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  1. WAJAS


    I think he thought the funds would have been better spent on the OIA extension, which I agree with based on the ridership projections. On the bright side, once this is over they'll be able to focus on future projects.
  2. I wonder if we can get @thelakelander from the MetroJax forums to get his opinion on the comparison. I don't have an account over there, but someone should reach out.
  3. On the transportation side, that can also be accomplished by consolidating the current multi-county transportation organizations (Lynx, Sunrail, CFXA) and giving them dedicated sources of funding from each county. Consolidations in OC would likely result in an odd arrangement, like Jacksonville, where some cities aren't absorbed.
  4. That hasn't been updated in a while. The Orange/Robinson project is only shown as proposed.
  5. The 15 USD minimum wage is likely to occur very soon with the incoming stimulus. Its a part of the current proposal. Also of note, the current form of the stimulus would eliminate the disability minimum wage and the tipped minimum wage. These are some pretty significant changes that Americans will notice in their everyday lives.
  6. WAJAS


    While this doesn't go to downtown Deland, this is good that a decision has finally been made that the county is okay with. On the possibility of a downtown Deland station: The track spur that leads to downtown Deland is actually just short of the current station on the mainline. In the future, the extension to downtown can be completed with the only sunk cost being the station itself, which is downsized in this proposal. Only a small section of track would become unused. Also, the most likely scenario is the original station stays to serve those that drive to the station because the downtown Deland station would likely have limited parking due to lack of available land.
  7. It feels like they just approved it a few weeks ago.
  8. So I tend to steer clear of this thread, but this is just false. Honestly, your failure to know the difference is a bit alarming. Fascisim is a far-right ideology with significant authoritarian and ultranationalism. (ie. Nazis, Fascist Italy) Socialism is generally a left ideology, but its like saying that a light is on. How socialist is something? How bright is the light? Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment support, social services, public libraries, postal service, Amtrak, student loans, social security, veteran's affairs, student loans, government subsidies, corporate welfare (bailouts), etc. are all concepts that stem from socialism, yet the US is not what anyone who studies political and economic ideology would consider socialist. The light is dim. Socialism also means different things depending on the context. In Marxist theory, it's the transitionary ideology between capitalism and communism. This would be akin to the brightest light using my previous analogy. Lastly, just because someone calls themselves something doesn't make it true. The Nazis weren't socialist. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) isn't democratic or a republic.
  9. Honestly needed. That road acts as a barrier for people staying on either side of I-Drive.
  10. Space has always done better when its not a partisan topic. I personally appreciate Biden's lack of comment during the election cycle, but at this point I would expect some more details on his policy going forward. Based on the official policy's, I expect they'll continue Artemis but push the landing to a more reasonable 2028. That's where it was for most of Trump and Obama.
  11. Surprisingly, this is a very good overview of why NASA is in most places. Why does Huntsville have so much space and aerospace in the first place? Politics.
  12. Generally yes, but Huntsville is a huge area for aerospace and, specifically, space. People will locate there to work on those projects in spite of the location.
  13. EDIT: I read this wrong at first. There's a study by Lynx for premium transit on 50, but the connection to I-Drive is from the old light rail proposal from about two decades ago. A more likely scenario is the I-Drive and 50 portions are built independently, but may eventually link up in the future. Honestly, any LRT options are going to be pushed off until the next large-scale fed infrastructure bill, so its the waiting game for now.
  14. Time for another look at this stuff. @smileguy I partially used .KMZ data from your previous map fyi. This pretty much compiles a lot of the current proposals and/or studies into a single map. This takes into account the US 192, SR 436, and SR 50 studies from Lynx for routing. Green is inspired by one of the alternatives in the OIA Connector study. Blue is inspired by the old light rail proposals, the SR 50 study, and the I-Drive circulator proposals. Sunrail East/West comes from a proposal from Brightline that will be presented to the CFRC in February. Brightline comes from Brightline. OBX is the Orange Blossom Express proposal from about a decade ago. Here is a link to the Google Map overlay: Ideal Orlando Transit 2021 - Google My Maps Light Orange - CR Sunrail Dark Orange - CR Orange Blossom Express Yellow - Brightline (Sunrail East/West is next to this in Orange from Disney to Innovation Way) Blue - LRT UCF / Downtown / I-Drive Green - LRT I-Drive / OIA / Lake Nona Pink - BRT Apopka / Altamonte / OIA Purple - BRT West Colonial Red - BRT US 129 LRT = Light Rail Transit BRT = Bus Rapid Transit CR = Commuter Rail
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