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  1. Well that certainly would need to be addressed and is absolutely a valid concern. The city should encourage new construction near all around town, then. I'm not sure how to do that (easier zoning? tax reductions? less red tape?), but that's certainly a valid concern.
  2. Why? People act as though downtown Greenville is huge. It's not. Even going from the train station to Main & Washington is a bit less than a mile. That's a 15-minute walk at most. There is plenty of land around downtown, but not within the "core", where low-cost housing can be put, without lengthy commutes. If people want low-cost housing in the downtown core, they should expect to have smaller homes than if they were further out, due to the relatively high cost of land in the core. I've always lived in downtowns (as an adult) and I accept the trade-off and will pay top do
  3. How high are Haywood’s sales per square foot? It must be a pretty well-performing mall, although the influx of higher-end national chains to downtown suggests that the demographics downtown are better, particularly given high rents downtown.
  4. That’s a fair point although to run for office as a Democrat indicates that the person is not uncomfortable with the lazies and crazies, and to run for office as a Republican indicates that the person is not uncomfortable with Donald Trump (in each case, except in a primary against a lazy/crazy/greedy or against Donald Trump). The whole scene is depressing and losing City Council should be a huge wake-up call to the GOP.
  5. What I read gman30’s post as saying is that the new majority will prioritize some groups while ignoring the needs of others who are no less deserving. That’s a valid point. In NYC, the same party is now giving criminals gifts such as baseball tickets to show up to scheduled court dates, while ignoring the needs of law-abiding people who work. It’s the same issue.
  6. The Sears has survived the latest round of closings, which have resulted in there being only about 180 Sears and Kmart stores left. Is the Haywood Sears that strong of a performer? I like it, but it always seems empty.
  7. Not in my experience, but I’ll respect your experience and viewpoint.
  8. How depressing that the Party of the Lazy and the Greedy and the Crazy actually holds office in Greenville. Hopefully once Trump is gone, people will realize what that party stands for.
  9. Simon Properties, owner of Haywood Mall, surely knows that Sears (definitely) and JCPenney (likely) will be closing nationwide at some point. Has Simon released plans for what it will do with those two sites at Haywood?
  10. The Greenville News reports that “light rail” (trolleys/streetcars) may be used for this route, with speeds above 100 mph: https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/2019/10/23/multi-billion-dollar-rail-could-connect-greenville-atlanta-charlotte/4052926002/ This isn’t true, right? High-speed rail will be used, not light rail- right? Epic fail by the Greenville News.
  11. I notice that the Norfolk Southern rail line through the West End is lightly used: just a train or two in the mornings and maybe a train in the evenings. This is the rail line that parallels Augusta Road and goes by the baseball stadium. It connects with the Norfolk Southern main line further towards the Amtrak station. First, is there a set schedule of trains on this line? Are the trains on this line just short local freight trains? I've never seen one, as far as I can recall; I just hear them. Second, other cities have "heritage" trolleys. Charlotte, for example, had one.
  12. That's a great looking building and would look great anywhere.
  13. I love railroads and think that the US needs to significantly increase spending on passenger rail, but just what is the point of these proposals and studies? They'll never be adopted. Apart from California, the public sector in the US has never built a high-speed rail system on a route that was not already served by multiple passenger trains per day. Currently the Upstate only has one passenger train a day in each direction. Every other corridor that has trains that travel above 100 mph has built such a line incrementally: by adding additional conventional trains from time to time. Th
  14. You're right. David Keller doesn't know what he's talking about. Has he ever heard of Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center (1930s), the Time Warner Center (opened in the 2000s) or Hudson Yards (which opened this year)? All were way above a billion dollars (in 2019 dollars). Hudson Yards is a huge new development. Or even uptown Charlotte?
  15. Great, Blaze is a chain and this is Ever Row's second location. I for one am glad that chains find downtown desirable- that's the mark of a successful commercial area.
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