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  1. I agree with your statement. I understand the need to Get the financial house in order, but don't kill the goose that is laying the golden eggs. You do have to spend a little money to make money.
  2. Any thinking person knows that without the push for the stadium at the fairgrounds would have left nothing being accomplished there. No new expo building, just those embarrassing run down shacks that look more at home on the set of The Grapes of Wrath. The speedway has been boondoggle since even before NASCAR pulled the two cup races here in 1983. It is with a realistic viewpoint that I state as long as Cooper is mayor,Nashville's days of being the IT city are doomed.
  3. All of the new buildings being constructed are too short. A real shortcoming.
  4. So, when can they start the demo on the old fair buildings where the stadium is to be built? I can envision some of the SOF jackwagons chaining themselves to the pillars in protest.
  5. Belated congrats to a fellow soccer enthusiast, Paul, on the arrival of your life's most important job; being a Dad. Good Luck.
  6. That group of ding dongs is harder to eradicate than Jason, Michael Myers, and Freddie.
  7. I hate to sound ugly but Glover, Cooper, and Pardue might be idiots.
  8. Who elects these yokels in these cheap suits?
  9. That is some enlightening analysis. Given those numbers it would seem that there is really no way Metro can lose. Or at least that is the way my pea brain interprets the bottom line numbers. Thanks for sharing.
  10. What else is a circus besides a fair, a race, and a flea market. Pot meet kettle. And honestly, I have no problem with any of those. I do have a problem with the hearts and minds that foster such statements.
  11. I reject the outright racism and xenophobia that was displayed by a few of the speakers last night. I personally feel that the councillors opposed to the plan would be best served by openly stating their rejection of those types as well. It is not a good look. Hopefully the deal is passed and those stuck with this peculiar mindset will drift off into the sunset, never to be heard from again.
  12. I just watched the last part of that meeting and OMG!! I do not know how anything ever gets done in Metro. Half of the councillors do not even know the rules. Then there are the ones with the obvious agenda to strum. I do not think I could sit in one of those without my head exploding. Many props to you, Paul and others who do so. You will make it to heaven because you have served your time in hell doing so.
  13. Great news. Paul you should replace the lady from channel 4, but it would probably be a step down career wise.
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