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  1. On April 24, 2017, City Council approved Ordinance No. 2017-6 designating Bob Carr Theatre as an Orlando Historic Landmark. However, the facade and the two side walls are all that remain from the original building.
  2. PDQ is open Sundays but their chicken tastes like a Monday. (rim shot?) PDQ's PR person told me Chik Fil A uses MSG. Has anyone else heard this?
  3. The exterior Social House sign is placed directly above the Tamale Co/patisserie space but the Coffee/vegan/liquor store is called the Social House. I bet Foxtail demanded their logo on the exterior which effed up the sign placement.
  4. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but ending a project running since 2013 abruptly sounds like a power play. Perhaps they want the City to help them more than they have/had. Just guesses.
  5. It looks like an office building. That part of Thornton Park is the Maitland of downtown.
  6. Mall at Millenia updates: Shoe maker @giuseppezanotti is opening next door to the coming-soon Hermes. The renovated ground floor starbucks is now open. There's a cool (to me) looking pop-up where Santa usually is. The structure is made out of white cylinder perfume boxes. The pop up is promoting Louis Vuitton's new perfume and cologne.
  7. Wow thank you for this! I took a break from the forum. Sad I missed this one. Thank you again.
  8. Mark Baratelli


    The Apple Store in Florida Mall used to be the Pottery Barn. The Pottery Barn in Millenia is still open. It's Crate & Barrel is the one that closed in Millenia which will soon house an Hermes store (!!!). I go to the malls a lot.
  9. Update - I called National Real Estate to ask if the new F&D pizza place will be on city service and they confirmed it will. Real dishes for everyone!
  10. I did a story about this inspection in March and wow Just wow!!! The restaurant is only licensed to use disposable cutlery and plates for its guests: they were caught using real dishes and silverware at both inspections. This is related to the restaurant being connected to a septic system. The manager told us they are now using disposable cutlery and plates.The restaurant did not have a copy of the previous inspection report as required and the required restaurant license was not displayed. It was found to have 62 seats inside and out when it was only licensed for 27. WTF!?? This was uncovered during its February 14th health inspection. When the inspectors returned February 27th, it still had more seats than it was licensed for. I spoke with the manager/owner on the phone back then who stated the extra 35 seats were outside on the porch for guests to sit in while they were waiting for an inside table. He also said there were never over 60 seats.He stated before he moved his restaurant into the space, he was to have over 80 seats. Due to the restaurant being on a septic system and not city sewer, the number of allowed seats was reduced to 27.The manager said there was a miscommunication between the "local" health department and the state health department. He said he had a verbal agreement with the local health department that if he flushed the septic tank once a week they could have more than the 27 seats allowed.The restaurant could not show proof of state-required employee training for any employees and the Manager on duty could not show proof of State Food Handling Service Manager certification during both inspections. The owner told us he is the only Manager of the restaurant and while the inspections were happening he was not present. He also said only one employee with employee training must be present and that not all employees have to be trained.
  11. Downtown retail will always be dog crap thanks to these landlord/management companies. It's the suburbs in high heel shoes.
  12. Orlando ranks 3rd easiest city to operate a food truck in Orlando. You're welcome. https://www.foodtrucknation.us
  13. @orlandouprise. Scott Joseph says it's" Italian meringue prepared with honey, nougat and fruit confit, on a red berries sorbet." I call it dumbass bullcraptery wrapped in a rich Mayor who raises bees and has no connection to... food.
  14. Jesus H Christ @I am Reality let other people talk.
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