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  1. Was at Seaboard Ace Hardware this weekend and saw a coming soon sign for "Peace China" on the storefront two down from Ace. The tag below said something like "a healthy alternative to chinese take-out - coming September 2007." I'm all for another Chinese take-out option downtown - and one I can walk to is a bonus.
  2. Yea, the cutting down of the trees was what got me wondering about the development of the site. Is the vacant lot part of the new development? Are they going to rehab those appts? I guess we'll see. I live in the non-historic oak dale district - thanks for the mordaci link as I'm guessing I could attend these meetings as well for info.
  3. Anyone have information on the Person Street Plaza site at the intersection of Person and Franklin. I had heard a condo/retail/restaurant development was on the way and all but one business in the plaza is now closed, but I have not seen any activity. I live nearby and am looking forward to some development in the area.
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