a US Preclearance airport. It would be handled more or less like a domestic flight. I am surprised that no airport in Germany has been put on the preclear list.
  13. BINGO...paired up with a diner (maybe 24/7). Of course...I have another thought that would be PERFECT for this in my brain. Since Denny's in located in Spartanburg...it would be great if they did an old school diner concept in downtown.
  14. I didn't add this to my wish list, but it is something I think about EVERY time I drive by. I would love for one of the motor inns on east main (near Converse and the Main/Pine intersection to be bought and remodeled and turned into an affordable and fun retro style motor lodge. I like the 100% American roadside/US Hightway look to these places and wish they would get cleaned up.
  15. That is really cool. How has no one really said much about this yet?
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