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  1. WAJAS98

    Ideal Orlando Public Transportation

    Hmm... maybe also extend it to Winter Park on the north end and to Lake Nona on the south end. It would take over my proposed purple line’s route past the aiport. I believe relatively direct service to downtown is better than to I-Drive for Lake Nona. I would say they’d run concurrently south of OIA, but I don’t think the ridership would support that.
  2. WAJAS98

    Orlando Transit

    It was probably a part of the SR 50 study.
  3. WAJAS98

    Orlando Transit

    It only ran late night service between around 9pm to 3am.
  4. WAJAS98

    Orlando Transit

    Didn’t they just discontinue the green line?
  5. WAJAS98

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    This is what they have on the website. I believe what we are looking at is the support for that flyover ramp. It goes over the ground road but the ramp itself is farther away from the Amway.
  6. WAJAS98

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    Lake Nona is probably the best that could have come. It is to be expected given what you stated, but I still wouldn’t eoncourage it.
  7. WAJAS98

    Winter Park & Maitland

    A proposal: - conduct a study to determine where car visitors to Park Ave. and 17-92 establishments are coming from - if it is relatively close to those destinations, then they should consider a trolley system. It would decrease the necessity for parking, so it no longer becomes a problem. A short system also costs just as much as a parking garage, which tends to be the reaction to lack of parking. - if it is farther, then the city government could push for light rail between Park Ave. and the locations that the study determines the trips are originating from by the county or region. I don’t believe limiting the number of restaurants is the right way to go about this either way. Capitalism will determine whether their is demand.
  8. WAJAS98

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    Development alike it tend to put a strain on the road network. Living farther away from employment centers leads to longer drives and leads to an increased number of people on the roads at any one time. It’s simply inefficient. Oh, and it isn’t good for the environment. Where all those developments are used to be natural Florida swamps, grasslands, and forests. It’s why I’m personally opposed to the whole Saddle Ranch proposal. Is that still happening btw?
  9. WAJAS98

    Ideal Orlando Public Transportation

    So I modified this a bit. Downtown is now in more detail to show where each will connect. Yellow (Commuter Rail) - Sunrail stays the same as it currently is except it includes the Deland station and an Orange City station. The airport link is not included as it is unnecessary in this plan due to the purple route. Orange (Commuter Rail) - OBX is extended down Sunrail route to connect to the airport via the purple route at the Sandlake Rd station. Blue (Light Rail) - The blue route now goes north to Valencia College West Campus before heading east and follows the SR50 study's proposed route east of downtown. The blue route is also expanded on its south end to follow the purple route on I-Drive via Universal Orlando Resort. This route will now increase the service on I-Drive, connect I-Drive to downtown, and connect the current Universal location with the new south complex, which may encourage them to support this project. Purple (Light Rail) - The purple route is expanded south on each end to Seaworld and Lake Nona. It also connects all of the routes to the airport via a single transfer. Green (BRT) - No changes here. It follows the SR 50 study's proposed route west of downtown. In downtown, Sunrail (Yellow), the green route, and the blue route connect at Lynx Central. OBX (orange) connects to Sunrail at Church St and to the blue route in Creative Village. I did not include the red route to the cost because I believe Brightline will eventually include service to the coast, so this will be unnecessary. Thoughts? I'll take critiques and include them in another future map, if I get the free time again.
  10. WAJAS98

    Ideal Orlando Public Transportation

    OBX wouldn’t stop at that station. The tracks merge south of it facing south, so the transfer station would be Church or Orlando Amtrak.
  11. WAJAS98

    Ideal Orlando Public Transportation

    How about Sunrail runs on two lines: The current one plus Deland, and Orange Blossom Express combined with the airport connection. Thoughts? Only problem is it may require triple tracking where they overlap.
  12. WAJAS98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The purpose of the local historic landmark designation is to give to the sites the preservation protection that the national list does not grant. All changes to the structures must be approved by the city’s mayor appointed Historic Preservation Board, which consists of Engineers, architects, developers, etc with a demonstrated interest in historic preservation. The station is also in the Downtown Historic District, which makes significant changes or demolition of the structure even less likely. I agree. I liked it even more with the old steam locomotive there. I hope it returns someday. Talk about an easy way to attract the attention of passerbyers.
  13. WAJAS98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Isn’t it on the local list of historic places?
  14. WAJAS98

    The Brightline

    The ROW problem isn’t a problem. Many parts of I-4 still have ROW in the center that Brightline could use. The Sunrail tracks could also double as Brightline tracks if they triple track it through downtown. It’s what they’re doing in Miami anyhow. Both options connect downtown to their 528 ROW. OBX was more than likely pushed by the owners of the line to get upgrades on it, but that doesn’t change the fact that that track goes through the downtown areas of many Central Florida cities. The routes better than SunRail in that sense. I’d consider it a good run for Phase 4.
  15. WAJAS98

    Creative Village

    I kind of like the curved road, but the city needs to make a decision on it or else there will be confusion in the future.