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  1. Onekama


    PBR is even getting into the spirits business and it will be produced by New Holland. https://thetakeout.com/pbr-to-launch-its-own-whiskey-that-s-aged-5-seconds-1833126036
  2. Slightly off topic, but very timely given the Amway renovations. Our resort just offered up their Stickley Brothers chairs from 1915 for sale last week. I guess they were originally purchased for the Pantlind hotel until a major renovation in 1940, then were used at the Portage Point Resort until today. Sounds like they are all sold out already in the off chance you were interested. Stickley Brothers Dining Room Chairs Dearest PPI Friends, We are writing to you in regards to our collection of dining room chairs produced in ca. 1915 by the Stickley Brothers Furniture Company of Grand Rapids. In fact, a 1915 renovation inspired the Pantlind Hotel (today known as the Amway Grand of Grand Rapids) to purchase these chairs, until they traveled to our hidden gem around 1940. These chairs have been used at the Portage Point Inn's dining room ever since by generations of vacationers. As Portage Point Inn is beginning to obtain steady business in our dining room, we are concerned with the wear and tear on these rear antique chairs. Therefore, we have decided to sell the Stickley chairs and purchase standard commercial chairs. We are offering them at $50/piece. If you or your family are interested in acquiring a piece of history and memorabilia, please contact us at 231.889.7500 or [email protected] Sincerely, Portage Point Inn Management
  3. The new brewery just outside of Saugatuck looks like it's going to be quite the place. Can even rent a yurt for the night if you had a few too many! Soft opening in January. https://guardianbrewingco.com/news/
  4. Onekama


    Speaking of Hopcat. Here’s the progress of the Holland location.
  5. Either way, It was delicious with excellent service last night.
  6. Proposed residential downtown Holland. The theme is "if your architecture ain't Dutch, it ain't much". https://www.hollandsentinel.com/news/20181121/eight-rental-units-proposed-for-former-reliable-sport-site dutch.pdf
  7. Some crude phone pics of the building progress downtown Holland. Project at 7th and College and the Theater/Hopcat mixed use on 8th.
  8. This is on top of 3 hotels currently under construction, 1 other hotel approved, and 1 other hotel being proposed this month in Holland. Wouldn't be surprised to see a hotel next to Herman Miller and the new Love's truck stop at the 16 street exit soon.
  9. Saw that DG has an new urban concept called DGX that appears to put a little more value into aesthetics. Probably way too soon for this one to be converted/upgraded... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-31/rural-america-s-favorite-store-is-moving-into-the-big-city
  10. Given those obvious limitations, I think they should land swap for the Verplank Dock property which is at the end of 8th Street right next to Boatwerks Restaurant.
  11. A chance for any of you arm chair developers to offer insight into how to redevelop the old lakefront power plant in Holland. https://waterfrontholland.org/
  12. Depot in Zeeland is no more. Was at State st. and Washington ave. approximately.
  13. Onekama


    Appears that New Holland is expanding to Battle Creek.
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