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  1. Traffic control measures are going in starting tomorrow. Even in its diminutive state, I'm excited for this project!
  2. Just walked passed the cursed storefront between Grand Central Market and Brick & Porter on Monroe Center, and I see there is activity there. It's not a big space, but it appears the two suites are being combined at least. I hope it's not a revival of the vape shop!
  3. Someone on the GR subreddit posted about this project today. I can’t speak to this person’s credibility, but they believe it will not be built. Can anyone corroborate?
  4. Looking fabulous, can’t wait for the finished product. Any news yet on tenants?
  5. I couldn't find a more relevant thread, so I'm putting this here. Has anyone else heard rumors of the city wanting to move the police department to a proposed new building in the Ionia & Franklin area? I have heard this twice now in recent months by word of mouth, but have yet to find any evidence to support it. I'm skeptical, considering the lobby of the current building was recently renovated. For what it's worth, I'm a long-time lurker here (10+ years). You guys have a great community with fingers on the pulse of our fair city.
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