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  1. Detroit is a Delta fortress hub, extremely huge, expressway between parking and terminals, indoor tram to terminals and gates, I would gladly give up our little airport for a maglev to Detroit Metro.
  2. Northern Capital Investments in Grand Rapids, MI? They are a quiet company? I have not heard of them nor seen their name in the Grand Rapids thread?
  3. Any chance of Native American casino operating in Tennessee? Being a former "Nashvillian" I know the state lottery took along time to be introduced, with all the naysaying aside, it is just another form of entertainment.
  4. Great location for a couple of 500ft hotels and casinos. Come on Nashville get with the times. Full on Vegas style Casino resorts are great to have. The concept takes some thought and time to get used to, but they are a big plus. Perfect fit to an amazing city.
  5. 1or 2 or sky5. Great shots.
  6. I want to check out Cleveland we see lots of Tiger games from there, seats look close to the field, unfortunately seats are farther from the action in Detroit, makes the stadium look huge. Been to KC nice. First time to game in Milwaukee in 17. Would not mind Pittsburgh either.
  7. Anybody been in a retractable roof baseball stadium? Watcha think? Am going to Milwaukee in 17 to watch either Cubs or St Louis, and to check out the stadium.
  8. Texas Rangers are seeking a new enclosed roof stadium, close to a billion dollars in Arlington. I was thinking National League, since no team in the NL currently looking, AL just as good. It's all MLB anyhow with inter league play now, hope you're right about an open air facility.
  9. Tanks!!
  10. Youse'al are gonna love having a JW.
  11. That's great you don't lack for tourists (after all it was Detroit I was in reference to), what kind of stadium, retractable roof, multi-purpose, outside baseball only?
  12. After some rethought? It may work with a retractable roof stadium. Nashville in summer drawing 15 to 25k six times a week, comfort is a major factor. Add 3 Vegas style casinos, MGM-Nashville, Music City Casino and resorts, and RiverWaters Resorts, and Nashville would become the vacation destination of the Mid-South. Going to the casinos for about three hours before any games is great. That's what we do when in Detroit. Not to mention all of the restaurants and other attractions in Music.
  13. How true. Nice thought, bad application.
  14. I avoid that interchange at all costs. We so bad. Hey! let's swap expressways with Flint. Theirs are in good shape, overbuilt, and underused.