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  1. Isaac

    Triangle photo of the day

    transfer old east food hall
  2. Isaac

    Triangle Economic News

    Article states that Apple is looking at the intersection of Davis Drive and 540
  3. Isaac

    Triangle Economic News

    Iceland would be pretty awesome. They have a lot of discount flights to Europe.
  4. Isaac

    Where should HQ2 go?

    Results: 1. Dallas 2. Atlanta 3. Raleigh I think it’ll be Boston, DC, Atlanta or dark horse Raleigh. I think it’d be dumb not to be on the eastern time zone.
  5. Isaac

    Triangle Economic News

    Where? Central Prison location would work I guess.
  6. Isaac

    Triangle Economic News

    That’s NC State property so I’d guess there would need to be a deal worked out with them.
  7. Isaac

    Triangle Economic News

    Raleigh ranked #2 economy in the US. Durham ranked #106
  8. There’s a Starbucks on Fayetteville and another on peace.
  9. Isaac

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Yes, thanks!
  10. Isaac

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Does anyone have the link to the google map with all the Downtown Raleigh development? I had it saved as a favorite but got a new laptop.
  11. You can see what the hotel will look like on the cities website. It doesn’t look like the hotel in north hills.
  12. Isaac

    Triangle Economic News

    That land is owned by NC State right now. I know they have long term plans to build over there but I agree that it would be a good spot.
  13. Looks like they're putting up the construction fence
  14. Isaac

    One Glenwood

    Has the foundation started?