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  1. Oh look another chance to make a snide remark about Memphis, like what is filling up every section of this forum. Do you visit often? Have you lived in Memphis? Seems a bit obsessive and really makes things so enjoyable.
  2. I wasn't really sure if this should be in the Downtown or Midtown section but it's in the Medical District, soo.. $56M mixed-use development proposed for Medical District $56M mixed-use development proposed for Medical District - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian "A $55.7 million mixed-use development is proposed for nearly the entire block along Union, between Cleveland and Claybrook. The 2.9-acre development would rise where First Horizon and IberiaBank branches now operate in the Medical District" "Called URBN on Union, the development
  3. More info on the overall plan Details on $200 million Accelerate Memphis plan revealed in mayor's presentation to city council (wreg.com)
  4. Hyde Foundation buys 15 acres on Walnut Grove for mixed-use development Hyde Foundation buys 15 acres for mixed-use development by Derwin Sisnett and Nora Jendoubi - Memphis Business Journal (bizjournals.com) "The Hyde Family Foundation recently purchased 15 acres near Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library to support a major commercial development. Memphis-based Maslow Development Inc. is leading the project with Hyde's support. Maslow partners Derwin Sisnett and Nora Jendoubi said in a statement that they are working on a "school-centered, mixed-use development" for the 15 acres but
  5. Memphian preps 10 acres near Downtown for catalytic development From the Memphis Business Journal- property purchased South of the South Main District with ideas for redevelopment. Would be nice to see more investment pushing South. Frank Smith preps 10 acres on E.H. Crump Boulevard for Downtown development - Memphis Business Journal (bizjournals.com) "Not a developer himself, Smith got in touch with Anna Holtzclaw, who coordinates the Memphis Real Estate Diversity Initiative for Urban Land Institute (ULI) Memphis. Through the program, three teams of aspiring developer
  6. This is true in a lot of neighborhoods closer to the core (Cooper-Young/Evergreen come to mind)- I am not sure the history. I always sort of guessed it was part of revitalization attempts of those neighborhoods in the late 80's/90's perhaps? Again, just a guess on my part and wasn't really around when those areas saw more investment (I'm close to 40 now). I would love to see more of this across the city someday.
  7. Another article on the Racquet Club site. Definitely a site with a lot of potential. Looking forward to seeing plans once more comes out. 'Mixed-use development of significant size and scale:' Carlisle talks Racquet Club purchase, vision Chance Carlisle discusses purchasing Racquet Club of Memphis and plans for redevelopment. - Memphis Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  8. Carlisle-associated LLC purchases former Racquet Club land Former Racquet Club property purchased by Carlisle-associated LLC - Memphis Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  9. Commercial space, townhouses planned for Cooper-Young By Tom Bailey, Daily Memphian--Commercial space, townhouses planned for Cooper-Young - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian "Cooper-Young’s north edge has attracted plans for yet another mixed-use development, this time for about 4,500 square feet of retail at 2197 Central Ave. with five townhouses behind. City Construction & Development LLC has filed an application for a zoning variance with the Board of Adjustment for the one-acre site at the southeast corner of
  10. Great site. Some on the threatened list have been renovated/redeveloped since that page was updated. Tennessee Brewery: Historic Brewery Gets New Life in Memphis (multihousingnews.com) See inside: Tennessee Brewery's nearly completed first phase - Memphis Business Journal (bizjournals.com) Towery Building on Union, back building renovated with a new build up front (The Citizen apartments) The Citizen apartments in Midtown filling up - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian
  11. DRG901

    Memphis Sports

    I agree it's definitely not just a basketball city. I was at all aspects of Game Day last year, what day, Go Tigers . But it's not just Nashville having a team. It would definitely take a major plan with a sparkling new stadium with major corporate players on board, as well as the city, etc etc. As well as the NFL being interested in expanding again or relocating a team. We just dropped millions into the Liberty Bowl with new seating/ Tiger Lane etc that was meant for it to last another 20 years or so. It's much improved and we have (in normal years) seen higher attendance and supp
  12. DRG901

    Memphis Sports

    There was definitely a huge appetite for a team in the 70's/80's/90's and great corporate support with FedEx and others-- after we lost out on the 95 expansion bid and a year later the Oilers were moving to Nashville and we were picked to basically babysit them for 2 years while they were building a brand new stadium (again, probably the main reason Memphis shot itself in the foot by losing out on the expansion or any possible relocations) did not go over well considering it'd been attempted for so long. There was zero chance after that the NFL would put a team in both cities so close to ea
  13. Lamar Avenue leads the way in how Memphis 3.0 could change city’s look Lamar leads the way in how Memphis 3.0 could change city's look - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian
  14. DRG901

    Memphis Sports

    Yeah there's no chance of that happening at this point, especially as long as the Titans are in Nashville. If Memphis had built a new stadium in the 90's I think they would've gotten a team instead of Jacksonville, and I am not sure how successful it would have been long term- possibly would have been the same type of success as the Jaguars. But I can't re-write history... and if we did get a team back then I think we never would've gotten the Grizzlies and I think the NBA is a better fit for Memphis and always thought back in the 80's/90's they should have put their efforts into an NBA te
  15. Central Yards has cleared its first hurdle: "The planning board voted 9-0 with one recusal on Thursday, Dec. 10, to support what is, by Midtown standards, a huge development: 348 apartments, 615 parking spaces, and 53,000 square feet of commercial space. The proposed Central Yards mixed-use development next goes to the City Council with a strong recommendation for approval by the Land Use Control Board." Planning board supports Central Yards project - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian
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