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  1. Metro Orlando Airport News

    Yeah, I don't get it either. This is where I see money going: double tracking, additional tracks to airport, additional train sets to keep current intervals. How does that cost as much money as they claim? The station is already built for them.
  2. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The only other relatively major one I can think of is SEAS (Seaworld), and that isn't even located in Orlando proper.
  3. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I mean I don't like it either. Seems like just more suburban sprawl to me.
  4. Trails / Bicycle Infrastructure

    I'm surprisingly fine with the lack of the protected bike lanes in that one part. Their reasoning that the multiple driveways would end up impeding it is warranted, and they simply redirect bicyclists onto Livingston's lanes by a multiuse path. I'd prefer that bicyclists had their own signal at the end of the protected bike lanes that allow them to make a left onto the multiuse path without using the crosswalk (or proceed straight onto the driving lane with sharrows), but it's a minor problem.
  5. The Brightline

    All Aboard _____ is the operator, like Amtrak or Metrorail. Brightline is the service name, like Silver Star or Orange Line. The difference will become more evident when All Aboard ____ begins operating their second service.
  6. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    They preparing the backstage areas for the south property by Lockheed. Most of it will be duplicates of what's already on the main property. I'd also expect it to be used for construction over there.
  7. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Isn't a portion of SR 50 through downtown cosigned MLK Jr. Parkway?
  8. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    From the concept art, it actually appears to be an interesting looking building. What a change!
  9. Creative Village [Proposed]

    Were there plans submitted to the city with renderings by any chance? Or has this yet to be approved?
  10. I think this has more to do with infill development in the areas closer to downtown. Because of rising land values, it is becoming more profitable to close the gas stations and redevelop the land. Although, within the next five years I bet we see a significant decrease in the total number of gas stations. The future seems to be electric charging at your home and destination instead of refueling/charging on the road. That is unless Tesla's supercharging technology becomes more widely utilized and cheaper.
  11. Creative Village [Proposed]

    The bottom section, which can be seen in the rendering, is classrooms for Valencia College. It includes a teaching kitchen with windows visible from the sidewalk I believe. Also, notice the Valencia College sign on the bottom floor at the corner.
  12. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    It will almost definitely be Universal (if not some outside party that doesn't yet have a property in Orlando). Universal is sitting on the land for it now. There are some legal issues with the land that are preventing anything going forward at the moment, but give Universal a few years and it will happen. Designs and plans have already begun to be drawn up according to sources on Inside Universal, and those same people leaked past attractions before announcements. TLDR: It is now a question of when not if for Universal's 3rd gate.
  13. Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    That's such a prime spot for a truly unique building in downtown that I would not be opposed to the city turning it down again. Save that space for an architect that can make good use out of the uniqueness of the location. At the very least it should do something in the same vein as the feature on CNL Center City Commons. It, while not amazing, is an example of a building that makes use of its location at the end of a portion of the road. Put some art, a clocktower, or SOMETHING at the end of the building facing the end of that portion of Rosalind. I agree with the cities shade towards the architect that was shown a few pages back. Put your copy-paste buildings as infill in the less noteworthy plots of land.
  14. Economic Geography

    Geography (including human geography and transport geography) and luck, in my opinion, are the most decisive factors. Geography, in this case, means the most general sense of the word. Orlando, for instance, has an advantage in: a significant immigrant population (especially recently) its position on the path between South Florida and the rest of the continent by land a large and growing population of STEM-educated people due in part to the local defense and entertainment industry a large university (UCF) with a large amount of highly ranked engineering and computer science students a close proximity to the most likely location of a future spaceport (Kennedy Space Center) and more
  15. Trails / Bicycle Infrastructure

    I emailed the city troubleshooter about this. Basically, the construction should last about 12 months for an apartment complex being built. The owners will be rebuilding and extending the trail. Detours should be up within a week. The following was their response including a link to the future detour: