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  1. So cool stuff, but did you mean to say “abortion?” I don’t understand its meaning in this context.
  2. The Sentinel was at the site with a live stream. There definitely wasn’t more than a thousand. It looked like about 300 were chilling in front of the screen outside, and the arena (while close to it) didn’t hit capacity. Some of my family was also at the event, and they confirmed the approximate numbers. Those “tickets” were free, available to anyone with an internet connection, and didn’t guarantee entry. While the Sentinel isn’t always the best, they’re correct this time.
  3. The dry dock for all the boats in the river and the Jungle Cruise is in Bay Lake, so they’d need to make a draw bridge. The Electrical Water Pageant (Nighttime boat parade) would be able to continue technically, but they might take the chance tog at rid of it anyways.
  4. This is the first I’ve heard of less information on signs, where can I find more information on this.
  5. Nintendo is going on the south property. That leaked photo shows what it would have looked if it replaced Kidzone. We are currently the only park (don’t know about Beijing) that will have all 3 rides: Mario Kart, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong. It basically is still the same layout with a bit of expansion everywhere because of the additional available space. For those who care, Universal Studios Hollywood and Singapore is getting just Mario Kart, and Japan is getting Mario Kart and Yoshi.
  6. Lagging. I don’t think I said that. I was emphasizing that because it’s lagging it’s bad practice to use it to show what the current status of any economy is. We may still be in one, but just looking at the facts I was responding to we wouldn’t know.
  7. Things tend to be at their highest before they fall. Either way, the fact it’s lagging means we know (by your figures) we WERE in a boom.
  8. But keep in mind the new property is not.
  9. I’ll say the I-Drive area, but I-Drive District sounds better.
  10. Mostly that is. The center core booster was unsuccessful at landing on the barge. However, half of the fairing was caught on a different boat.
  11. The new OC Mayor has stated that they’re coming up with a concrete plan for projects if and when the sales tax gets built. He’s also mentioned this will borrow heavily from the Metroplan Orlando priority projects list.
  12. Tonight’s launch has been pushed back to 2:30 AM. I’d expect another major delay will have it launching during tomorrow’s backup window. It’ll probably launch with a minor delay.
  13. There were talks of express ORL-MIA routes that would be offered taking a very short amount of time. I don’t remember the exact number, but it was definitely much less than 4.5 hours.
  14. Wait! SAK is gone?
  15. Keep in mind, the UCF Emerging Media Center is being renovated as well. It will include additional classroom space. Plus the garage and bookstore in the garage, you have a campus with 4 buildings to start. Seems solid to me.
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