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  1. sptgguy

    GSP International

    Flew in and out over the past week....both flights (Delta) were filled. The morning flight out was at 5:45 and the airport was busy....was a bit quieter when I landed today at 11AM but it is Sunday. GSP is doing a great job and I am excited to see it continue to grow.
  2. sptgguy

    GSP International

    just found a press release that said that route would be available in July staring in the fall. Maybe they just haven't added it yes????? https://news.flyfrontier.com/frontier-airlines-adds-three-cities-and-eight-routes/
  3. sptgguy

    GSP International

    I just pulled up the frontier website. Denver has 4 days a week available starting in November. So does Las Vegas but it has a disclaimer about it being a seasonal route (more during winter/conference season I guess).
  4. sptgguy

    Peace Center Remodel

    I agree with Joey....the anti redbrick movement is getting a bit crazy. We live in the south, in a city that was the mill capital of the world. Red brick was a basic building material. With that in mind, the Peace Center should represent and embrace the idea that it was built on the site of an old mill. I am all for diversity in design and will agree that at times, having all the new buildings have red brick gets a bit tedious (I feel the same way about the landing pads on top of buildings.) But red brick is appropriate and in the south, it is a timeless material.
  5. sptgguy

    New downtown federal courthouse

    I don't know the size of the lot off the top of my head...but I would assume the parking would be underground with 7-9 floors on top?
  6. sptgguy

    GSP International

    Did the airport not just redo the rental car facilities located in the garage directly across from baggage claim? I can't say that I follow the rental car numbers at all...are they so busy they need to expand again? It just seems that the airport keeps redoing what it has just done in regards to car rentals.
  7. sptgguy

    GSP International

    I never really think of RDU...but your right, its a good airport to look at. I still think the best option for starting international would be for the airport to find/support Air Canada due to the large number of companies that have a significant foot print here and in the Toronto region. An E175 would have the range...and I think based on comments read here and other forums the appropriate number of seats. Distorted...I also agree with the other airports mentioned, even if it is just to tie into another hub directly (such as Miami). It would offer a new direct flight from GSP and would give people flying from GSP a greater number of options with connecting flights.If we could swing a flight through Miami (and its connections into the Carribean for vacation via American) and Boston (and its connections via Delta) that would be GREAT.
  8. sptgguy

    GSP International

    Jet-set...I agree with you. GSP has got to pump more money into advertising in the upstate region and in showing off the advantages of flying into and out of GSP instead of ATL or CLT. I also think that the airport (it may be doing this already) should look at possibly cutting back the fees it is charging airlines to drop the prices more. If GSP were to... 1) Make sure it is cheaper than ATL/CLT (it is slightly more expensive the times I have looked) 2) Played up the convenience factor of flying from here instead of driving to CLT/ATL 3) Worked with airlines to bring in more flights (even the Mon, Wed, Fri flights would be better) to new locations...IE...connect GSP to the AA hub in Miami. 4) Seriously sit down with airlines and local companies that need flights to Canada and start an international flight once or twice a week. Just some thoughts
  9. sptgguy

    Greenville Projects & Development Map

    I agree with your view of the Link Apts. The building looks like a hotel that would be found around the South Park Mall in CLT or in any suburban shopping area.
  10. sptgguy

    Grand Bohemian Hotel

    I like the look of this. The fact that is looks different from so much of the recent development is GREAT in my book.
  11. sptgguy

    The State of Downtown Retail

    PuppiesandKitten...I am going to give you a lot of credit. I never even thought of it that way. I am still sad to see so many of the local stores being forced out...but I have hope that with the increased amount of retail space being opened in downtown that they will be able to come back and help spread the retail area out a bit more.
  12. sptgguy

    The State of Downtown Retail

    High rents on main street do mean there is more money available..but I think the rents that are being charged now are a problem. To compare where we are now to where we have come from in the 80s is a bit of a stretch. Main Street hasn't been like that in well over a decade. I would much rather have a better collection of decent locally owned stores mixed with national brands than what main street is quickly becoming...a high end/out door mall. This is only my opinion, but I fear that there will no longer be room at the table for everyone on main street if things continue to go the direction they are going.
  13. sptgguy

    The State of Downtown Retail

    That is something I agree with and hate to see happening. The rent on "Main Street" from the Hyatt to the river is crazy. The crazy prices is one of the reasons I am a huge supporter of retail spaces in as many of the new developments as possible. The mom and pop/local shops should not be shoved to the outskirts. I think it would be an interesting move is Greenville were to copy what Spartanburg has done...paid the rent and helped with start up costs for local businesses who want to be in the downtown area. While all of the businesses in Spartanburg did not survive, many are still open and doing well.
  14. sptgguy

    The State of Downtown Retail

    While I will always be happy to see new business coming to Main St., I wish we could break the trend of high end/boutique stores. Main St. has become of corridor of high end and overly expensive stores. I totally understand that the companies are doing their research and bringing in what will work, but it is making downtown feel more and more unapproachable IMO.
  15. sptgguy

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    I agree with westsider28, when I moved to Spartanburg 9 years ago, East Main was dead. In the past few years, it has really started to come back to life. I was driving through town a few nights ago, and was pleasantly surprised at the number of people walking along East Main. Just a few years ago, once the sun went down, you never saw anyone over there. The renovated Bishop building, in my opinion, is going to act as a catalyst for that end of of main and will really wake things up.