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  1. I was hoping they'd locate where the Town Center is to increase the urban foot print there. Guess they appreciate the direct connection to the airport and WDW more.
  2. Omg that things huge!!! I hadn't seen the tree before, but now I understand the movement to save it. I'm going to be contacting my local rep to voice my support for relocating it. If the Bungalower guy still checks the forums, we'd all appreciate an article pushing to move the tree.
  3. Not in this phase. I believe they're saving those lots for later development that will hopefully have more appeal due to the activity from the other buildings, which means they can be denser (aka. taller).
  4. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    FDOT said that the deadline is more soft now b/c of Sunrail's inclusion in ROW planning, which has complicated the lease agreements with CFXA and IOA. I wouldn't expect an update by the end of the month at this point.
  5. I like the idea, but its confusing. If I get this right, the sequence is: Pedestrian hits signal activator button Yellow goes on for vehicles Red goes on for vehicles Flashing and alternating red goes on (yield to pedestrians) The concept is sound, but step 4 introduces a new signal type, which can be confusing. It'd be better if they just had a blinking red or yellow to indicate a stop sign or yield, like what occurs when signal power goes out or at some intersections during off-peak ours. Also, adding a green light would make this more consistent with other tr
  6. If you actually read my post, you'd see that I reference already existing development and development under construction in addition to future plans.
  7. I use Edge (the newer Chromium one). This is the only site I've had problems like this on. Clearing the cache hasn't solved it. It's only the threads that were started by @sunshine. It seems to be a problem with the profile picture.
  8. @Neo I'm still getting this problem by the way. No worries if you're still working on updates.
  9. I think the additional light would not be to serve a road but to provide pedestrian crossings, so it could just be a pedestrian activated light, which shouldn't change the commute times significantly.
  10. That's a bit disingenuous. The most recent developments are not characteristic of an office park, and the current plans/construction have a very urban setting. I'd say the future of Lake Nona is less like the Lake Mary and Maitland office parks and more like Creative Village.
  11. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    The Hunger's Creek suit is ridiculous. There is no crossings, and the train is quieter than the traffic it will be next to. The only valid complaint is the construction noise, which is something they have already dealt with and will continue to with every project on the 417 in that area. From the article: “The proposed route through the SR-417 would impose all of the burdens of a high-speed train on the Hunter’s Creek community with none of the benefit.” Lol what. They get two high speed rail stations close to their residences with the possibility for a commuter rail right in their neighb
  12. Especially with Lymmo offering a free ride onto campus. I don't see the appeal.
  13. The airports location right between Lake Nona and many other nodes, like Downtown, doesn't help the intraregion transportation problem either. Any grid network would be cutoff there anyways.
  14. I like the idea of Lake Nona, but you can't ignore that it is yet another node in a region that has tons of them. If you want density, invest in a single CBD. Then again, Orlando has always been multi-nodal since Disney arrived.
  15. It isn't just the size that makes it semi friendly. It's mostly the truck apron in the center. The size just increases the speed people can go through it. A larger roundabout has slighter turns and higher speeds. On a very tight roundabout, the truck would go through the center lane with the trailer mounting the truck apron. Also, while it wouldn't need this much space, most roundabout implementations do require more space that a typical intersection, which is one reason why they don't tend to be used in constrained ROWs, like downtown areas.
  16. WAJAS

    Lake Eola Park

    There's some underutilized space in the park that could be fenced off for a dog park. For instance, a large portion of the north side. Maybe that new land that the Orlando Land Trust purchased could become an interim dog park until the other parcels are acquired.
  17. This is true. In fact, one of the roundabouts FDOT likes to highlight is heavily used by semitrucks daily:
  18. WAJAS

    Lake Eola Park

    I'm a big fan of all of the changes except the parking change on Eola Drive. Is 4 additional spaces really worth the cost of loosing that part of the tree canopy? The Thornton Park Garage provides tons of parking for that side of the park. Some other points: Absorbing Washington St. and the Osceola Circle into the park is a great easy way to increase the effective useful area. The boardwalk around the amphitheater does a good job at connecting the two sides of the park there. Also, it makes private events at the amphitheater easier and less annoying. I'm all for the pl
  19. That also might just be laziness on the CAD modeler's part. It's one less feature they got to add.
  20. I guess you have to reconcile the two. You can't really satisfy both problems. Adding a citizenship question may seem like a way to do both, but as it could effectively be used to locate illegal immigrants they would be less likely to fill it out, which would then defeat the purpose of the compromise. I am someone that tends to think the "founders are always right" approach is a poor one, but I haven't seen a proposal that takes my position and your position into account successfully. There are estimations of the population of the citizenry, which could be used instead of the census
  21. Now that the site is stable, I'm pretty sure I like the changes, but I'm gonna wait for an official review.
  22. Well, it doesn't really matter whether someone is a citizen or even here legally. The Census represents the population of the US no matter their status. I didn't think this was controversial to be honest.
  23. Seems... fine to me. I like the shift of businesses from Maitland to Downtown. Sorry Maitland, but the good part isn't the business park west of I-4 anyways.
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