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  1. I was expecting a lot better on this site. Something with residential over retail fronting Union a la The Citizen a block or so away.
  2. More news on this one and new renderings. Looks good. $30M South Front mixed-use development approved - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian
  3. Board approves Downtown Mobility Center Board approves Downtown Mobility Center - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian
  4. Yeah, from what I've heard part of the issue the Big 12 has is that the school doesn't have its own stadium and wants to see more of an investment going forward and sees an on campus stadium as the biggest sign of that. No way they move downtown. Either that or a big renovation of the Liberty Bowl...wanting to see what the renderings are at least as a start.
  5. Second phase with 292 apartments and a 420 space parking garage starting soon. From the Daily Memphian Permit filed for part of Orgel's Snuff District redevelopment - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian "A commercial construction permit has been filed by developer Billy Orgel for the foundation of a mixed-use building in Uptown, part of the $62 million Snuff District. The application, totaling around $1.7 million, is for the foundation and site work at the proposed six-story building at 47 Keel.
  6. Liberty Bowl to become Simmons Bank Memorial Stadium - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian
  7. Yep. This is incredible news that I was not expecting. I think as MDC said this is going to benefit the whole region. The entire Memphis area and West TN as a whole has needed something like this for a long time if it really wants to grow and compete. Just as all of Middle Tennessee has benefited from the many factories and everything that was built in Spring Hill etc 30 years ago has only helped the whole Nashville area experience incredible growth... I am hopeful for the same here and this will hopefully lead to many more companies that feed into the plants locating here and other compa
  8. Ford, SK Innovation to invest $5.6B in Memphis Regional Megasite Ford to invest $5.6B in Memphis Regional Megasite - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian "Ford Motor Company has selected the Memphis Regional Megasite for an electric vehicle and battery manufacturing campus, bringing nearly 6,000 jobs to West Tennessee. Partnering with a South Korean company, SK Innovation, Ford announced a $5.6 billion investment and 5,800 direct jobs at the Haywood County site, between Memphis and Jackson." At a press conference Monday, Sept. 27, Gov. Bil
  9. Gotcha, thanks, sounds familiar now, couldn't remember what happened with the hotel proposal.
  10. The area where the flags are was a surface parking lot for The Pyramid, if I remember correctly. And the area the silos were was just that (an industrial area that did have a cool sign on top, yes). I think it's better as a park/field at the moment but if I recall correctly there was some kind of proposal or idea for a hotel at that area that was a parking lot previously (it's been many years). EDIT: Actually I may be off if the flags are closer to where the silos were (sorry, I haven't actually been down there recently and have only seen the 9/11 memorial in this photo)
  11. Downtown has billions of dollars of projects going on across the board and thousands of residential units underway (hence what this announcement is) but yes I guess it's struggling mightily. But yes we get it.
  12. Groundbreaking set for 84-acre mixed-use project in Olive Branch Groundbreaking set for the Cascades, a huge mixed-use project in Olive Branch, near Hwy. 305/Cockrum Road and Hwy. 78. - Memphis Business Journal (bizjournals.com) A groundbreaking has been set for Sept. 15 for the Cascades, the first mixed-use development in Olive Branch. "It's a [nearly] 100-acre development of residential, retail, apartments, and assisted living," said Shawn Massey of the Shopping Center Group. Massey said the project is similar to Silo Square in Southaven and the Lake District in Lakeland.
  13. Stumbled across this page this morning with all kinds of long term plans for transit oriented developments with lots of mixed use plans/ideas for several areas. Memphis Transit Oriented Development 100a0d_6520e5b98d2f40dda6f9c3ab49749250.pdf (filesusr.com)
  14. Totally agree. I read recently the de-annexed areas were around 7000 people. Still a little surprised at the total decline number though. But keep building the core, it's been a great 10 years for big projects and thousands of housing units. Seems to not be slowing down, I'd be interested to see the numbers in zip codes in and around downtown/midtown.
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