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  1. WAJAS98

    The Brightline

    Or a closer comparison. Las Angela’s - Long Beach
  2. WAJAS98

    Economic Development

    It probably has to do with tiny rent payments.
  3. WAJAS98

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    Can we stop with this ridiculousness? There were a record number of provisional ballots this year due to the increased awareness of their existence, which is THE major cause of the swing in the percentage. Not only that, but there an assumption that the results are not exactly to the number correct on day 1. It is allowed normally because when the percentage difference is outside of the .5% margin of error it doesn’t necessitate a recount because the results would be the same. There is no stealing of anything going on right now. The election never ended. The news just published their projections before all the ballots were counted as they normally do. There are lawyers and auditors from both sides on the ground watching these recounts to stop any forging or illegal activities of any kind from happening. This is our democracy at work. When the day 1 counts are within the pre-determined margin of error of .5% an machine recount is automatically initiated before any election is officially called. If the day 1 counts are within the pre-determined margin of error of .2% or reach .2% during the machine recount, a manual ballot-by-ballot recount is initiated.
  4. WAJAS98

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Well the new park won’t be opening till 2023, so they may be right. Although, I think the Kidzone replacement and Jurassic Park coaster may come earlier.
  5. WAJAS98

    Lake Eola Neighbourhood.

    Protected bike lanes. connects to Orlando Urban Trail in the north connects to Robinson protected bike lanes in the middle connects to the Downtown Connector Trail in the south
  6. WAJAS98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I personally dislike putting punctuation within the quotation marks. It makes what exactly is being quoted more obscure. In this case, function is more important that form.
  7. WAJAS98

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Looks like Kirkman is going to have transit only lanes with this new extension, and not like those shared right turn and transit lanes on I-Drive. Also, the entrance to UOR south looks to be a large elevated roundabout above a more modest signalized intersection.
  8. WAJAS98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    They either sit on land owned by the city (Parking Lots / Creative Village) or owned by developers looking to build soon. They were the proposed sites where Amazon's headquarters would be. The buildings themselves are just placeholders. The ones on the east side are the Orlando Sentinel lots, X Orlando, and the Garland parking lot.
  9. WAJAS98

    Creative Village

    That is just a rendering from when the Academic Commons was announced. It doesn’t represent what the park will actually look like. Also, that part of it won’t be as built up because the end goal is for the portion right up on Livingston and across from Union West to be another building.
  10. WAJAS98

    Orlando Transit

    Wasn’t the old station where the new Fire Station 1 for OFD is?
  11. WAJAS98

    Orlando Transit

    FYI, Elon came up with the original concept, but he isn't involved with any of these proposals by any of the companies.
  12. WAJAS98

    Creative Village

    By the way, this report confirms that Amelia will not be realigned like originally proposed. I don't know about you guys, but I think this is a small win for the development. It increases the area of the park at the very least. Apparently, the stub out on Terry was built under the original plan, but it will be addressed with the construction of Amelia Court and Central Park, which btw needs a different name (It may be confused with the one in Park Ave when discussing things with a regional context). http://www.cityoforlando.net/economic/wp-content/uploads/sites/25/2018/07/Creative-Village-IMP-Final-to-CVDRC-6-12-18.pdf
  13. WAJAS98

    Creative Village

    I agree it is pretty meh. A few points Why are they rebuilding Terry Ave as a plaza? They just built that street. Instead, they should move the plaza to the unnamed future street on the east side of the park. It is much flatter than I expected. Didn't one of the early concepts include much more interesting elevation changes? They better include those stone structures from the round building in one of the art pieces. It'd make a great cool looking canopy feature. Picture it: Your walking down the sidewalk and one of the stones starts vertical on your right. As you walk, they begin to rise and change their angle as you pass each one until they're horizontal above you. Then they continue over the opposite side as the first until again becoming vertical to the ground.
  14. WAJAS98

    Creative Village

    Most people that I know know who Dr. Phillip Phillips was. I think his name stands out because other than Rosen Orlando doesn't have a lot of big and noticeable philanthropists.