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  1. Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    I was hoping that Von Maur, the Midwestern chain that is similar to Parisian (which was at Greenville Mall) and expanded to Atlanta, would take over the Sears space. Hopefully department stores' hard times don't mean that Greenville will never get more of them, as I would prefer a higher-grade department store than Belk/Dillard's/Macy's. It does seem as though Sears boxes are generally repurposed into smaller Sears stores + a mix of stores, or no Sears + a mix of stores, instead of another department store, though. I wonder how the Haywood Sears does. It seems so empty, even when the rest of the mall is busy, and the Sears chain's recent 15% drop in same-store sales is a massive decrease.
  2. When Will Greenville Be Ready For Height?

    Just a thought, but perhaps the Landmark Building could be renovated, given a full exterior update, and have something nice added to the top? * Its website states that it's a Class B building with about 13% of its space vacant. Surely the owner realizes that a building in that location could be totally renovated, become a Class A building and generate significantly higher rents. * The Landmark Building is, to put it nicely, "aesthetically challenged". Plenty of older office buildings have their exterior paneling removed and replaced with something more modern. The Landmark Building has a problem of small windows, which I don't find attractive, but at least the exterior could be re-clad with something more attractive. * As part of the renovations, perhaps a more attractive roof could be added? Just a thought!
  3. BB&T building/lot redevelopment

    Do we need another grocery store downtown, even a smaller one?
  4. Northpointe mixed use development.

    I don't think that I've even driven past that former Sears much at all since it was a Sears, and I recall shopping there in the '70s. From a current Internet photo of the building, it looks pretty much unchanged--just add a '60s-era Sears sign and there you have it.
  5. The State of Downtown Retail

    H&M is opening a 27,000 sf location in downtown Nashville. Sounds like a feasible store for downtown Greenville, right?
  6. "What if..." (alternative real estate history thread)

    That would probably have made that part of town a lot nicer than it was from the '60s through today, right?
  7. Thought it might be interesting to think of "what might have been" if Greenville's real estate had been built differently. For example: What if McAlister Square had been built downtown (in the core of downtown, perhaps among the parking lots to the east or west of Main Street)? What if the convention center and Greenville Memorial Hospital had been built downtown instead of in suburbia? Would downtown have remained vibrant in the 80s then, and even larger than it is today?
  8. New Hotels in/around Uptown

    I'm intrigued by the Hotel Barringer/Hall House. Where were the former "affordable housing" residents there moved? Does the Housing Authority expect a large profit from the sale? I have been in Hall House, a few years ago, on a volunteer project. I don't recall it as being that nice of building inside; it was faded, but not even "faded elegance". I would expect that it would need a complete renovation and upgrading. Am I missing something; does the hotel have formerly stunning parts inside that I just didn't see?
  9. Greenville Summit

    Charlotte's version of the Greenville Summit (the Hall House, which is the former Hotel Barringer on North Tryon Street) is being converted from affordable housing back to a boutique hotel. I would think that the Greenville Summit is a prime candidate for a similar redevelopment or a County Square-type redevelopment: selling the building, either for renovation or demolition, and using the profits to build newer, nicer housing for current residents somewhere else. The Greenville Summit is the last semi-eyesore left in the core of downtown.
  10. Greenville County Square redevelopment

  11. Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Cute. Too bad the "University of Hawaii" label on one of them gives it away. Good point, though; it would be great to have beautiful and amazing architecture in this development. Why can't Greenville have something beautiful like a replica of a section of the West End of London, a Central European square, etc., in it--something that would be jaw-droppingly beautiful? Hopefully we won't get more 2010-era boxes like we're getting all around the rest of downtown. I expect we'll get another McBee Station, which is fine, though.
  12. Grand Bohemian Hotel

    Unfortunate about the Grand Bohemian. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but time-tested architecture is wise, in my view, NOT "modern" styles that may be horribly outdated in 10 years. We don't need a 2017 version of the Daniel Building: anything that is "cool" for its time but that doesn't age well.
  13. Alta Vista Place condos

    Agreed. Downtown planners, take note: this is traditional architecture that is already time-tested and will look nice decades after the 2005-era boxes downtown are way dated.
  14. Residence Inn/ Spring Hill Suites - Washington And Spring

    Good news! In looking at the photos above: when is the Daniel Building EVER going to get a facade update so that it is attractive? It's an eyesore now.
  15. The State of Downtown Retail

    What happened to the Chick-fil-A pick-up window? Did it close? CFA needs a real location on Main, not the Daniel Building version or a pick-up window.