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  1. Remember what the East Bank was like before the stadium was built there? Not trying to be snarky because I really don't remember there being a lot development taking place there. I do remember driving down Riverside drive to Shelby park daily because that is where we practiced baseball while I was at Belmont.
  2. What a beautiful sight. Real grass. I would love to have the job of mowing that field.
  3. I will say this, build a new stadium or upgrade the current one. It doesn't really matter because if neither of those things happen then the Titans will be gone. What does that do to tax revenue coming into the city? And for those of you that are pointing out many more pressing issues that Metro Nashville needs, answer me this. If not one dime of taxpayer money goes into the stadium project, where do you actually think that money will go? We as a city are 20 years behind on any workable regional transit system. Do you think that will change? Be honset. Are the schools going to receive anymore money and suddenly start producing better educated students? Are city employees going to get 10 or 15% raises? None of these things happens in a vacuum and foregoing one does not predetermine that the next one on the list will occur. Money is what make all of these things possible. How do cities get money? Taxes.What brings in tax revenue? Y'all tell me. I am not arguing for or against anything. Just saying that doing without one doesn't automatically give us any of the others.
  4. That is a lot more impressive than the old Massey auditorium where I had to attend weekly chapel service. A great addition to the campus.
  5. 43028 to watch the 1-1 draw. Nice numbers, but not quite sure it is what Nashville needed to earn a spot as a host city for 2026. We shall see.
  6. My alma mate is not the same place I martriculated through in the late 1980's. Heck, I probably would not even be admitted now. But it is great to see all the growth and change.
  7. I will just say that nothing fun ever happens in Sumner County, though we do have a tower crane up Gallatin. I think it is a first.
  8. 4 story Motel 6 right next to Nissan stadium, but it will get the Nashville shortage and shrink to a one story Airways Motel.
  9. What's really sad is the attorney for SOF said that Metro would have to rebuild those buildings. Why rebuild something your not using? I wish they had used dynamite and detonated it all at once. Big freaking book to them.
  10. Those fools will appeal this all the way to the Supreme Court if they can.
  11. I will add my two cents here as I do have some knowledge of the game. The Nashville players are too tentative in their shots. First of all you will miss 100% of all shots you do not take, and when you get a chance, rip it! Whoever was playing wing on the right was hesitant on every ball he played in. Ok, just Get better and keep working hard.
  12. I agree with your statement. I understand the need to Get the financial house in order, but don't kill the goose that is laying the golden eggs. You do have to spend a little money to make money.
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