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    Elon isn't making one. He published the original concept and then made it open for anyone to use. Then these other companies, Virgin being at the forefront, took the concept and are actually attempting to build it. Elon published it because he didn't have the time to pursue the venture with Tesla, SpaceX, and Boring taking up so much time.
  2. WAJAS98

    Economic Development

    Well, those are basically a no go as well, and I for one wouldn't want them here. They cost a fortune and look ugly from almost any point of view. They also create a ridiculous noise problem where I can hear them from over two miles away with a whole University in between me and them. I'd much rather get light rail at street level with gondolas/aerial trams connecting the main line to smaller destinations off of the main path. For instance, a light rail line from UCF through downtown. It would follow Colonial most of the time with an aerial tram or gondola connecting the main line to Baldwin Park over a short span. Miami is considering them for connecting Metrorail to Coconut Grove or the Design District.
  3. WAJAS98

    Economic Development

    I love how one of the top things Orlandoans want is a subway system. It is one of the only things that physically cannot happen (besides a ridonkulous amount of money being invested in it... yearly). I could see an elevated Monorail, Aerial Cable Transit, or another type of system being developed in the far future though. The currently dedicated transit lanes for Lymmo could also be used for a future light rail system going through downtown.
  4. WAJAS98


    Even though that price with Trirail seems high, keep in mind that Trirail is using more track than Sunrail and is utilizing a station built by Brightline. I think Sunrail's cost could very well be a third of Trirail's.
  5. WAJAS98


    I can confirm they have expanded their parking lot and that it began with a similar size to the other suburban stations
  6. WAJAS98

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    Looks fine to me. My only comment is that those bike lanes could become protected if just a foot or two of land is bought by / donated to the city. It could be the start of a greater network of protected bike lanes.
  7. I hope it is used for some sort of shade structure in one of the parks at Creative Village and/or UCF Downtown.
  8. Did they ever decide what they're going to do with that brise soleil stone?
  9. WAJAS98


    But why not? If you're referring to Brightline, it will share a station and platforms with Trirail in downtown Miami as well as many more miles once Trirail's coastal link is finished. If you're referring to OUC, they barely use that spur. The only trains that use it are the occasional cargo with coal.
  10. 7-eleven jokes are fine because they contribute to the conversation to some level. It connects the community. No politics is generally only true when people begin to attack those on the opposing party. It is just what happens when politics is discussed in detail. The last one I can't help you with. A response is different from an insult. I've never been to SSC because I enjoy the more urban development focus of this forum. Again, I'll discuss it more with you in the proper thread. Last time I'm replying to an off-topic post. Is there any retail or eatery on the ground floor of this? I honestly haven't been following it too much.
  11. Eh... I wouldn't call it "excoriated,' but it was necessary given recent events, and I don't think post count means much when it comes to that. I'm on another forum where a version of this happened a while ago. The only way things got back on track with meaningful discussion was when someone neutral intervened. Evidently, it worked a second time. Although, not in the way I would want. I can continue discussing this with you if you want in the new thread. Anyways, this thing is looking a lot better than I imagined it would. It's kinda cool seeing the buildings layering with all these new projects.
  12. WAJAS98


    Someone made a petition to connect SunRail to the airport. If enough people sign it then something may actually occur. Petitions with enough signatures have brought down whole highways (or at least planned ones). Share it to if you can. https://www.change.org/p/sunrail-commission-chairwoman-viviana-janer-connect-the-sunrail-train-to-orlando-international-airport?recruiter=875177935&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial
  13. Both sides in the last few pages of the "Comparing Orlando..." thread have gone from relatively sane banter to outright insults and comments that add little to the discussion. The purpose of this thread is to show some of these posts out of context to attempt to show the below points in a more general sense. Discussion may relate to how to solve the recent issues or why you may think they are occurring. We all share a common interest with varied perspectives, which is the beauty of forums like this. Please, don't ruin it. I urge all of you to reread the rules of the forum whenever you get the time. Here it goes: If you feel someone is out of line (ie. they personally insult you and/or add nothing of substance to a discussion), then report the post. It isn't difficult. Insults lead to more insults, which lead to a black hole of sanity and meaningful discussion. (Granted I don't actually know if the moderators on this forum are active enough to do anything.) If you see this person as not contributing to this discussion and consider it unnecessary, then why do you mimic it in your own post. You are generally doing exactly what you dislike him for. You finally make a meaningful point at the end of the post, but then surround it with ridiculous hyperbole ("obsessed") and confrontational language ("ranting," "trolling"). Just make your point and move on. And towards the group as a whole, why gang up on another forum member just because you have different points of view on a topic? The only way posts like the above appear to be appropriate is when the surrounding posts do the exact same thing in a less extreme manner. It's how the American parties always tend to become more extreme overtime until they reach a breaking point. This is an objectively bad post. It adds nothing to the discussion of "Comparing Orlando..." or any subtopic that may come up with it. It is only a direct personal insult at another forum member, which is explicitly against the rules of this forum. While the quoted member's post was inflammatory and completely unnecessary, the response should be to report the user and, if you wish, inform them of the context, which they can't be blamed for not knowing. It at the very least makes you appear like the higher party if that is what you want. Again, unnecessary and openly mocking the 'other side' without adding anything of substance to the discussion. You cannot brute force someone to accept your point of view by mocking them. You can do it by citing current and correct information to battle their points. I'd go on but I think you guys get the point. While I used specific posts to show the trend, these are not the only members who are doing the above at the same level or slightly below. I hope those quoted are not insulted by my responses. I attempted to keep them as objective and general as possible, so the points apply to everyone. PS: Anything on a public forum like this one should be mentally prefixed with IMO in most cases. It can help contextualize some of the more subjective arguments.
  14. WAJAS98

    the Press.

    I live there now (kinda). Miami is far worse than Orlando in my experience.
  15. WAJAS98

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    It looks like they're using the domain iconorlando.com, but they may want to buy iconorlando360.com just in case.