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  1. PuppiesandKittens

    GSP International

    The flights are there in January and February. Later, though, they're not--including May 2019 and October 2019. Over 7 hours between flights from CLT on Saturdays, and nothing direct to DC on Saturdays--I'll be driving to Charlotte. So much for Project Wingspan.
  2. PuppiesandKittens

    GSP International

    American Airlines seems to have eliminated Saturday afternoon flights between CLT and GSP. Nothing between noon and around 7pm now. Direct DCA-GSP flights now seem gone on Saturdays. WTF?
  3. PuppiesandKittens

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    I’d be curious to see the average and median incomes of Haywood shoppers vs. shoppers elsewhere. Maybe Haywood just attracts middle-income ones but upper-income ones go elsewhere? I avoid Haywood as much as I can and always liked Greenville Mall (when it was “upscale”) and downtown (now) better and consider the latter two as nicer environments.
  4. PuppiesandKittens

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    Apparently Sears is now liquidating (chain-wise), says CNBC. UPDATE Sears is not closing. UPDATE Sears is now liquidating. UPDATE Sears is not closing. Curious to see what back-up plans are there for the Sears site if it closes.
  5. PuppiesandKittens

    Greenville Transit

    Other cities actually have viable transit projects. Charlotte does. It would be better to use the money on a study for a project that might actually happen.
  6. PuppiesandKittens

    Greenville Transit

    You’re right. Still, there is no need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a study. A few Google searches will show what is needed for a rail line to work: enough population density along the route, a late enough destination and existing transit that is well-used. That’s what Charlotte had before it began its light rail line.
  7. PuppiesandKittens

    Greenville Transit

    Waste of money. I’d love to see passenger rail in Greenville but (1) Mauldin to Laurens Road doesn’t have the population density for it and (2) a line to downtown would be better.
  8. PuppiesandKittens

    Greenville Transit

    I was thinking that the streetcar could go AROUND the core of downtown- perhaps up Richardson and down a street to the east of Main- rather than up and down the Main in the core of downtown.
  9. PuppiesandKittens

    Greenville Transit

    What would people think of a streetcar (on tracks) through downtown, from the stadium all the way to North Main & Stone Avenue? So many smaller cities are getting them: even Little Rock and Oklahoma City.
  10. PuppiesandKittens

    Charlotte / Atlanta High Speed Rail

    The only private passenger line in the US (other than museums and tourist trains) is Brightline. It used a bond program to issue bonds, for which it is responsible to repay, that the investors get favorable tax treatment for on the interest. That’s it. It pays for everything else itself- even to maintain some crossings with roads) which governments usually pay for since train tracks were usually built first and roads that cross them were built later). Very few large private projects have such little reliance on public funds.
  11. PuppiesandKittens

    Charlotte / Atlanta High Speed Rail

    Brightline has mentioned Charlotte-Atlanta as a possible line for months and nobody in the Upstate has paid much attention. I find it unlikely, since (1) existing Norfolk Southern tracks are already significantly congested (just check out the Amtrak Crescent's timeliness, particularly northbound), and so (2) Brightline would need to add tracks and work out track use rights with Norfolk Southern or build its own tracks, but then again, I never thought I'd see the day when a private operator built its own passenger rail line, which Brightline has done. Charlotte-Greenville-Atlanta needs this. It's a densely populated corridor with just one passenger train per day in each direction, in the middle of the night; similar corridors have multiple trains per day (and Charlotte-Greenville-Atlanta had multiple trains per day until the 1970s), and I-85 is a mess. I know that many Democrats worship government as the solution to all of life's problems, but the dismal state of transportation in the Charlotte-Greenville-Atlanta market shows that government isn't, and that the private sector should be viewed as a better solution.
  12. PuppiesandKittens

    Augusta Road

    Thanks for sharing. It seems odd that the old fire station must be kept for 10 years. I wonder why that would be required. I’d think that a buyer of the site would want to tear it down and build something new.
  13. PuppiesandKittens

    Drive for 'Center City' retail

    Maybe the secret formula for Southern downtown retail success is (1) charming old buildings plus (2) a mediocre at best mall? Greenville has both and seems prettier than those photos of Savannah. Savannah must have both. Asheville also has both. Charlotte has neither.
  14. PuppiesandKittens

    The Brightline

    Your post is illogical. Anyone can ride Brightline trains, so we all benefit, whether or not we use the real estate. Often government (with our tax dollars) builds rail lines with the goal of promoting dense real estate development, which real estate is built by and for the financial benefit of private investors. See, e.g., Charlotte’s light rail line. In this case, private enterprise stepped in and did something that government failed to do: build an effective solution to excessive car traffic and deficient roads. So the private sector will benefit from real estate development no matter who builds mass transit. Mass transit in the US is generally a government responsibility, but government has failed to build effective mass transit. In this case, private investors are willing to take losses of their own funds by doing something that government should have done a long time ago.
  15. PuppiesandKittens

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I agree with distortedlogic. There are plenty of architectural styles that have withstood the test of time: Federalist, Neo-Renaissance and more. “2000s boxes” might, but it might not.