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  1. I will feel much better about our chances when there is an actual stadium design proposal. Make it so!
  2. Once they start actual construction, are they building both towers at the same time? I would hate for it to end up like the Nashville City Center where there to be two towers there, but they built the smaller one first then canned the other, tall building.
  3. I really hope this one comes to fruition for a couple of reasons. First I like the look of the renderings and second it will help hide the ugliness of the 222 2nd Ave. garage. Good day.
  4. I do know that here in Sumner County they are expecting such an influx of people that they have closed schools on that day. They did not want the busses on the roads with the expected increased traffic.
  5. It's amazing the way the Nashville community has embraced the Predators. That picture above is a tremendous postcard selling point of what is happening in our city right now.
  6. From the album Photos

  7. Preds are advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals!!!!!!
  8. But is it the right type of core drilling for this project? Please say yes!
  9. I tried to look at the info, to compare Nashville and Memphis. Curious as to whether or not Nashville has surpassed Memphis.
  10. I want to ask a question, but I am not sure where to put it so I will try here. If not appropriate, please move. Of the following three proposed developments, which do most here feel will have the best shot of actually getting done: 2nd and Demonbreun, Crescendo, or Crescent Demonbreun. I will ad the Buckingham Gultch in there as well. Thanks for any responses.
  11. I hope you are correct.
  12. If that is the case, then Nashville is not getting a team.
  13. One of the first buildings I ever constructed looked very similar to that one. Of course, it was made completely of legos and did not survive godzillas rampage through the neighborhood.
  14. How long is a little bit?
  15. Is that the Crescendo? Looking at the development maps, that appears to be it. But I thought that was cancelled. Or was it the Crescent Demonbreun that they pulled the plug on?