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  1. They never expire, but are no longer purchasable.
  2. WAJAS


    Yup, it used to go through downtown Oviedo (you can see buildings that interacted with it in Google Maps) along the current trail. It went south to Downtown as well on the current Urban Trail route.
  3. New services refer to the routes that would be funded by the Infrastructure Bill (80%) and states served by the new route(20%). Enhanced service refers to increases in frequency, stops, etc. that would enhance already present service along those routes, which would be funded through the same split mentioned previously.
  4. I was hoping they'd locate where the Town Center is to increase the urban foot print there. Guess they appreciate the direct connection to the airport and WDW more.
  5. Omg that things huge!!! I hadn't seen the tree before, but now I understand the movement to save it. I'm going to be contacting my local rep to voice my support for relocating it. If the Bungalower guy still checks the forums, we'd all appreciate an article pushing to move the tree.
  6. Not in this phase. I believe they're saving those lots for later development that will hopefully have more appeal due to the activity from the other buildings, which means they can be denser (aka. taller).
  7. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    FDOT said that the deadline is more soft now b/c of Sunrail's inclusion in ROW planning, which has complicated the lease agreements with CFXA and IOA. I wouldn't expect an update by the end of the month at this point.
  8. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    It's definitely not the same difference. Burden of proof plays a key role in innocent until proven guilty. I don't know the details of the previous lawsuit, and I also know that frivolous lawsuits do not always get hit with a 57.105. I don't know the timeline here. Did the ROW restriction occur before/after/during IRC's first case? All I know is based on @codypet's characterization of the IRC's position, their reasoning doesn't make sense. I realize I've gotten in the middle of a discussion that I don't care to contribute to, so let me bow out now.
  9. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    I know this is not extremely relevant, but it would be on IRC to prove that his statements were not backed by facts. He doesn't have the burden of proof there. Also, IRC's position doesn't make sense using publicly assessable information. The ROW given to Brightline on the 528 specifically disallows freight traffic with some specific exceptions, like track maintenance.
  10. I disagree on this (not strongly btw). The post is the first unique identifier of the page, so it should be as far up as possible. If I'm skipping around pages and looking for a specific one, then I can't identify that with the statistic bar on top because the first post gets pushed out and requires scrolling. This fixed the problem. Thanks for the help!
  11. I like the idea, but its confusing. If I get this right, the sequence is: Pedestrian hits signal activator button Yellow goes on for vehicles Red goes on for vehicles Flashing and alternating red goes on (yield to pedestrians) The concept is sound, but step 4 introduces a new signal type, which can be confusing. It'd be better if they just had a blinking red or yellow to indicate a stop sign or yield, like what occurs when signal power goes out or at some intersections during off-peak ours. Also, adding a green light would make this more consistent with other traffic signals. TL;DR: Using a normal signal with a flashing red phase would be simpler and work just as well.
  12. If you actually read my post, you'd see that I reference already existing development and development under construction in addition to future plans.
  13. I use Edge (the newer Chromium one). This is the only site I've had problems like this on. Clearing the cache hasn't solved it. It's only the threads that were started by @sunshine. It seems to be a problem with the profile picture.
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