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  1. Trying to shake off the grad school blues, I went back to campus to take a few shots of the new hotel. It’s rising pretty fast, and will look nice among the engineering buildings. Tried to get some of the new science building but there’s always someone driving behind me on Craver. Keep a lookout for a time lapse in the future! Here are some random shots of campus. You may be able to see the steel of the science building in the first one. The HAWC blends in nicely.
  2. Just got an email with the following image, looks like the new Rec center is in the final stretch. They even have it down to the hour, so clear your schedules...
  3. Here’s a picture from Thursday evening. Even though I’m sure the little dots on the windows help keep the sun out, it does ruin any pictures you try to take.
  4. The real construction for the hotel is about to begin. Blasting the large amounts of earth away begins Tuesday, and it’s going to be very interesting for those kids going to the early college next year lol. The second entrance is looking really nice too, and it’ll look really impressive once they get rid of the scrubby vegetation in front of PORTAL.
  5. The balcony of the modern art museum is pretty good for taking pictures of this site. It will be even better for pictures of the Metro tower. I have another picture with a statue in the foreground, but I’m not sure of the museum’s policy regarding pictures of the art.
  6. The academic quad revamp is winding down, and it looks pretty good as a final product.
  7. The timing of this, a few weeks after Phil DuBois said this wasn’t the right time, is amazingly frustrating.
  8. As someone who’s been to various campuses both in state and out of state for various competitions, Charotte’s campus is nice by itself, but there could be a little bit more architectural variety. Or memorable landmarks (rip Belk Tower). Kennesaw State has a piece of the Berlin Wall, and Chapel Hill has some interesting functionalist architecture at least. Hopefully when the next phase of new buildings is made there can be a different style. This will be known as the “DuBois era” of campus buildings lmao
  9. One of the things that was talked about during the Chancellor's Forum last month was the HAWC, and the opening of the building has been pushed back to spring break of 2020, due to all the the rain delaying construction during February. Which is fair, though completely unsurprising considering the same thing happened to the light rail station. In other news, once the new science building is complete, the plan is to move all classes out of Burson, and move any offices into Cameron, so that Burson can have some heavy renovations done. Then they're moving the biology department out of Woodward and into the renovated Burson, so that the other departments in Woodward can have more room. They will also be finishing the Bioinformatics building since apparently they never finished the top sections. I didn't think that would be a valid strategy but I don't exactly build academic buildings, so who knows. Here's the webcam by the way, and it finally updated. Finally, here's a story about the Chancellor taking the Governor to see Burson in person. Thrilling. https://ninertimes.com/2019/03/house-bill-241-unc-system-seeks-200-million-for-system-wide-improvements/ How's everyone's opinion on the name change debate? Lot's of heated discussion on twitter and elsewhere.
  10. Here are some pictures from the old PaTS and new science/data site, since the webcam seems to be broken. Also there’s some work being done in the space between King and Reese.
  11. Apologies if this isn't in the most appropriate thread. How does everyone on this site feel about the potential name change that has been put on the ballot by the SGA? Personally I am a fan, and many other students in certain organizations do as well. I even hear whispers of the student media doing something related to it. University of Charlotte ?
  12. Here are some pictures from today, HAWC is coming along pretty good, has good presence at different distances. Ogunjobi was on campus today too, and that was cool meeting both him and Will Healy.
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