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  1. Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    From the windows of Level 10 on top of the ACH.
  2. AC Hotel on West Main

    And the Denny’s Tower has rooms with the lights turned on in the shape of a Christmas tree!
  3. Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    Yeah, I'm not too keen on this either. The idea of more apartments is good but this does feel like a suburban project. I would like it more if they consolidated it into maybe 2 6-7 story buildings with a parking garage, so that there is still an opportunity for other projects in the area instead of an apartment complex taking up 7 acres.
  4. Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    Picture taken from the Hangar parking lot September 6.
  5. W Main Street & Daniel Morgan Ave (Royce Camp Mixed-use building)

    Picture taken September 6.
  6. The Montgomery Building

    The yellow insulation on the west face is now being painted white.
  7. Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    The AC Hotel with the Royce Camp building being constructed across the street.
  8. Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    Some random photos I took today.
  9. Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    The 6th floor is up.
  10. The Montgomery Building

    Most of the windows have been removed from the east face of the building. Already looks a ton better.
  11. Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    This is the same shot as I've posted before, but this one came out better. Picture taken July 18.
  12. Greenville Photo of the Day

    Pictures from the rooftop of the Embassy Suites:
  13. Traffic Congestion, Road Construction, & Improvement Projects

    I hope that 85 gets an additional lane from 385 to Pelham Rd. sometime in the near future. That doesn't seem too unreasonable to ask for, does it? It's just a nightmare during rush hour. Honestly, it needs 2 additional lanes there and one additional lane all the way from White Horse Rd. to the Business 85 split in Spartanburg, but that would be extremely expensive and many bridges would have to be replaced.
  14. Possible new County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    I know I'm willing to pay one extra cent on my sales tax. I voted against the new high school as that was a huge tax increase and for an unneeded facility (I do think that the elementary school was needed and should have been funded, however.) But, I think that for safety reasons and the need for a modern facility which matches other cities that a new and bigger courthouse is necessary.