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  1. WAJAS98

    Orlando Museum of Art Downtown property?

    I think the problem here is that LHP is to far removed from most of the pedestrian traffic near Orange. Not to mention SunRail is a rather lengthy and confusing walk from the park for those not from DTO. I think the proposed Lymmo North line from a few years back would help out with that, but there’s zero funding for it. The Bob Carr location, while good, removed the museum from the other cultural amenities in LHP. They’re close proximity encourages people to hang out and experience all of them, increasing the traffic to each, at least theoretically
  2. WAJAS98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    This would be an immense loss for Lock Haven Park and the surrounding area. Not to mention, it’s location on the periphery of the metro means it’s number of people within a reasonable drive decreases. Nobody from Seminole or Lake is going that far for the museum.
  3. WAJAS98

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Sadly... It was cool having a relatively successful local business. Not that that’s rare these days, Tiquana Flats and Jeremiah’s Italian Ice are still out there along with a bunch of others.
  4. WAJAS98

    The Brightline

    I could see a problem in Maitland and DTO, but they could schedule the trains so that they didn’t become an issue. Also, the Lake Monroe bridge would need to be reconstructed. The main problem would be the cost of the ROW, not the ability to acquire, right?
  5. WAJAS98

    the Press.

    It's not exactly the press, but out own DTO and Lake Eola are currently in an image on Amtrak's website.
  6. WAJAS98

    The Brightline

    I hope (and I know this won’t happen) that the Virgin extension to Jacksonville takes the central Florida corridor north instead of the coastal one. They could add a station downtown and all the routes would go through Orlando.
  7. WAJAS98

    The Brightline

    I thought they mentioned that they would built the tracks and allow Subrail to use them to get to the airport. That way locals don’t need to transfer to Brightline to get to IOA.
  8. I think crossing the tracks wasn’t the purpose of the bridge but crossing Colonial. The bridge couldn’t stay on the Orange side of the tracks because of buildings there, so they built it over them to the public land on the other side. The trail throught DTO crosses the tracks multiple times and even exists in both sides at times.
  9. WAJAS98

    Church Street Station

    Okay, I’m going to assume this is a coincidence, but there is a billboard for then with that phrase. I think it’s on 17-92 northbound when it gets to the forested part of Seminole County, just before Sanford.
  10. WAJAS98

    The Brightline

    This is the route proposals they submitted recently. Brightline will follow the OUC spur and then SunRail’s current route until it reaches 417. Then it follows 417 until it reaches the area described below. The proposed stations are Meadow Woods (SunRail), WDW area, Lakeland, and Tampa with Tampa being the first to open.
  11. WAJAS98

    The Brightline

    Or a closer comparison. Las Angela’s - Long Beach
  12. WAJAS98

    Economic Development

    It probably has to do with tiny rent payments.
  13. WAJAS98

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    Can we stop with this ridiculousness? There were a record number of provisional ballots this year due to the increased awareness of their existence, which is THE major cause of the swing in the percentage. Not only that, but there an assumption that the results are not exactly to the number correct on day 1. It is allowed normally because when the percentage difference is outside of the .5% margin of error it doesn’t necessitate a recount because the results would be the same. There is no stealing of anything going on right now. The election never ended. The news just published their projections before all the ballots were counted as they normally do. There are lawyers and auditors from both sides on the ground watching these recounts to stop any forging or illegal activities of any kind from happening. This is our democracy at work. When the day 1 counts are within the pre-determined margin of error of .5% an machine recount is automatically initiated before any election is officially called. If the day 1 counts are within the pre-determined margin of error of .2% or reach .2% during the machine recount, a manual ballot-by-ballot recount is initiated.
  14. WAJAS98

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Well the new park won’t be opening till 2023, so they may be right. Although, I think the Kidzone replacement and Jurassic Park coaster may come earlier.