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  1. Westfield Eastridge Mall (Gastonia's regional mall)

    Thanks for sharing! Those Dillard's Clearance Centers are great for amazing deals. Isn't there one in Asheville that was part of Biltmore Square Mall and is now part of an outlet center? Other than that one, you're right: those clearance centers are usually one step prior to the store closing. I would think that Belk must be looking for a new store location now. Maybe the center where Target is? There could be space there, if a lot of work is done to the site.
  2. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Exactly! Precisely why time-tested architecture should be used. I haven't seen the Spartanburg AC in person yet but the photos of it look great, and it looks like a building that will be considered beautiful in 100 years, too.
  3. Greenville Summit

    Same. Doesn't Greenville have a law like other cities have, requiring cleaning and repair of exteriors every few years? Whether or not it does, that building needs an exterior (and likely interior) upgrade.
  4. The State of Downtown Retail

    ...in New York City. Walgreens closed most of its Walgreens-branded stores in NYC and now left only Duane Reades. Duane Reade doesn't exist outside of the metro NYC area. There are few stores that are on my "do not shop" list, but Duane Reade is. Nasty cashiers, inflated prices, etc. If one came downtown, I wouldn't shop there.
  5. The State of Downtown Retail

    Duane Reade is a New York City drugstore chain that was bought by Walgreens. Walgreens seems to slowly be transitioning the brand over to Walgreens. I'm not aware of any Duane Reades outside of NYC. I'm not sure why Greenville would want a Duane Reade anyway; Greenville's customer base is not particularly like NYC's.
  6. The State of Downtown Retail

    True about few fast casual restaurants. Too bad the downtown Chick-fil-A (in the basement of the Daniel Building) was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Even one off Main would do great.
  7. The State of Downtown Retail

    Sort of but do we need another drugstore? The CVS seems to always have customers in it, but it's not packed.
  8. The State of Downtown Retail

    Isn't that the Atlanta-based chain that Every.Single.Mall. in the country has? I guess that speaks well of downtown's foot traffic. I would expect a TJ Maxx in the Staples space. I have absolutely zero inside information and have seen nothing on point, but that would make sense to me.
  9. The State of Downtown Retail

    Not trying to be a pessimist here, but how has Greenville--and downtown in particular--survived the "retail apocalypse" so well? Downtown department stores are closing in droves (with Indianapolis now losing one), yet Greenville has one that seems to do ton of business. Apparel stores seem to be hard-hit, yet downtown has landed a slew of A-list national chains, and none have closed. Even Staples, which isn't doing that well as a chain, is still there, despite numerous rounds of store closures nationally. Are sales per square foot at Brooks Brothers and the other chains downtown THAT strong? Or are retailers seeing Greenville's fast population growth and figure it's worth sticking around even if stores don't perform that well right now? It also seems as though downtown is upscale to the east but downscale to the west. I'd think retailers would want locations that are surrounded by affluence on all sides (like SouthPark in Charlotte).
  10. The State of Downtown Retail

    Has anyone else noticed that all of downtown's traditional jewelry stores have closed? Even in the '80s and '90s, when downtown was dead, there were multiple ones, which seemed to do a good business. Are there any new ones moving in? The story in today's Greenville News about the clock on S. Main, and the photo of Hale's, made me wonder if perhaps it would return downtown. Seems like an untapped market; wouldn't the ladies shopping in all of the high-end clothing stores downtown need a jeweler?
  11. Columbia Place Mall

    With Burlington Coat Factory closing, that means just one anchor left, Macy's (and we know how quickly Macy's is closing stores these days). Does the mall have hope?
  12. North Carolina Intercity Rail Transit

    Wow, Kermit, thanks so much for sharing. Charlotte-Atlanta would be interesting. There would need to be new tracks built, as the Norfolk Southern route is heavily congested.
  13. Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements

    Why doesn't the NCDOT just give up and turn this whole project over to Brightline? Fortress, an investment fund, just opened Brightline, which is a privately-built South Florida higher-speed rail system, complete with stations: gobrightline.com. It was built in less time than this station is taking.
  14. Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Or I may be in the minority here. I'll concede the point: people like these old buildings and getting rid of them could get a lot of resistance. I'd just like all of the new buildings being built downtown to have more timeless architecture. Having so many of them be brick helps, but the 2015-era boxes could end up as horribly dated in 20-30 years as the Greenville News building was and as the Daniel/Landmark building is. What's wrong with Georgian, neo-Renaissance or some other classic architectural style that is tried and true? For example, new but old-style AC Hotel in downtown Spartanburg looks great.
  15. Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Yes. The facades of the buildings in the first block of South Main could be kept. I just don't find those buildings particularly attractive or noteworthy; I don't care for the 2015-era boxes all around downtown, either, so perhaps keep the facades of those buildings but add a new development on the site, with great traditional architecture, so we have the best of both (i.e., old buildings with charm plus noteworthy architecture) in that block?