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  1. Looks like a great project. I'm glad Gus is being proactive and not waiting for things to happen. This move could save the PR for damn near eternity. I think it look great and will fit in well with the neighborhood.
  2. Great project too. Though I drove by Stone's the other day to see how it was progressing, and as I turned off Chavis Way, a couple young guys looked at me and one hooked his left arm in front of him with a straight right arm over it and cocked and fired a pretend pistol. So everyone in the neighborhood may not be thrilled about it.
  3. I live at the Hue and am pumped. Just hope the restaurant vendors are affordable (and they should be given the fact you just pick food up from them and they aren't paying for seating space.
  4. That section of Franklin and the already built portion across the street, really needed something with height and retail. Glad they got both but hope some local businesses sign on.
  5. Target will take up about half the retail space with a "flexible format" store. Pieology and b.good also signed leases. Hopefully some local businesses fill out the rest of the space. The Target should increase foot traffic on Franklin which is a good thing since students tend to stay on campus to eat now rather than going to Franklin.
  6. The crappy houses on both sides of the street to the east of Ridgewood will end up being something else sooner or later. If a developer can buy contiguous lots, they could certainly build some low rise or townhomes like the ones Barker is renting further east near Brooks. There will never be a real urban feel to that area though. It's not like Hillsborough which already has a lot of old bones to work with. As for Meredith, they could've turned the pedestrian gate into a car gate years ago. Pretty sure they like the quaint, secluded feel they have now and don't want to give up most of the (not huge) buffer they've got.
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