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  1. Trails / Bicycle Infrastructure

    I emailed the city troubleshooter about this. Basically, the construction should last about 12 months for an apartment complex being built. The owners will be rebuilding and extending the trail. Detours should be up within a week. The following was their response including a link to the future detour:
  2. Uptown

    If Amtrack or Brightline ever make it into downtown, it would have to be like the Miami Brightline station that is being built (very close to finished). The station itself is elevated to a second story above the roads. It would be expensive, but the only real option in this case.
  3. Uptown

    Please no... that Dadeland North complex is one of the ugliest buildings I've ever seen. While it is very convenient to go from store to store, I don't think it is worth it. I'd rather have something like a downtown 'mall', like Brickell City Center
  4. Trails / Bicycle Infrastructure

    That sounds like something Bungalower should look into. I'd send them an email because they do small research pieces every now and then.
  5. Orlando Transit

    I think we may actually see a dedicated funding source for our local transit within the next four years. Here's to hoping that SunRail and Lynx come under one roof to streamline Central Florida transit when FDOT stops funding / running it.
  6. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    It's so widely rumored and so many others have leaked it that I feel its okay to talk about now... but, of course, I'm just continuing a rumor
  7. Other Metro Area Projects

    I think the city simply isn't enforcing it due to Irma, but they should get back on it in the coming months.
  8. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    You mean the one that involves the forbidden forest coaster and expansion of Hogsmeade? It could be the staging area, but they own vacant / little-used land much closer to the project area.
  9. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    If you were attempting to completely redevelop a piece of land into hotels, theme parks, nightlife, etc, would you waste some of that limited space with parking for those that are building it? Sure it may be used for employee parking at the north site for now, but that is short term.
  10. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    More than likely parking for construction workers at the south project site. It must just be prep because they are still going through legal issues with the project.
  11. Under i

    I think a large part of the success of this project will be determined by how welcome it feels. The noise generated by the higher must be controlled. The area must be very open as well to increase the sense of security. A proper nice Lymmo bust station would also encourage those nearby to visit the park as Lymmo Lime and Grapefruit will travel around it. With this, Church Street Plaza (Tremont), the Magic complex, Ace, and future projects, I may actually be excited for what the future holds for the "Bridge District."
  12. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    I think the screens are an assumption, but the broadcasting booth was a whole building within the pedestrian plaza, which would have to be included in any of these proposed layouts like it was in the original.
  13. Amway Center

    It's the white square on the intersection corner on the bottom. Underneath the green of the left palm tree.
  14. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    Well, these designs are crap compared to the original ones. The giant LED screens are gone, and the broadcasting station in the plaza is gone. Less connectivity between the streets around it will now lead towards more dead zones outside the complex. There should be a road from central to Pine, and Pine should go straight through or at least halfway. These roads can be closed if necessary during event days, but vehicular traffic should be allowed to go through. Wouldn't it make sense actually to move the Lymmo stop into the center of that plaza on an extended Pine.
  15. Amway Center

    That whole I-4 corridor through downtown is going to look very different in a few years. I-4 itself will be over large portions of Hughey and Garland and will heavily encroach on the buildings abutting each road. They are going to ruin the view of that corner of the Amway Center, but, on the bright side, I-4 will be much higher off the ground and the pillars will take up less space.