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  1. downtown needs more density in the "core". I would love to see the day when the central buisness district has not one surface parking lot left.
  2. Toys R Us was dead too..but even they are trying to make a comeback. They do have components that still make them money. Either way...they seem to be haning on to their realestate.
  3. I think sears is holding onto a lot of its property in an effort to fund a comeback (just my opionion). Sears could come back as a much leaner and meaner company with a focus on what it did right like tools and appliances.
  4. So with all this news in mind...what routes do you think GSP might be able to get out of this? GSP to BOS would be a good thing based on the 1000000000000 comments I have read here. May a direct connect to MCO to compete with Frontier? Cous we swing a west coast flight once or twice a week?
  5. Collector roads are really helpful in areas where there are big interchanges etc....there are tons of them in the Newark/North Jersey area and around DC. They move traffic that is leaving the road out of the way effeciantly and allow incoming traffic to match speed better. I hope we start to see more of them around the state.
  6. Drove through downtown on Saturday night on Church St. The Apt. building was lit up and it was quite impressive to see how much space this entire development fills.
  7. That also puts a burden on the bank of now being a landlord and not just the owner of the building. This buildings reconstruction has not hurt the walkability of this area but I will concede it has not helped it either...I would also argue that the buisness right up the road (creepy old hotels) are doing much worse things for this area than this project ever will. I have a suspicion that we have a good bit of unused office space laying around the downtown area of Spartanburg (no I do not have any proof other than the 20000+ square feet in the Montgomery and the decision not to build other office buildings behind the Mariott even after they were planned and announced). I do not think Spartanburg is in a "build it and they will come" spot. As to retrofitting the old building, I don't think any amount of glass would ever make that 70's box look better and for all we know there may have been other issues invovled in their deciding to just start over.
  8. If it serves the need of the bank that now owns it, why get hung up on how many square feet it is....it looks much better than that 1970's box that was sitting there.
  9. sptgguy

    The Gateway Site

    HAHAHAHA ...no but how about a replica of a mill smoke stack covered in "street art" that represents all of Greenville set in the middle of a park.
  10. sptgguy

    The Gateway Site

    At this point...just let who ever owns it build something. The city needs to back off or buy it and build a cool plaza and signature work of art for the city.
  11. I know I am reading into this...but that would not be a horrible location for a large senior living community. It would increase the city population, increase the foot traffic in downtown, and turn basically abandoned property into something of use. Its close to medical care, a quick shuttle drive to shopping outside of the Morgan Square area, and would fill a void that Spartanburg seems to have...lack of senior housing.
  12. @westsider28 the grass issue may be linked to the heat and lack of rain but I understand what you are saying. It was rough looking in September.
  13. Dunbar needs to go and be replaced with some brick pavers and flower beds/grass. I can't say that I have ever had an issue crossing Church Street in this area and have never felt unsafe doing so. There are 3 crossings from the Palmetto Loft side of Church into the Morgan Square triangle....I think if the button to change the light for pedestrians was reworked a little to make it a faster response it would be fine. (The idea of going underground with Church made me laugh but in a good way). I think if One Morgan could be prevailed upon to make the grassy end of its lot near Church Street more of a square (wider sidewalks, put the fountain back, plant a tree or two) that paired with the plaza on the other end make two good connections from the parking deck to Morgan Square. The grass in Morgan Squre seems to hold up pretty well over all considering we dig it up every year to put in an Ice Rink and then replant it. Id much rather have real grass than fake stuff but do wonder if moving the Ice Rink down a bit the the green area just past Spring Street would be better.
  14. At this point I think I have just reached the I don't care stage when it comes to how many floors a building has. I care far more about good design/layout and making sure the roads around the area can support anything with increased density. For example... Holland Road needs to have at minimum a turn lane added down its full length and Bridges Road from the intersection with Holland needs to be four lanes with a turn all the up to the the Mauldin High School intersection. Sadly this will probably not happen until after this is done and the whole area is in gridlock.
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