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  1. The Gateway project in Greenville was at least 20 years overdue. It’s a South Carolina political thing, nobody wants to pay a little extra sales tax.
  2. I think the location restriction is 30 miles. Flour Field is a little farther.
  3. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice looking rendering, but I feel like Spartanburg is trying to build a collection of 5-6 story buildings.
  4. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day, but here is a picture of the steel frame of the courthouse compared to QS/1. I took this at Walker St. behind Wakefield.
  5. I would say it needs it especially in the retail area starting before Aldi’s and extending to Webber Rd.
  6. I agree with this. I don’t support tearing down Duncan Park, but I do think we need a new state of the art downtown stadium in the Grain District.
  7. I completed it. Here were my 5 suggestions (I would have done more but I could only list 5) 1. Adding a traffic signal at intersection of Fernwood-Glendale and Webber 2. Widening East Main St to 6 lanes 3. Widening Boiling Springs Rd to 6 lanes 4. Widening Parris Bridge Rd to 4 lanes 5. Repave Union St (and other roads)
  8. If we built a new downtown stadium I have a feeling we would have no trouble finding a tenant.
  9. Westsider has the modern day Willis collection.
  10. Cant wait to see renderings of what the buildings would look like.
  11. I didn’t think of Glendale Rd to Zion Hill Rd. That’s a good idea, though I’m sure a lot of property owners would be unhappy about their yards being smaller.
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