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  1. PuppiesandKittens

    GSP International

    I see that GSP is getting an "Escape Lounge", free to AmEx Platinum cardholders but otherwise fee-based. I had never heard of one, but it's a chain and seems to get very good reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp, so I'm optimistic. http://www.escapelounges.com/escape-lounges/greenville-spartanburg-lounge/ I've been stuck at GSP so many times due to small planes' relatively high cancellation rates that I may well use this.
  2. PuppiesandKittens

    Pleasantburg Drive Corridor

    I don't hear "291" or "Pleasantburg" since the area has fallen off a lot of people's radar screens although growing up in the '70s, it was indeed "291". Come to think of it, most all of 291 should be razed and redeveloped. It's a street lined with numerous derelict buildings, other dated buildings and other structures that probably attract a fraction of the traffic that they did 30 years ago. Maybe totally redoing McAlister Square and Pleasantburg Shopping Center could be the start of a renaissance for the area.
  3. PuppiesandKittens

    Pleasantburg Drive Corridor

    Agreed. It won't go back to being 500,000 sf of retail space. However, the entire complex is underutilized space and surely something better could be developed there. Plus with Pleasantburg Shopping Center being derelict, perhaps both could be transformed into nicer mixed-use and denser developments. I would prefer that this site be redeveloped instead of new big projects being built at the edge of town (yes, that means you, the big office park being built in Mauldin).
  4. PuppiesandKittens

    Pleasantburg Drive Corridor

    That’s a great idea.
  5. PuppiesandKittens

    Pleasantburg Drive Corridor

    I don't see the mall becoming fully retail ever again. For one, the University Center space will stay, right? For two, the other anchor spaces would need to be redone (probably demolished and rebuilt) to house new tenants, which wouldn't be department stores. And would any tenants these days want to be in an enclosed mall? I figured that some new mixed-use buildings could be built in the parking lot (which is far too big anyway), part of the existing mall could be returned to retail use and the whole complex could be landscaped and made into a lifestyle center or something, with grass, sidewalks, etc. Given the huge and underused space on the site, surely there are more and better uses of it than a 500,000 sf semi-vacant building in the middle of a sea of asphalt. The whole Pleasantburg Drive corridor needs to be spruced up, though. Even in the '80s and '90s, it was ugly, and it's gotten worse.
  6. PuppiesandKittens

    Pleasantburg Drive Corridor

    The McAlister Square complex could certainly be redeveloped into a mixed-use or largely retail center again. The Publix and the movie theater could be junior anchors, and substantial new buildings could be built in the current parking lots. I don't see it going back to being a traditional 500,000 sf mall again (or even having 500,000 sf of retail space again). I thought that a Pleasantburg Drive task force had a plan for this about 10-15 years ago. I think that the disposable income to support more retail on the site is there. The Parkins Mill Road and Augusta Road areas were big supporters of McAlister Square when it was a mall, and those people didn't move away--they're still there, and probably wealthier than back then. I'd gladly shop there again. I always liked McAlister Square. I think that the mall just hit a rough spot in the late 90s and maybe the owner figured that it was cheaper to sell it to Greenville Tech instead of trying to redevelop it to stay competitive.
  7. PuppiesandKittens

    Pleasantburg Drive Corridor

    This is weird- so McAlister Square is going back to having stores again?
  8. PuppiesandKittens

    1100 S. Main St Apartments (Pendleton Street Baptist Church)

    That's a nice-looking building.
  9. PuppiesandKittens

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    I would expect that Crabtree already has plans to redevelop the Sears space. If I were Saks, I'd jump to leave TTC and open at Crabtree.
  10. PuppiesandKittens


    The Harris Teeter seems busy, but the downtown Publix seems to be holding up with about the same level of business as before. Harris Teeter shoppers must be shifting from somewhere--which store is being hit the hardest by it? The Bi-Los on Church Street near the hospital and on S. Pleasantburg at Laurens?
  11. PuppiesandKittens

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    You’re right. Thanks. I can’t see a Nordstrom coming to Greenville, unfortunately. I’m thinking that the days of higher-end department stores in Greenville (Ivey’s and Parisian) are unfortunately likely over for good.
  12. PuppiesandKittens

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    I agree with you. Being in the middle of the mall (instead of by an entrance) and being in sort of a rough part of the mall is indeed odd.
  13. PuppiesandKittens

    The Gateway Site

    It'll be the site of a new Lord & Taylor store, marking the chain's return to the Southeast.
  14. PuppiesandKittens

    Trump is a danger to America

    Elrodvt, you also need to look up the term “anti-Semitism”. You can see for yourself why your statements qualify.
  15. PuppiesandKittens

    Trump is a danger to America

    Wow. Unreal. I can’t believe that someone truly thinks that calling someone else an “extremist” for simply pointing out that the Obama administration was the first US Presidential administration not to block an anti-Israeli UN resolution that could be blocked, and then further claiming that the person must be Jewish because the person holds an “extremist” view about Israel, is even remotely acceptable. “I disagree with you and your views are out there. You must be [Insert Ethnic Group Name].” Complete unacceptable bigotry.