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    Memphis Sports

    Yeah, and since then the Grizz and 901 FC have had blue/yellow colors... could definitely be part of a theme.
  2. DRG901

    Memphis Sports

    I always thought the Pharaohs were a cool nickname from the Arena Football team of the 90's.
  3. This has been my thought since July or whenever when Carlisle came back and said they had to have the backstop or it wouldn't happen after they'd already done site work and I was under the impression it was a 100 percent go. I never felt as confident since...and I'll be honest if this is the third try of a high rise Hyatt at this site that was approved and good to go after 17 years I'd be happy to see a 2 story Days Inn built at this site just to call it a day and know something will be built there (half joking :). But really I am not sure if I should be mad at Strickland or the city, they did seem to try to compromise time after time and Carlisle has not been exactly friendly in the media in the past 4 months towards them...and again with the third try on their part to get a tower built at this site and the second failure of Strickland to get a convention hotel it's all just frustrating as mentioned before. I almost ready to give up lol, but yes it reveals a lot of issues with Memphis getting big projects even somewhat off the ground and I'm not holding my breath on anything else big for the foreseeable future with the way things are with the economy now... and I do think it ends up setting a bad precedent because none of these projects are feasible here without the tax breaks which the developers end up taking advantage of and asking for more extensions after the fact and then yet the projects end up dying completely... so why on earth would someone else come along and then see how things are done here and the cycle just repeats itself as I've witnessed the past 2 decades in this town.
  4. DRG901

    Memphis Sports

    Yeah, back in 06 or so when it closed I was all about tearing it down but over time- I don't know if it's actually time or that so many have been so passionate about not tearing it down because we still "need it" after being replaced twice basically (3 times if you count the Landers Center) that I was on board with finding something useful for it but in reality with the no complete clause I just don't know what you could do with it unless you scale the seating back which in my mind seems pointless almost because it'd be harder to get hockey or whatever else as a guaranteed tenant back to it. And the group that has been trying to display it or whatever has had several years and nothing has come of it. Plus, back to the Landers Center- it did take its hockey team away in 2000 and it didn't have a tenant since then for the last 6 years it was open. The Landers Center is being renovated so it's not like it will stop getting the shows it gets (which seem to be mainly more country anyway than Memphis seems to ever get). And a lot of the argument is we need to renovate it to take shows back from Southaven.... but would that actually ever happen? Concerts and touring have changed since the Coliseums heyday. It's not going to get 100 shows a year like it did in the 70's no matter what and things that are already going to the Landers Center aren't going to all of a sudden say we're going to the Coliseum because I wanna be in the Memphis city limits. They're still just going to look at it as going to Memphis market. Plus throw in Snowden in Southaven and Radians Amphitheater in Memphis is getting a decent amount of shows for smaller things, plus you have the Forum and even the Overton Shell as well. On top of that no one knows what's up with Mud Island which I'd prefer over the Coliseum if we're going to spend money on older concert venues when I'm not sold either are really needed. On top of that-- the soccer stadium could hold 15,000 for concerts-- which is probably close to the Coliseum in seating-- and outdoor venues don't have to worry about the no compete clause- so what would we really be losing and not gaining much more in return? And also-- the renovated Liberty Bowl would be updated for modern bigger tours as well-- so right in the same complex we'd have two basically new concert venues- a 50,000 seat stadium for bigger shows and a 15,000 seat stadium for others-- again imo we'd be gaining more than we have now. And if we have two modern venues at Liberty Park that could hold different amounts of outdoor concerts than do we really need to renovate Mud Island as well? LOL...sorry, a lot of possible scenarios here!
  5. DRG901

    Memphis Sports

    Yeah that's my thought as well- they are already adding residential/hotels/entertainment so it's not like it's going to be the fairgrounds of old where you just park in a suburban style lot, go in and watch a game and leave. And yes I didn't really think of how close Cooper Young/Overton is also which is slowly blending into one area down Cooper St. I agree about the Coke factory but I believe I saw they were just going to use that as parking for the Liberty Bowl? Which is unfortunate since it could be more.
  6. DRG901

    Memphis Sports

    I agree. Also it gives the Coliseum site a new use, we've been watching it sit for 16 years with no real ideas thrown out there that would work. And with soccer having a summer season woudl give the fairgrounds more activity throughout the year. Also, it won't be downtown but with the new mixed use coming to Liberty Park it'll still have bars and things to do around the stadium. Seems like a win/win in the end.
  7. How recent talk are we dealing with? I haven't heard anything since pre-2019 and haven't heard since. Some things have happened since then I've heard that have delayed some other things. And that might be an understatement.
  8. Agree with both posts above-- I was under the impression the residential portion was already supposed to start before hotel/office/etc and figured that would've been easier to get going since there's still more residential projects that are getting built downtown. And with regards to One Beale I felt the same way and that's what scares me. Seems to be the same situation with a looming recession- came back with a similar plan and then they had other issues after the second proposal with the father dying when it was supposed to get off the ground and had to re-group and then came back with the scaled down plan that's finally been built (I can't recall all the details) but it eventually got going and still seems to be getting a hotel tower in the original planned spot (although also scaled back a bit). So I am hopeful but skeptic as always as I've become accustomed to around here. Hopefully something comes out soon...not sure I'd think of it as a Lowe's debacle. With that there seemed to be a lot more city involvement with plans etc including 100 N Main. At least with this the developers knocked down about 30 acres of blight that was an eyesore heading into downtown-- so hey, at least a clean slate for whatever may happen.
  9. Varsity Spirit opens new HQ in Uptown Snuff District Varsity Spirit opens new HQ in Uptown Snuff District - Memphis Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  10. The area around the Paradiso and the towers/Brookhaven could really use a makeover and become more dense for sure. And at some point I'd hope all of Oak Court Mall will be repurposed into something mixed use. It is struggling and malls have been dying for years but the companies that own them seem to let them die a very slow death.
  11. Happy 901 Day City reaches deal on One Beale Grand Hyatt financing - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian
  12. They've actually been working together to push a 3rd bridge over the Mississippi which is greatly needed (as seen last year with one shutdown)- Debate for a third bridge across the Mississippi River gains support from local lawmakers – FOX13 News Memphis (fox13memphis.com) From what I recall I-69 has been stalled by both federal and state funding for years, should definitely be pushed and also would add another bridge but farther south in MS.. also still very much needed
  13. I'm hopeful that Blue Oval City will speed up I-69 getting completely built in Tennessee but haven't heard much about it recently.
  14. Madison Lofts under construction- corner of Madison and Diana a few blocks from Overton Square.
  15. I heard they are trying to find a replacement but not sure what'll happen. Yeah, I agree about the Coliseum. I think something will happen eventually, hope this spurs interest.
  16. Agreed. With the cost it would take to buy land for a new stadium (plus lack of land available on/near campus) I figured they'd go this route and it looks a lot better than I was expecting. Plus I figured with Liberty Park underway and the fact the Liberty Bowl and Southern Heritage Classic also come into play it'd be harder to convince the city and everyone making decisions to fund an on campus stadium for the Tigers. Looks great.
  17. Interested to see what comes out of this- City seeks proposals for N. Main Street development in the Pinch District - Memphis Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  18. Design Review Board approves Conwood II project in Snuff District Design Review Board approves Conwood II project in Snuff District - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian New renderings:
  19. Wait, I'm confused... isn't this what you said was wrong with the other hotels on site? And Memphis can't get any development of anything somewhat tall? So a 24 story glass tower isn't to your fitting either? Thanks for sharing,.
  20. Grand Hyatt construction set to start in May Final phase of One Beale set to begin this summer, Caption by Hyatt set to open - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian After three phases and years of planning, One Beale finally has an end date in sight. Groundbreaking for the Grand Hyatt, which accents the fourth and final phase of the One Beale development, will begin in mid-May. From there, it will be 20 to 24 months until completion, Carlisle Corp. CEO Chance Carlisle said. “It’s super exciting to say in four to six weeks, we’re going to put a shovel in the ground for a 24-story tower,” he said. The Grand Hyatt will feature 365 rooms, 42,000 square feet of meeting space and one restaurant (still to be named). The $215 million project is expected to create 554 new jobs.
  21. There's a link with an interview with the Downtown Memphis Commission president that's in the Downtown section here where he said it's close to breaking ground...that's all I've heard recently..
  22. Topgolf Memphis application filed with TDEC Topgolf Memphis application filed with TDEC - Memphis Local, Sports, Business & Food News | Daily Memphian More evidence emerged Monday that Topgolf appears headed to Memphis just south of Germantown with new public documents linking the city to the entertainment venue. A permit pending with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation shows Franklin Land Associates filed an application for Topgolf Memphis on Callis-Cutoff Road just outside of Germantown, north east of Germantown Road and Winchester Road. The application is dated earlier this month. The permit application is further proof the golf and entertainment facility is headed to Memphis. The site for the golf and entertainment is about 20 acres and is part of a larger 149-acre mixed-use development.
  23. DRG901

    Memphis Sports

    ESPN to spend full day in Memphis for all programming as part of Grizzlies all-access special Memphis Grizzlies ESPN All-Access game March 23 vs. Brooklyn Nets (archive.ph)
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