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  1. I don't find this totally ugly. It has a 1960's and 70's look to it. I am just happy that it doesnt have the stupid saucers on top or the crazy over. I also second the idea that affordable housing is not going to push the envelop too much even though when I read the prices I did wonder how on earth that was considered affordable for people on a limited income.
  2. I think it is part of the same creek that they uncovered for the butterfly greenway near the farmers market.
  3. It would be impressive if Greenville/Spartanburg, GSP, the chambers of commerce etc...got together and pushed a marketing campaign for the upstate region and worked on building more of a tourist destination footprint.
  4. But even architects and developers have to bow to the idea of commercial appear and viability. Those bland boxes work for nearly every possible occasion and are cost effective. Do I like them...NO. Do they work...yes. Do I think this thing is going to age better than the bland boxes....not at all. It looks like a discounted version of Disney with out the rides. I think the idea of building more retail space at this point is also a bit crazy to me. We already can't fill what is out there...but we are going to build more...and its going to be bigger and better. Anyone live in Greenville lo
  5. If the mall is on its last leg...and it going to close....it would be nice to see as many of these stores as possible move into downtown and really wake up mainstreet. It would also be very nice to see Belk move back into one of the larger stores on Main. It would have a smaller and probably cheaper footprint.
  6. Mauldin has never really has a central gather place. I think this is a good start to building a "downtown" for a city that has never really had one. I know it may be disapointing to some...but there is no way of keeping everyone happy all of the time.
  7. It is actually supposed to look like shipping containers due to its location. For charleston...that building is totally new. I wouldnt mind it being in downtown G-ville.
  8. Thats a lot of assumption based off a line drawing. For all we know...the tower could be compleatly covered in glass panels (which is alook I like) but yes it could also end up looking like the Landmark Building. In any case, I welcome a bit of diversity in the way downtown looks. I am rather tired of the homage to textile mills with UFO landing pads on top.
  9. Ahh..rents going up and another buisness bites the dust.
  10. The Mongtogmery Building: Residentail is essentially full. Retail/Commercial: Basement: Most of the big spots are filled. Some of the smaller areas have been leased as storage to 1st floor retail. 1st Floor: Only one spot open 2nd Floor: Wide open and availalbe. 3rd Floor: Has been subdivided. At least one office is taken now but I have not looked in about a month.
  11. very much lookign forward to seeing this happen and to see the growth of multi family units in downtown. With the increase, I am hoping to see some of the prices drop a bit as the current pricing is a bit steep.
  12. Based only on the picture...but wont that slightly block the exapnsion of the terminal in that direction??
  13. Only one small problem with the city stepping in...they don't own it. I like the idea.
  14. It is sad to see the service cut and I hope to see it come back. Amtrak needs to really work on what it offers and on attracting more riders. Based on the numbers I found, the Cresent rout carried 291.8K riders in 2019. I was surprised to see that the Greenville stop had aroud 12K riders consistantly over the past several years.
  15. I don't think it will take too long. There is something to say about having employees in the same place working to together that you can't get with distance learning. After 9/11, NYC has a huge slump in occupancy for offices but the companies all came back in the end. I know we are talking about a different scale but I think it will happen sooner rather than later.
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