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  1. That would be interesting State and students kind of "own" Hillsborough already, but bet people on Clark Av would have a stoke.
  2. Did not Kane just buy property south of The Dillon?
  3. Wonder how many of these "other companies" are waiting to see results of Apple and Amazon. If Apple and/or Amazon picks triangle area they may go else where to avoid the competition for workers. I know a lot of the A/A workers will be new to Triangle area but due to housing and other limits only so many can move here in a year. BTW love that golden city photo on the news report.
  4. Maybe the same one that thought could fool people into thinking a fancy house by putting brick on front a vinyl siding on sides and back.
  5. I have a different view on what to save and not. If a building or site is where something of great importance happened (say Independence Hall in Philadelphia) , or is a good rare example of exceptional design, then save it. A business can move to a new location, as long as not say Hillsboro St to North Hills. The the interior decorations, the people that work for and visit the business is what makes the business. The building does not make the business unless it's something like the fore mention type. To put lot of importance on saving every old building or keeping every business in the same location is a great way to kill a city. It may work in a small tourist related place like say Blowing Rock or even downtown Asheville ,where the whole town/city contributes to the vibe. But for a rapidly growing city like Raleigh, saving every little place that someone wants to save just causes even more sprawl as development that would have happened in center of city gets pushed to suburbs. As for Hillsboro street vibe, it died years ago. JIHO
  6. Seems the Seems just one screw-up after another. Super expensive "saving of Historic" building that really amounted to just the steel frame. I strongly suspect would have been cheaper and resulted in much more logical less convoluted layout if have just started with clean slate. JMO
  7. Guess Anacostia/SE DC south of Capital has improved a lot since I last spent much time in DC, which was around 20 years ago. At that time Anacostia river was an open sewer and "white boys" did not walk around on the streets. Then maybe that proposal is to bulldoze and replace everything. Can just imagine the hue and cry over doing that. As for cost, I was actually working in North DC next to Silver Spring. Was there for a long term project and was rented an efficacy apartment across street from office for a year. It was kind of run down but really convenient and cheaper than hotel, but still the apartment cost more than my house payment in Chapel Hill.
  8. News report out of Denver
  9. Seems that legislature is intend on killing the golden egg goose(s) that have been driving improving NC economy. My bet is mainly rural legislators behind this. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2018/05/29/durham-orange-light-rails-next-hurdle-the-state.html
  10. Story behind pay wall on "triangle Business Journal" about NC League building for sale. ttps://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2018/05/22/vacant-fire-damaged-downtown-raleighbuildings-eyed.html A fire that destroyed a downtown Raleigh apartment complex last year has officially ended the life of old buildings next door that were built and occupied by local government associations, but new development could soon rise from the ashes.
  11. I thought the same when I first saw it. May just be an allusion or is slanted to make the drain to center drain., rain, melting snow and such, hope not gas.
  12. The carpenter line is owned by a private rail company ( do not recall which one) and they would very apposed to converting that to light rail. Light rail and heavy rail (freight) can not use the same track and there is a fairly large separation requirement. Only option would be to used heavy passenger (Amtrak style cars), like the Charlotte/Raleigh trains, that are much more expensive to build/buy and run. There would also be a scheduling problem between commuter and freight. My experience with ridding on mixed commuter/freight in DC area was that the freight companies are not all that concerned with getting out of way of commuter traffic if it caused problem with their freight operations. Better bet would be on line along 54 that us owned by state via NC Railroad Company and has a wider right-of-way. Seems there was a study a few years back and to run lite rail along 54 line would still have issues to separation in some areas. Would be nice if could get CH to DTD light rail extended through RTI, to RDU, Cary and into DTR on mostly new right-of-way.
  13. I think the CEO being whispered about got MBA from Duke, so knows the triangle.
  14. I see where some people on Ridge Rd are oppose to extending Crabtree Blvd and tying it into Ridge Rd and expanded Glenwood/Crabtree Blvd/Ridge Rd interchange. Maybe option would be to cut Ridge Rd out of interchange and tie it to upgraded Varnell St (been a long time but seems Varnell was kind of narrow last time I went over it) to link to Glenwood. Would make the interchange simpler and still keep Ridge Rd access to Glenwood at north end. If Crabtree Blvd could be extended to Glenwood (connect between Brookhaven/Morehead) on north end could take traffic out of the Creedmore intersection as well as Glenwood interchange.
  15. I think the Raleigh DOT is being moved and area turned in to park over next year or so.
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