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  1. The steel framing in the first picture is a Starbucks. There will be a Chase bank branch in the parking lot as well.
  2. Correct....that one is not. But there are probably less than 10 IND students at Watkins. Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Art, Film, Photo, MFA...those are all through SACS and NASAD and are all in good standing. Watkins GRD program usually produces more ADDY awards than most other schools it competes with. So....Belmont is not completely coming up short. I just wanted to point out that this doesn't have anything to do with accreditation problems. CIDA wasn't renewed because it's another expense and not enough students to justify it. It costs the same and requires the same amount of wo
  3. There are no accreditation concerns at Watkins, Watkins and Belmont are both accredited through SACS and Watkins is in good standing. Belmont is actually benefiting from Watkin's MFA in Visual Arts program. The problem with Watkins is low enrollment and lack of an endowment.
  4. I didn’t have power til today. I’m 2 streets off of Main. I woke up to thunder and lighting and got up to check the weather. Channel 2 said a tornado had touched down near TSU and was headed toward E Nashville. I went to the basement and the power/internet went out as soon as I got down there. It passed really quickly and I didn’t even realize it was a tornado. Came back up and my phone was dead...the tornado siren kept going off occasionally. I ended up falling asleep and didn’t realize how bad it was til the next morning when I went to my car to plug my phone in. I was very lucky. I walked
  5. This may have been a discussion and I might have missed it. But, does anyone know if there is some pending plan for the Jim Reed property? I see lots of water/sewer permits on the permit website and was just curious if I missed something.
  6. https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/3705368?page=2&searchText=3811 hillsboro pike&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=permitNumber ASC I think it's going to be a Chase Bank branch
  7. Rich McCoy is an architect and worked on that whole redevelopment of 11th and Fatherland (next to and across from the old Bill Martin’s Food Store...the condos with retail on the bottom).
  8. Here are the prints for the Apple store. It doesn't look as minimalist as other downtown stores and appears to have a usable roof. https://epermits.nashville.gov/download.aspx?id=272493
  9. Here are the plans for Hawkers, going in where the old Family Wash was. Seems like it's been slow going...but I've noticed activity in there lately. This at least gives you an idea of the layout. https://epermits.nashville.gov/download.aspx?id=267907
  10. Ahh...ok. When it referenced first floor...I assumed it was probably where H&M was.
  11. I think Eddie Vs restaurant may be part of what is taking the place of H&M https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/3704866?page=249&searchText=broadway&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=permitNumber ASC
  12. Does anyone know anything about the gas station at 5 Points putting on a second story? https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/3721686?page=3&searchText=1101 woodland&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=dateIssued DESC
  13. Looks like there will be a Zara at the mall. https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/3729379?page=250&searchText=2126 abbott martin&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=permitNumber ASC
  14. Sorry if this is a duplicate, but here are the plans for Shotgun Willie's BBQ at 4000 Gallatin Pike in Inglewood. https://epermits.nashville.gov/download.aspx?id=243025
  15. I guess this answers my question about the old Bill Martin's https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1105-Fatherland-St-Nashville-TN/16971732/
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