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  1. You're missing the significance of the GSA. They're determination of the "apparent winner" is meant to be done early and before official results. It may not be the true answer to who won the election, but that is not the point. It means that the Biden Transition Team can begin preparing for the transition of power if it comes. This is important to begin early to ensure a smooth transition of power. I can find a better source if you'd like, but Wikipedia does give a good laymans interpretation of the law: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_transition. Some of the resources it opens up are: office space, computers, 9.9 million USD to begin hiring and support, national security intelligence, and liaison's to each government agency. The 9/11 commission attributed part of what went wrong to the slow pace of the Bush admin in getting the national security team in place, which was due, in part, to the late apparent result. That is what hand recounts are for. What specifically are you referring to for Dominion? I have not been able to find a substantive claim against that their systems impacted the election in any way. Texas and some other states chose not to certify them, but this was not due to a security issue. Dominion's systems don't assign a unique identifying number for each vote, which Texas requires. The United States certification requirements don't include this, and many other states don't include this due to voter privacy concerns. It is not impossible, but it is improbably. Until someone brings forward some evidence of the the machines being hacked or security concerns for Dominion, then it is naive to consider it occurred.
  2. WAJAS

    The Milk District

    Is the Robinson complete streets upgrade happening anytime soon? I believe that had some much better dedicated bike lanes.
  3. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    I'm pretty sure Sunrail is already contributing to urban growth. Most stations have had some sort of TOD since Sunrail.
  4. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    Well the station is elevated in Miami and OIA as well, but only at the station. Even if it was elevated, that doesn't really change the problem. The route would require it to double-back to get to Disney Springs with or without elevated tracks. That is unless the route changes significantly from the previous proposal.
  5. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    It's going to require some sharp turns in that area. Sadly, this means that any express train not stopping at Disney will have to slow down significantly, which will increase the travel time. On the bright side, the location is much more convenient. Also, if the plan with Sunrail goes through, then this development is actually amazing. It means Sunrail will directly connect to Disney Springs and Disney World in general.
  6. This sounds amazing! Sadly, the lack of a price to access and the high operating costs for upkeeping and powering the sings means that is unlikely.
  7. WAJAS

    Orlando Transit

    Some updates on the Lynx's current projects from the past two years that I don't recall being mentioned. At the very least, this will serve as a summary of their current projects. The next year will be interesting as the Lynx Vision 2040 and the MetroPlan Orlando 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan will be finished in Fall 2021 and Spring 2021 respectively. SR 436 Transit Corridor The SR 436 Transit Corridor Study has been completed as of January 2019. The short-term recommendation was for a FastLink service between OIA and the Altamonte Sunrail Station, which has been implemented as Fastlink 436. The long-term recommendations included a BRT service following the route shown in the figure below. EDIT: Fastlink 436 has not been implemented. SR 50 Bus Rapid Transit The SR 50 Bus Rapid Transit Station Area Analysis Final Report has been completed as of June 14, 2019. This an extension of the SR50/UCF Connector Alternatives Analysis that was initiated in 2013. This report extends the locally preferred alternative from the previous study to the UCF campus in light of the new UCF Downtown campus's opening. The current alignment and station locations are shown in the figure below. The report itself gives very detailed information on the environment around each station, recommended changes to the environment, and exact locations of the BRT stations.
  8. While I generally dislike one-way roads because they aren't pedestrian friendly. This makes sense. South St isn't and has not in recent memory been used by pedestrians at all. Before I-4 Ultimate, the exit there made it unfriendly anyways. The movement for exiting and entering the express lanes also appears to be pretty smooth and easy to access in this configuration.
  9. WAJAS


    This is probably a simplistic view, but I think this whole situation is a bit ridiculous. All the local partners and FDOT claim that they can't build Phase 2 North because of lack of federal funds. Then, they get the federal funds. Then, they begin worrying about whether its even worth the cost to the local partners. It's not like the cost and ridership projections were unknown when they submitted the federal grant application. The past few years would have been better spent figuring out how the local partners will actually pay for Sunrail once its their responsibility and developing Phase 3.
  10. WAJAS


    I wonder if the new proposal would have Sunrail share platform with Brightline because the new proposal has Sunrail extending north to with Brightline instead of terminating at the airport. FYI, I recently saw the old Maglev guys comment on their Orange County proposal. They have abandoned it because the Orange County Commission expressed that they would rather do it themselves, which I assume refers to the OCCC to OIA light rail under consideration. That Blue line is therefore likely referring to Light Rail now. EDIT: Actually, this wouldn't work for the same reason it doesn't work in Miami Central Station in downtown Miami. Brightline and Sunrail have different platform height requirements.
  11. WAJAS


    I assume there will be 4 tracks going through some of this area with 3 through the rest, which is honestly insane for Orlando. At Meadow Woods, they'll probably have one of the current platforms expanded to the new neighboring tracks. This will make three active boarding areas, which is enough for both Sunrail lines because of their low headways. I believe the new proposal doesn't have Brightline stopping there anymore, so there won't be a platform for the fourth track as it is unnecessary.
  12. WAJAS


    While it isn't finalized yet, the new MetroPlan Orlando 30 Year Transportation Plan includes the old Orange Blossom Express route. I guess someone important sees it as a need still.
  13. This is a conceptual rendering from Project DTO. I wouldn't put too much credence in this being a part of the new plan without something explicitly saying so. Project DTO was purely visionary, and I think this new project is supposed to represent a more thought out and down-to-earth approach.
  14. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    You're about 85 years after your time then my friend. The bridge that used to do that was destroyed in '35.
  15. Let's try to acknowledge that this isn't just fresh land to build on. You have at least 8 blocks of single family homes there that are a part of a community that has been pushed away numerous times. Whatever occurs in this area in new construction should definitely include low-income housing , and development displacing residents should be avoided completely. This is a bit unnecessary I think. Those tracks don't get a lot of use, and more and better kept at grade crossings would do the trick for a lot less money.
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