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  1. F1 would never use the Roval, because CMS would not spend the incredible amount of money needed to upgrade to FIA Grade 1. On the other hand, I’ve always been surprised that Charlotte doesn’t have a world class road track considering it’s history and prestige in the Motorsport community. As long as Tilke doesn’t design, I could get behind a road circuit being built in the area. Edit: Of course ignoring the fact that building a purpose built track is a boondoggle.
  2. Check will drive from Atlanta to Charlotte on a set of Hards with no stops
  3. I see a couple of issues that would hinder this if memory serves me correct. 1. Big issue with Morehead Port is that the train access goes right through the city. 2. I believe that part of Radio Island is public beach access. Can that do this project without losing the access. I feel there would be the same issue that South Port had, a negative to the tourist industry. Edit: I wonder if this would be more feasible on Eagle Island in Wilmington?
  4. Baseball would do well in the future, as a huge, early 30s football fan it pains me to say it, but football is in decline. Baseball is a game that can stay around, without changing its primary game play. While football has been changing and will continue to change. Less kids are playing, less people are interested in the game. Baseball in its nature is more pedestrian than football, more of a social activity than football, excluding tailgating. Lots of people go to a ballgame as an “event” while people attend a football game, well to watch football. I believe that will help baseball
  5. I’ll see about the mask requirement tomorrow morning at the gym, but I don’t see it happening at the time I am there. PA banned alcohol sales on the 25th to keep people in.
  6. Yeah lots of people poppin hot, lots more test being conducted, still below the % positive from the April-May time period. Hopefully, we can get through this, I am not looking forward to another shut down. Couldn’t find historic data on hospitalizations, but looks like they have changed the way they are being counted. https://www.wfmynews2.com/mobile/article/news/health/coronavirus/it-looks-like-a-jump-in-covid-19-hospitalizations-but-its-not/83-503ed085-2c24-4544-a2dc-65db04d84d73
  7. Hope they don’t tack too much stuff into the referendum that could compromise it.
  8. This issue with Garland was that Congress was 54-44-2 Republican in 2016 (if I remember correctly). So Garland never stood a chance, had the Dems controlled Congress then or now it would have been the opposite story. But yeah, the senate as a whole is just a complete joke, regardless of which way you lean and needs to be reformed, term limits would be great in my opinion.
  9. CATs really needs to get its ish together with these contractors. One failure after another. If the “Big Bang” ever comes up on the ballot few people will vote to approve with all the mismanagement by CATs.
  10. Time to start a go fund me for KHJ and his camera gear. Donut purchases not allowed.
  11. You should go check out carolinahuddle.com if you think there hasn’t been any threats to the statue.
  12. I don’t believe he is putting property above lives, the issue is the reaction to the death that is the issue. Peaceful protest are great, and should be used (although they should be wearing mask, right?). However, Many people dismiss the protest once they become destructive, as they take away from the people marching peacefully. I honestly don’t know a better way, but two wrongs will not make a right.
  13. I watched Waco over the weekend, thought it was pretty good.
  14. Would you be fine with something corresponding to firearms? Or education? Or public health? Or infrastructure spending? Or anything else? The point is extreme but, so was your statement. People, regardless if you agree with them or not are going to protest EVERYTHING. If you are that worried you can distance yourself from them, as you have/should be doing. This thing isn’t going to end because a small group of people are protesting. Drive by Lowe’s (or any other store, or park, or trial) tomorrow afternoon and you’ll see that people of all walks of life. Without reg
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