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  1. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    A good proposal would give multiple options, so we should have these options: Creative Village / Sentinel Block / SoDo Tupperware area Lake Nona (with little to no good public transport options, I wouldn't take this area seriously.) Sentinel could become a large public green space in the interim if the first one is picked.
  2. Orlando Transit

    If this actually gets built along with Brightline, then SunRail better get that Airport extension completed by then. I'm honestly surprised the proposal didn't include more stops in Tampa, Atlanta, or Jacksonville, most of the proposals included multiple locations.
  3. Orlando and Metro Area Largest Publicly Traded Companies

    This article tries to figure out which city will win the HQ based on the press release Amazon made public. Orlando actually makes it pretty close to the predicted city. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/09/09/upshot/where-should-amazon-new-headquarters-be.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur I think the one thing we don't have is a reliable and usable mass transit system.
  4. Orlando and Metro Area Largest Publicly Traded Companies

    Let's think about other options for a second. They are almost definitely looking at the east coast for this new HQ. Now let's look at cities that have any sort of metro system. That puts Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, many New England cities, etc. into play., but what exactly would Orlando offer that any of these other cities cannot? Because that will be the determining factor. What could those special factors be? Thoughts?
  5. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    The current rumor is that La Nouba is ending its run to be replaced by a new Cirque show, and BMG is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. The fact that multiple Cirque shows have run in Las Vegas tells me we should be fine with two shows in Orlando. I cannot wait for D23's Parks and Resorts Panel for tomorrow. Maybe we'll see the new name for Hollywood Studios or a 50th Anniversary festival announcement?
  6. A bunch of the Orlando potion of I-Drive was just rebuilt to include bus and bike lanes, which also added 10 foot sidewalks. All new development in the Orange County portion is required to include larger sidewalks. I think the only potion of the road that seems to be failing at every front is the part between Universal Blvd and Sand Lake.
  7. What you said is the jist of what is happening, although I don't know exact numbers.
  8. Proposed Maitland I-4 pedestrian bridge

    I feel like the locals would push for this, but the interchange with 17-92 would have to be rebuilt to handle the additional traffic. Also, they would need to rebuilt Horatio to 4 lanes from 17-92 to Maitland Ave to support the increased traffic between the roads.
  9. Proposed Maitland I-4 pedestrian bridge

    I'm curious where they are going to find usable land to build an interchange at the Maitland Ave. intersection. The Jewish Community Center is right up against that corner as well as a few rather expensive houses. It is also the only major east-west route west of 17-92 and east of I-4 in Maitland.
  10. They've been saying construction will start in late 2017 for a while now, so I'd hope that is when things get interesting.
  11. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    An update on Epcot future plans: Permits have been filed for pre-construction prep for new attractions at both the France Pavillion (Rumored Ratatouille ride from Disneyland Paris) and Universe of Energy (rumored Tron/GotG). Innoventions is currently completely closed and not expected to reopen with new attractions till AT LEAST the 50th Celebration in 2021. Epcot is rumored to be getting most of the new additions as a part of the 50th Celebration for WDW in 2021, so I wouldn't expect anything significant till then to open here.
  12. Proposed Maitland I-4 pedestrian bridge

    I'm pretty sure Maitland Blvd is basically going to just be an extension of SR 441 once all this construction is done. The last two lights on the road are Maitland Ave and that one just east of the I-4 Interchange. My only problem with this bridge is that there is not currently any plans to connect it to the trail system, but it serves its purpose as the only pedestrian/bike path across I-4 in the area.
  13. New Orlando Flag

    I still think the Swans are more distinctly Orlando than the fountain, but whatever. This is still a vast improvement.
  14. Creative Village [Proposed]

    That went up a lot faster than I thought it would. Will the first classes be starting this coming year?
  15. Orlando Transit

    According to the Riding the Rail blog, (posted on April 11, 2017) And I heard from someone else that Sunrail was trying to jump on board the Lynx app development. Sunrail already has real-time tracking through their website.